Xu Xiaodong Gets Destroyed By Muay Thai Kickboxer

Fight commentary breakdowns karma has happened On the right is Yan Shuai Qi On the left is Xu Xiaodong This guy is known to be destroying old whack kungfu masters, so let’s see if a
kickboxer can take on Xu Xiaodong this Xu Xiaodong, look at them, he’s pressing forward; our boxer is… Xu Xiaodong does a kick Uh oh…boxer’s getting aggressive Boom So this is later on in the spar session; look at this… Xu Xiaodong has no idea how to protect against these knees man. Our kickboxer Muay Thai guy or whatever Oh Xu Xiaodong’s on the ground now not giving up though; he’s not giving up How does it feel man? To be on the other side… oh he ate that flying knee…come on, Xu Xiaodong Don’t just cover up man! Muay Thai plum, temple to temple…. What are you doing? I thought you an
MMA fighter….what are you doing? Oh And I’m not gonna show you guys, up
close, because he’s bleeding pretty bad it’ll get me demonetized, so guys that’s what happens man…. That’s what happens…karma… karma comes to you when you only pick on people less skilled This is what happens, this guy was more skilled than Xu Xiaodong So who is this Yan Shuai Qi… I did some
research…Yan Shuai Qi This is Yan Shuai Qi right here
Shuai Qi, he’s fighting a Muay Thai guy Let’s look at what they’re doing Boom… He eats a teep from the Muay Thai guy Come on, Shuai Qi… so boom… Shuai Qi almost got his leg caught Boom Shuai Qi’s much bigger; has more reach, it looks like So boom He is getting aggressive… woo those knees that he used on Xiaodong, man!! Alright Look at that; this is an eight sided
ring….very interesting kind of a compromise between a ring and a cage so Shuaiqi is launching those knees man our Muay Thai guys getting scared boom…okay Shuaiqi is…OH!! look at that… same knees that he used on Xu Xiaodong So let’s look at another fight real quick, so this is him versus an Australian Shuai Qi vs Australian, and this is in a four-sided ring so let’s go Australian goes in…kick…kick exchange Shuaiqi caught the leg for a second look at that…he got his leg caught…boom none of those punches really landed so boom let’s go man ooh… Is he gonna do some more knees that we’re gonna see? Those crazy knees that he did on Xu Xiaodong? Boom, here he goes, flying knees… boom one-two Punches….Australian guy is hurt, man! Australian guy is hurt alright the referee has reset them… Yan Shuai Qi I think has a lot more reach than the Australian guy boom so boom BAM one two two jabs and a cross boom boom those those…oh good Australian guy got pulled down if only you could grapple, that fight
would have been finished by now… So…Yan Shuai Qi oh sorry guys, not Australian…New Zealand He’s fighting a New Zealander Hey to my viewer Joseph, you want to fight Yan Shuai Qi? I know you’re an MMA fighter And you’re in New Zealand Shuaiqi ate a…ate a punch I think his mouthguard fell or something So…jump forward here we go…connecting with the right Boom Haven’t seen much clinch going on Boom looks like…looks like both are taking it a
little easier 28 seconds left in the first round so this goes on for a little longer; let’s jump forward so this is the second round And Unless there’s no clinching involved in this kickboxing match or something like that But okay…fights about to happen So Boom One-two More like three four; it’s a hook so okay that is the…that is the end of the second round let’s do a third round…let’s look real quickly boom those knees man… boom…a jab let us see if he can capitalize on this both of their faces are pretty… oh that spinning kick… almost got him He’s like, “Yeah, we’re having fun, man, aren’t we?” So Oh…he ate a kick…OH THAT KNEE Oh, he is down! He won. Man…this is…this guy’s the king of knees, man This guy is the king of knees Man this guy’s the king of knees okay he won oh my god, so…. this is the dude who… gave Xu Xiaodong a lesson and he trains at Da Dong Xiang Shi Zhan or Da Dong Xiang Bo Ji So there’s a Chinese MMA studio called
Da Dong Xiang MMA so that’s where our guy trains at if you guys want to see Xu Xiaodong’s injuries, go on this page You guys will see it I will not show you guys because I will get in a lot of trouble So…guys…looks like we found a
better fighter in China that could give Give Xu Xiaodong a match What do you guys think? Fight commentary Breakdowns… And, is China going to embrace MMA? Is China gonna become the boss of MMA soon? Let us know in the comments! Big big big shout-out to World War 1 Tim for sending me a few clips and then getting
me to do more research First on Fight Commentary Breakdowns I don’t know if any other channel has brought you this Alright guys! Leave a comment; share this
with everyone. Bye bye!

