WOW! Huge Backlash, Body Positive Hypocrisy, and The Most Idiotic Fight Gets Worse

Sup, you beautiful bastards! Hope you’re having a fantastic Monday! Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re gonna to talk about today was the most requested story one of the most talked about things in the past twelve hours, and that is Meryl Streep versus Donald Trump. This is the world we live in now people! If you don’t know, last night the award show, The Golden Globes, took place and during that Meryl Streep gave an acceptance speech. And in her acceptance speech for this lifetime achievement award she took aim and fired on Donald Trump, although never actually saying his name as if he was Voldemort. And the Internet loved and hated this, people saying ‘Yas, Queen, speak the truth!’ Other people saying this is ridiculous, you shouldn’t even be talking about politics! I personally had a mixed reaction and if you’re a first timer here, I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump. I’m hoping for the best, but I do have concerns about freedom of speech in this country under Donald Trump, whether it be that he wants to arrest someone for doing a symbolic thing like stepping or burning on the American flag or the fact that he treats pretty much any negative story about him in the news as completely *fake*! False! An attack with no merit! And at times there *are* those. Theres are manipulations, exaggerations but there is also a lot of legitimately true negative things about Donald Trump And he’s now gotten to a point where he’s now trained a good number that support him to see any negative things said about him as a completely false attack. And much of the media has only fed into that because while there are legitimate things to hit Donald Trump on if you slightly stretch the truth, if you exaggerate it If you present it as just this one thing, but also do not even include how Trump or his supporters are defending him Many will look at it as a blind baseless attack from the left I do have that concern, but Meryl Streep’s speech last night seemed a bit all over the place To get to this point in the speech where she’s like, ‘if you kick us out, or get a bunch- all of the people in this room outta this country then you’re not gonna have movies, you’re not going to have art, you’re gonna have football and mixed martial arts, which isn’t even an art.’ MERYL STREEP: and if we kick’em all out, you’ll have nothing to watch, but football and mixed martial arts, which are *not* the arts. What?! One, what did mixed martial arts ever do to you, Meryl Streep? It’s like you’re making a passionate speech about human rights and you’re like, and also by the way: fuck, McDonalds! Meanwhile Ronald was just over in the corner minding his own damn business Also Meryl, if you saw the amount of work that goes into being a high-level Brazillian jiu jitsu specialist I think you might not say it’s not art. But, people are gonna have their own opinions even though I do believe that what your mind said of what Donald Trump wants to do regarding immigration, is kinda different, but everyone is allowed to have their opinion. Then one of the most quoted parts of her speech was this moment where she talked about Donald Trump making fun of a reporter MERYL STREEP: It was that moment, when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country, imitated a disabled reporter. Someone he outranked in privilege, power, and the capacity to fight back And you might have heard about Donald Trump doing this maybe you actually saw the actual clip on the news or you just saw it on a Hillary Clinton campaign video. If you have not seen what Meryl Streep was referring to, it’s this clip. TRUMP: Written by a nice reporter, now the poor guy- you gotta see this guy. TRUMP: ‘ooohh, I don’t know what I said ahhh’ TRUMP: ‘I don’t remember!’ This is the reporter he was talking about Then this morning in response to Meryl Streeps speech Donald Trump went to Twitter, tweeting ‘Meryl Streep, one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood, doesn’t know me but attacked last night at the Golden Globes.’ ‘she is a Hillary flunky who lost big.’ For the 100th time, I never mocked a disabled reporter (would never do that) but simply showed him…’ ‘”groveling” when he totally changed a 16 year old story that he had written in order to make me look bad.’ ‘Just more very dishonest media.’ So that’s an argument that you may not have heard of. How can you see the clip of him mocking that reporter and go ‘Oh, no. He’s not making fun of the disabled.’ Well, many have argued that this is just Trump’s mannerism for someone that he thinks is stupid just not being able to handle the pressure. One of the best examples of that was during the primary he was talking about Ted Cruz. TRUMP: Every. Single. Debate. You know I heard Ted’s a good debater I said he is a good debater, but he can’t talk, okay? Bad talker. TRUMP: S’good debater, bad talker. TRUMP: So he’s over here, they asked him about water boarding They said ‘Senator Cruz, what do you think of water boarding?’ ‘Uhhh, I don’t wanna talk about it ,you know? He didn’t wanna talk about water boarding So obviously Ted Cruz doesn’t have any disability unless you consider his being just a generally creepy, disgusting person a disability then, yes, he would be. And some people argue it’s the same mannerism, it’s the same point that Donald Trump’s getting across he’s not making fun of a disability, but someone panicking under pressure being called out on something But, the argument against that is okay, well, Donald Trump wasn’t making fun of that specific reporter he just makes fun of people by acting like they have disability And at that point when you make it more of a general statement I feel like it’s a far more gray argument if you wanna go after Donald Trump, you can go after Donald Trump cleanly He has- he has so many documented ridiculous things But if you don’t at least put in the work to look at the argument of why he isn’t the biggest monster ever in this specific case then so many of the people that do support him are going to cast off your coverage as just bias B.S. Also, quick final note I wanna make about The Golden Globes and Donald Trump is: I love that Jimmy Fallon, in the monologue , took a shot at Donald Trump And once again I’m paraphrasing, but a lot of people wondered what would happen if King Joff rey didn’t die in Game of Thrones, well, we’re gonna find out in twelve days. And here’s what I’ll say about Jimmy Fallon I’ve never minded him I know that a lot of people said that they got- they were annoyed because he seemed so fake and always pandering It’s kinda sealed it for me that Jimmy Fallon is just- is a fake, pandering man with no backbone. He’s in a super liberal room so he’s like, ‘Yeah, let’s take shots at Trump. Whoo!’ Meanwhile, cut back to September 15th, 2016 Donald Trump is on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and this moment happened. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] JIMMY FALLON: Yes! JIMMY FALLON: Donald Trump, everybody! He’s my buddy when he’s with me, but when he’s in this room, ‘Fuck Trump!’ Like love or hate Stephen Colbert, and I love Stephen Colbert, that man sticks to his guns no matter who is in front of him. And at the same time, jokes a joke So main point: I would love to know what you think about the Meryl Streep-Donald Trump business. What was your take away? Did ya love it, ya hate it? I’d love to know what you think and why. And from there I wanna share some stuff I love today in Today in Awesome. And the first bits of awesome are self promo-awesome We uploaded a brand new vlog to And also if you wanna hear me in a podcast format I was on Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig that just went up on Soundcloud Both are good times. A link to them both down below Then we gotta brand new trailer for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, which seems great! Unlike the doll they put out for Emma Watson that actually looks more like Justin Bieber Or if you tried to mix Emma Watson’s face and Justin Bieber’s face into one, but not with photoshop instead with just a shovel. You’re giving me nightmares, Disney. If I woke up and the first thing I saw was that face it might literally kill me. Then I wanna share the cold open from The Golden Globes, which I actually- I really, really enjoyed. At least way more than Jimmy Fallon’s really, really broken awkward monologue. Then one of my new favorite things, Mark Hamill has started as the Joker reading Donald Trump tweets. M.HAMILL/JOKER: Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies… And remember if you wanna see the full versions of everything I shared, the secret link, and anything at all links is always in the description down below. Then let’s talk about Razer. They are primarily known as the gaming laptop company. This year at CES they showcased their new products, but also a prototype called Project Valerie. It was this laptop with three 4k screens. I guess because they looked at the new Razer Blade Pro and they were like, what if this weighted more than 8.5 pounds? Now I love Razer. I- I personally think that this idea is- is silly Also it’s not really that original. There’s a thing out there that you can buy right now called Slide n’ Joy. They have 13, 15 inch and 17 inch versions you then slide this thing on to your laptop, boom, you got three screens. Now of course the notable difference is that these screens are 1080 not 4k but they are also not attached to the same laptop whereas the Slide n’ Joy is interchangeable. This isn’t a tech show! The reason I’m talking about Project