2 Replies to “Young Donnie Yen VS John Salvitti | Wing Chun VS Monkey Kung Fu

  1. Bro your channel is dead, but I'm from Washington State I ask you a long time ago to chill with me but you think you too good so I'ma unsubscribe after 4 years. Good luck 👍

  2. I hate to break it to you, but JUST BECAUSE DONNIE YEN’S MOST FAMOUS CHARACTER IS IP MAN DOESN’T MEAN HE ONLY EVER USES WING CHUN. You actually think this is Wing Chun? That’s sad. Donnie Yen is not Ip Man. Ip Man is dead. He been dead. Donnie Yen does not only know Wing Chun. He has numerous other martial arts that he knows, and mixes them all to use MMA.

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