100 Replies to “Xu Xiaodong Gets Destroyed By Muay Thai Kickboxer

  1. Update 2/5/19: I want to apologize for my tone in this video. I really didn’t understand the full story behind Xu and saw him mostly as an opportunistic bully to be dealt with. Two weeks after I made this initial video, I got hit in the head in training too and had a concussion. Consider that as punishment for this video’s lack of martial arts spirit. Even though I disagree with certain things that Xu does, I should have never celebrated him getting hurt. This was something I did wrong that I’ve been reflecting on and learning from.

    Update 8/9/18: Xu Xiaodong reflects on this fight and says the kickboxers went too hard on him: https://youtu.be/dF2g6WYj34E

    Also, here's the video where he criticized muay thai kickboxing if you didn't see it before: https://youtu.be/-aiZyyiC30k

  2. Yan Shuaiqi is not some bullshit master of an obsolete martial art running a school and getting paid for it, he's a legit fighter trained in one of the most effective forms out there. Not sure what this is meant to prove, other than Xu Xiaodong is a mediocre MMA fighter. But we already knew that…

  3. The vdo clips that you referenced for Chinese fighter. What kind of the tournament? How it shows he strong?
    He fought with smaller fighters both.
    A pity of Muay Thai fighter in the international tournament is they can’t fight in muay thai rules. They must fought in their rules. When they can win Thai fighter. They will claims they beat Muay Thai.

  4. It's not about getting what you give out. Just like others have said he wants to get rid of all Bullshido's that is out there. Based on what to I see Xu is medicore as a fighter. Xu is not preaching that he's the best.

  5. You are such an asshole, i bet you did not even practice an style, better kill yourself this world does not need garbage like u!!!!

  6. Maybe xu dildo is an old fake martial artist as well.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Karma !? Well it is kickboxer its normal there is no kung fu master 😀 also hes fights as kickboxing rules not mma in mma he can take him down and ground them

  8. Xu xiaodong exposed fake fighting and fake fighters, how the fuck is that wrong. If you lose you fucking lose. That's not being a bully, thats telling the truth. Fuck kung fu !

  9. Xu is a clown. Lol. Challenging martial arts that were stripped of their lethal capabilities. He goes around bullying chumps. Can’t fight in the MMA. Looks for people smaller, but just got owned in no time.

  10. that's not the point , Xu Xiaodong is just exposing those Fraud Kung fu masters , of course there's always someone will be better than you .. but all of the fights of Xu Xiaodong's doesn't mean to prove his power but to expose Fraud Martial Artist

  11. He's not a fighter just a man challanging old grandpa….. And destroyed easily when pick up an equal opponent

  12. You missed the whole point twice bud. This video works in Xu's favour because he was never trying to claim he is the best, but just that real fighters are the best. This proves his point against chinese fake martial artists because now they can get an idea of the levels of ability above their own.

  13. The guy running these videos misses the whole point of what Xu does, and his apology was even worse. Seriously, no one cares if you got hit in the head at training or your 'tone'. What is crazy is it appears you missed the entire point of what Xu has been doing for every single video, LOL. He is presenting himself as an 'average example' of MMA to debunk fakes, not as the worlds best. And that you turned on him so suddenly, the first time you see him taking hits sparring, makes me wonder if you aren't some pissy wing chun kid all along.

  14. After watching so many vids, I am surprised the commentator appears to have missed the entire point of what Xu is doing. His reaction to seeing Xu take hits , indicates he has never done any fighting, and is possibly even some butt hurt wing chun kid all along.

  15. Your fake as bro, exposed. You post that apology but why do you still have this in the description" we see the difference between a professional fighter and a semi-pro who picks on nonexperienced traditional martial artists." Since when does Xu 'pick on' anybody? He offers and accepts challenges from trad stylists claiming they are the best and then debunks them. And he trains with better fighters to improve himself, like all MMA do. Unsubscribed.

  16. Yo why do hate on Xu?? He calls oit fake so called masters and shows the world how fake they are when they accept his challenge. Xu never said he was the best, only that these fake masters were rip offs. You need to look at the overall picture and quit being so damn biased!

