Yu Yamaki morote seoi nage (eng sub)

I’ll do an example of seoi nage, so please look.. now I did uchi komi and threw him with seoi nage there are 2 variations of seoi nage the “mae mawari sabaki” and “ushiro mawari sabaki”. the “mae mawari sabaki” variation is… at first, step between you and your opponent and then turn your body. the “ushiro mawari sabaki” variation is… you start steping back with the other foot and then turn your body and pull your opponent. today I’m going to teach the first variation (mae mawari sabaki) for the “kumi te”, you start in a traditional “kumi kata” gripping the lapel and the sleeve. when you do “seoi nage” you have to turn your body so it’s very important to create space sometimes, when I look at you doing uchi komi you start very close to your opponent if you do this, like I did now, you are pushing back your opponent so, please, when you do uchi komi start from this position the space between you and your opponent is very important. this is a very important point to perform a good seoi nage, so please do it correctly. if you create space between you and him, it’s easier to unbalance him keep this in mind when doing uchi komi for the arms movement, pull the sleeve with your hiki te and turn your wrist upwards to create space. the hand in the lapel grip… don’t pull like this if you do it like this, it is difficult to turn so i prefer to point the elbow at the same direction as the sleeve like this the same direction like this not like this same direction you have to pull diagonally this direction if you pull towards you, it will become like this. this is why I pull diagonally pull your opponent diagonally to break his balance lapel and sleeve towards the same direction if you do it like this you’ll be able to put your opponent’s weight on his toes. for the legs.. when you put his weight on his toes don’t step too far step between you and your opponent like this from this posistion… the second step is… don’t do a big turn do it like this almost touching the back of your knee with your foot like this not like this through the shortest distance turn if you do it like this it will be faster when you do uchi komi is better to turn “too much” your knees pointing towards this direction if you turn like this, you don’t turn enough and when doing randori or competing you will not be able to throw your opponent so when you do uchi komi do it correctly through the shortest distance, turning like this if you have seen an artistic skating event when they jump when they do a mistake is because they are jumping like this when they jump fast and correctly they do it in this position you have to do it the same way like this becoming smaller then you will be able to turn faster do it caring about the correct posture you have to pull with your hands at the same time that you do the first step like this if you pull after doing the first step or pull when turning, the movement will become slow I have seen an uchi komi like this many times this is bad you are pulling when you turn, not when you step this is too slow pull when you do the first step this is better if you do it at the same time, the movement will be better like this and when his weight is on his toes turn the other leg and throw after entering here the important point is don’t become small if you become small your opponent’s body will become like this his weight will be all on your back you will not be able to get up at the end you want to raise your hip and throw him so you have to keep him in the right position not like this keeping this in your mind do it in this posture pulling with your hands your elbow under his armpit keeping the right posture and then then raise your hip and pull with your hands diagonally throw him like this the lapel hand children and middle school students don’t have strong wrists so be careful and turn your wrist inwards it’s okay to raise your elbow, but turn your wrist properly to not hurt your wrist it is important to use your hands and legs properly okay? practice keeping in mind what I said. at first do only the first step and the pull with your hands when you feel that you are doing it correctly do the turning move and when you become used to it start raising your hip and throwing ok? do it.

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  1. why are there always some a…holes to dislike content. I mean, a guy who is that skilled, you can only shut up and like

  2. its da best fucking video I have seen in youtube about morote seoi nage. But the skills are all related to all other seoi nages so this helpful in so many ways Thk U?

  3. Great video. Never really understood the entry to morote – but he explains that and the footwork really well. Masterclass level material.

  4. أنا أمارس رياضة الكاراتيه ..
    و قد قاتلت لاعب جيدوا و هزمته .. لأني نزعت قميصى فلم يجد طريقة لامساكي ..
    هذه هي نقطة ضعف الجيدوا .. لكن حتى مع ذلك هناك تقنيات لا تحتاج للمسك من القميص كاقنية هاراي غوشي ..

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