Young Girl VS Muay Thai Trainer to Take Part in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Competitions

Hello guys Now we want to talk about Martial Art and this time I am not alone I was accompanied by Riska Fuhok Mbak Riska is one of the martial arts practitioners in Semarang and Mbak Riska has also starred in several films And this time we want to ask questions How many martial arts have you learned by Mbak Riska? What is a martial arts practitioner like? Martial Arts Practitioner Martial practitioners are more about self defense or self protection so for taking simple techniques then how fast the martial arts technique whether it was his fall, whether it was a kick
the locking technique
like that So it is more to the use of a situation How many martial arts lessons have you learned from Riska? Actually there are not
so many there are only 4 Aikido, then there is Muaythai, Karate and stunt woman There I met fighter from various martial arts from there we learn some of our
techniques combined into one He said Mbak Riska had starred in several
films, what were the films, Mbak Riska? Actually a little
too, not so much One of them is local film Sweep Jagat, Yoga, DPO Widescreen film then there is also the last film in Central Java Yogya That is the role there as usual? When I was at DPO and Sapu
Jagat, I was a victim there When I was in the DPO I became a thug.
The men became drug lords then this last one there I am a martial arts expert,
I just sit and the fan is on My sister has a grudge when when, I was out of town then I kill them to death my sister finally looked for
me with such conditions my brother knew, there they left
an object finally named a samurai Here we want to make an MMA training huh?
Yes What is the selection like? here I joined the second wave of the selection using video recordings If this does not pass, there is still more selection,
we immediately fight there and be selected directly That’s for the girl category? Is Ms. Riska not afraid if her face is bruised – bruised? Because for girls, that face is the most protected That’s actually for a fighter already
at risk because a fighter is like that Yep Guys, now we want to see what the training looks like Check this out Yep guys, we’re back again like that was the training for the selection of MMA How about Mbak Riska, how was the training? Pretty tiring like that,
yes indeed everything must be prepared
both physically and in time Hopefully Mbak Riska entered the MMA selection Amen Good luck winners like that guys video from us Don’t forget to Subscribe, Like and
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