99 Replies to “Zombie Wars: Battle of the Bone | Full Horror Movie

  1. parkour people cant even fight, outrun and owned by those 2/3 normal people..very soft parkour people you are all pussies didn't even touch those three shame on you fucktards

  2. Its a conspiracy thats what it is! There are nothing but shitty movies being made this is to get us all of our asses. Why you ask? Well isn't it obvious it's to get us outside so we get some exercise instead of turning into lumps of gooey flesh! It's our ancestors spirits that have overtaken the screen writers minds so they can only write shit. They have also taken all those who thought they could act and removed their frontal cortex's to ensure they never will.
    So everyone up ! Now lets start out with some jumping jacks … Let's begin 1 -2-1-2-1-2-1-2 Wow that was difficult shall we try some girly push ups they might be easier. Okay everyone on your knees -now with hands on couch in front of you lets begin down up-down-up ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT WHEW THAT WAS AWFULLY HARD WASN'T IT PLUS A BIT CREEPY DON'T YOU THINK?
    Wait look on the pc screen ……a movie on YouTube says…… its the Best scary ShiZ Fi Action Movie of all Time!
    Well I don't know about you but this exercising isn't what its cracked up to be . Besides I need to practice my reading and this one comes with Sub-titles maybe this one will have the actual dialog on screen. although it's always good practice when what the subs say are opposite of what I hear and mispelled .can you agree? Gee I hope this one has the walking dead that can sprint,open doors and drive cars really fast. Naturally after hot wiring and driving with the ignition still locked. I love those they are so realistic!

  3. in some movie they show zombies running very slow and in some movies they show zombies running fast .. i hate this movie ..

  4. The half hour par cours chase and fights were stupid, the zombie attacks are stupid, not one single charachter developed… now at 40 minutes in and I quit.

  5. For everyone on here crying about wanting to see "train to busan" just watch "World War Z" it's basically a Thai rip-off copy of Z, with one exception. instead of the zombie plague taking over the entire world (World War Z) it's just takes over a damn train station and the city. "Train to Busan" is lame as hell!!!

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