  17. He wasn't trying to bully those traditional martial art practitioners; he was merely trying to test if what they practiced and taught were indeed workable.

  18. One of your worst vids to date.
    Now have a look at how many different fighters he sparred with.. [see clip below]
    He also went toe to toe for their benefit, without any take-downs, ground and pound or submissions being permitted!
    If he was permitted to drop them to the mat, I guess most of these Muay Thai fighters would have been like turtles on their backs.


  19. Stupid! If that is in MMA rule the muay thai guy is useless you stupid idiot! Clearly you don't know martial arts!

  20. knees and elbows are a must in a fight, mma don't put such emphasis on them. that's why the muay thai guy beat him up, now let's see the same scenario but xu takes down muay thai guy and puts him in a rear naked choke.

  21. No wonder this dog is loathed by the Chinese people, he’s a traitor and a piece of dung,
    Another ridiculous ‘’ l have to make you look bad so l could look good
    “, western attempt to project the Chinese as the sick man of Asia once more,
    like in the early days, fool us once?,shame on us, fool us twice ? Na ..Homey don’t play that no more.

  22. This means that masters are weak because they cant defeat this weak mma fighter.. peace i love martial arts ✌

  23. I am sure you are part of those fake Chinese kungfu masters who got hurt when people like Xu exposes them by beat their fake asses up !!! R.I.P

  24. XU XIAODONG is not a bully. The mostly deceptive, FAKE Chinese Kung Fu Traditionalists are the bullies. XU XIAODONG fucked them up. This tall fighter is Not a Fake Chinese Traditional Martial Artist. He is a MUAY THAI FIGHTER. Karma would be when a FAKE Chinese Traditional Martial Artist fucks up Xu Xiaodong.

  25. I know this is an older video hoping you know the context now….never was he just bullying he wanted to expose the fake silk wearing masters who were living off of lies. He a good thing for the arts.

  26. Yo what's up with all these people not having the same energy now that Xu Xiaodong got beat by another form of martial artists. I get he's trying to exposed "fake martial arts" but ya'll the same people calling out Bruce Lee too for being fake. Now, you wanna think how you could be wrong also? Bruce Lee will side kick Xu Xiadong in the ribs and it's fatality. lol. Bruce Lee the father of mma. If Xu Xiaodong didn't train his art from being destroyed by knees??… bruh from knees?? You can't protect yourself as an MMA fighter? I think an MMA fighter gotta expose Xu Xiaodong's MMA now lol. Bruce Lee, will suggest he needs to level up his martial arts and have protection from knee attacks lol. Fight Commentary Breakdowns, you don't gotta apologize for nothing. This your channel for a reason.

  27. Next viral thing in China: Muay Thai fighters and other MMA fighters expose Xu Xiaodong for being an "mma fighter" but is overwhelmed by a barrage of knee attacks. Xu Xiaodong only useful against Wing Chun and Kung Fu. Most likely not against Karate, boxing, muay thai, kickboxing. How you going around beating people up with no respect just to expose them.. when you can get exposed by the "real martial arts" easily.

  28. First of all, mt isnt a weak fighting style so…definitely not karma. You say that's what he gets for picking on unskilled people but his literal entire point is that these 'masters' are actually unskilled.

  29. At least he shows us the truth that Chinese martial arts are differ from what showed in movies and written in historical records. If you wanna see how to get real fight, see Thai boxing.

  30. Xu was sparring man, no one is going all out in sparring matches, it's clearly he's playing defensive, from the Muy Thai Clinch alone he's not holding on Xu, if he was he'd hold and then knee him to death till his face is broken.

  31. Shut up you Chinese speaking English, Xu Xiao Dong is very humble, he's showing to the world that Bruce Lee is right and he want to promote the efficient MMA combat technics, that Bruce probably founded long before MMA started.

  32. LOL… again, the fight was one sided.  If this fight was in a ring which allows MMA guy to tackle and uses submission it may have been a different out come.  There were just too much room for the Kickboxer guy  to back up to reload. But the Kickboxer guy did do a great job at utilizing his environment like Bruce Lee said.  Not only that, there was a difference between this Kickboxer guy and the rest of the kung fu masters, experience in a real fight.

