Zack and Taichi are going home! #njwtl

Everyday I watch him grow stronger.
And what am I doing? I want to grow, too.
How can I? I’ll consider our team growth
as my personal growth, too. That’s why this team is precious to me.
We will keep fighting to the end. TEAM TEAM このチームは
俺にとっても大事なんだ ありがとう 最後まで 死ぬまで闘い抜こう それがエースとウォリアーの闘魂だ タナハシ
首も肩ももうボロボロだ ヤバそうだ でも俺のハートは
絶対に折れない よし次だ 残る一戦 コンディションはもうボロボロだけど
最後の一戦 全力でやってやる 俺はウォリアーだ
死んだって構わない I don’t have time to play around with that punk. こんなトーナメントいらないんだよ その通りだ
じゃもう東京に帰ろうぜ What’s left after this? 当初の予定通りには
いかなかったな Why do we have to keep fighting? Who’s tomorrow? Tomorrow? You’re supposed to bring the print-out, dumbass. Bring the big one, not the little one. Zack, let’s get out here. 東京に帰ろう
もうここにいたくない We’re already eliminated, right? バイ
新幹線に乗って帰る We have no chance, right?

22 Replies to “Zack and Taichi are going home! #njwtl

  1. They may not be winners of the 2019 Tag League but Zack, The Holy Emperor Taichi and Miho are the winners of our hearts.

  2. Henare's always an excellent promo. I hope he has the support within Japan (or on US tours) to actually be moved into the midcard on his own.

  3. ヘナーレ成長してるとか言われてるけだ何年やってんだよ、

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