  33. Lmao….8 sides ring?….hmmm I wonder what that could be called…for a channel call right commentary, you’d think you’d know what and octagon was

  34. the commentator is just trolling for views. He knows MMA guys spar kickboxers and its got nothing to do with karma when they lose, its part of training, same as losing to a wrestling coach, its how you get better at MMA. Whats funny is his chickenshit apology though when all the bad comments came in. Typical chinese, all calm exterior schtick, but underneath, very scared and whimpy people. No wonder Japan owned you guys for so long.

  35. Such a law standard commentator here…… Xu was not on a real fight with those kick boxers, he's trying to explore more technic/style…. and he never claimed that he's a great fighter.

  36. How old are you kid? You sound like you are watching kick boxing for the first time. What's your point? Xu Xiadong is just an average MMA fighter who exposed a bunch of Chinese Gung Fu " Masters ". That someone else, a pro kick boxer beat him is no big deal. There has never been a Chinese Gung FU stylist that has been a UFC champion. Although MMA is a combination of various martial arts and styles, the most effective have been wrestlers, Muay Thai and BJJ practitioners. That's not to say that there is no real good Gung Fu stylist out there some where. If there is, he should enter UFC and show us all what he can do. Even Bruce Lee, a Wing Chun student who developed multi style approach never competed in a public prize fight, yet because of staged movies he got immortalized as almost invincible. He would probably fight as bantam today and I doubt that he would beat any of the bantam UFC champions. It is not about style or looking pretty , it's about what kind of heart you got and the ability to dish out and absorb punishment in a real fight. I once watched a guy take out seven security guys in a casino in less than two minutes. This guy had no style but he punched like a mule. He made a living knocking out people in parking lots and taking their money. There is no doubt in my mind that he would have made a great professional fighter had he chose to do so.

  37. So you agree Chinese martial arts are nothing, but dog shit, correct? It would take a Chinese MUY THAI (not Taichi, Wingchung, chicken wings fake masters) guy to beat the MMA guy, right? Not sure of your excitement all about, but the MMA guy sure exposed the fuck out of Chinese fake martial arts masters, didn’t he?

  38. I support The mma guy 100%, kung fu is a weak style, the mma guy isn’t even a good fighter, let’s see how he gets killed in the ufc or K-1, he wouldn’t even qualify, so these so called masters are just frauds.

  39. Your A fucking douche bag another white guy who wants to be Chinese what a joke karma karma man Fuck you go stab chopsticks in your eye sockets and choke on rice you POS🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

  40. How much are you getting paid to make these bullshit videos, huh? How much is your integrity as a martial artist worth to be discrediting xu who's merely exposing fake masters whose "skills" are worthless in a real fight? Any of those students of those fake masters get into a situation of a real fight on the street and believe the bullshit they've learned to be effective might get badly injured or even killed because their master was a bitch ass lying quack!!! Xu is doing society a favor! Shame on you! How much do they pay you for this, huh? For how much did you sell your honor as a martial artist? You're pathetic!

  41. This commentator is Garbage, he has an irritating voice, doesn't add anything, also doesn't know wtf he's talking about, "Boom, here we go, Boom… (Doesn't say shit) Boom" How does this goof have 100k subs?

  42. bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!! bOOM!!

  43. Dude, do you still have your brain? Do you even know what Xu was doing in this video? Xu was doing an experiment to see how long he could stand fighting with those young professional Sanda fighters. Before getting hurt, he had fought 4 young men. In addition, he had never said he was a greater fighter. He is just a good amateur fighter aged 39.

  44. Voice is annoying. Xu was exposing fake masters whom took people's money. Xu was only exposing knockoff teachers. There is nothing wrong with taking out the imposters. There needs to be a high level of respect towards real masters.

  45. Hey dude…I think, You definitely don't know what the difference between boxing and something like kung fu, tai chi etc….

    Xu xiadong against those FAKE kungfu and others chinese martial art on this era

    And Muay thai isn't the one of those FAKE martial art,
    It's BOXING broo…
    And He never say that he's the MASTER of martial art

  46. you misread that person's intention so much… its not about him.. he doesnt claim anything for himself, but for the entire country to break free from that culture of pretense.. bruce lee would have been proud of him, as like bruce he doesnt see any practical use of those being taught in schools..

  47. Are i fucking stupid or what? Xu is clearly on a sparring session you fuckin idiot! His mission is to expose thise fake fucking kung fu masters that lie and fuck with people's money!

  48. You obviously don't understand of what XX's mission of fighting fake tai chi masters by saying karma gotten by XX now. Will not let youtube recommend any of your youtube videos to me.

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