Valerie today is apparently somebody stole it. Razer CEO writing on his Facebook page, As far as the motive of stealing this, we don’t know because there may have been someone that was like, “Ah, I want some really sweet gear.” The CEO of Razer also pointed out it could be something else. Writing: Razer is also reaching out to the public for any help whatsoever saying if you see this laptop, please email Legal at And now let’s talk about what the hell has been happening with Chris Brown and Soulja Boy over the past week. People have been asking me to chime in on this stupid story so let’s try to and do it in the lease idiotic way. Chris Brown, of course, best known for making music and also beating the hell out of Rihanna. And Soulja Boy of course best known for an album that came out in 2007 where he told you to ‘superman dat hoe’. Okay, that’s bring it up to speed. The two used to be friends, or at the very least, friendly. Then Soulja Boy liked a picture from Karrueche, which is Chris Brown’s ex. And then after that Soulja Boy posted a video to Twitter saying that Chris Brown facetimed him and he was hurt and offended that he could even like a picture from Karrueche. Also I’ll be quoting or paraphrasing most of this because if I had to play the clips for you it’d just– Five minutes of that will make you wanna slam your head against the wall until the noise has stopped. Then Chris Brown responds Says Soulja Boy was the one that was contacting him. Then Chris Brown posted Soulja Boy’s real number And then they started trashing each other on social media Chris Brown usually stuck to the memes. Soulja Boy tweeting out stuff like: It’s hard to seem hard with an emoji. Then Chris Brown said that this wasn’t over Karrueche. Soulja Boy saying it was also about Rihanna There were also some people saying that things- that maybe Soulja Boy snitched. Whatever. Then on January 3rd, Soulja Boy was livestreaming and then he apparently got robbed? Then the following day Soulja Boy made a video where he said that his mom was in the hospital, she was sick. And he apologized for his behavior, saying that he actually wanted to make music with Chris Brown. That apology was not accepted And the next thing we all knew was that there was going to be a celebrity boxing match. Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are going to fight in a ring. Soulja Boy is being trained by Floyd Mayweather And Chris Brown is getting trained by Mike Tyson *This* is so stupid. Also, just so we’re all aware, Chris Brown is going to win I think Chris Brown is a worthless dirtbag woman-beater Like that’s just- I will always think of him in that way Soulja Boy is this tiny, little guy Soulja, you can win if they let you bring a gun in. And if the internets right, Soulja boy is 5’8″ 130 pounds! And not only the size difference, just the words coming outta their trainer’s mouths You got Mike Tyson saying this: MIKE TYSON: Right, Imma teach him every dirty trick in the book MIKE TYSON: Knock you out. Meanwhile Floyd Mayweather’s thoughts on the fight are this: SOULJA BOY: Champ, what we gon’ do? MAYWEATHER: [LAUGH] I’m gonna get the money SOULJA BOY: The biggest fight of the century MAYWEATHER: We gon’ get that money And I’m gonna cut the video there because Floyd Mayweather there, just for the next 20 seconds just keeps saying ‘make money’ Which is a great strategy for Floyd Mayweather and not so much for Soulja Boy I mean just look at Floyd smiling, he’s like: “Can you believe this idiot?” “I’m gonna get paid, you’re gonna get a concussion.” I guess the main point is while I find this completely stupid And I will not be purchasing this pay per view. I very much look forward to watching free Twitter video after the fight of one of these guys getting knocked out. And then I wanna talk about Iska Lawrence whose been in the news for several reasons over the past week She, if you don’t know, has been labeled recently the most popular plus size model Although if you’re like me and you saw her last Instagram video you’re like, “that’s what they consider plus size?” The hell is happening? She’s been a part of campaigns like “Everybody is beautiful” Body positivity, but she has recently come under fire She was recently the cover star for Self Magazine inside there was a workout plan, a meal plan, and people criticized the meal plans saying that it was promoting starvation The meal plans came out to around 1500 calories a day and because they were so restrictive on top of all the exercise, some people saw that as dangerous Although those who defended the magazine pointed out that the US Department of Health and Human Services says that eating plans that contain 1000 to 1200 calories each day will help most women lose weight safely. So those complaints came in, Iskra said that she saw them and that she then asked the magazine to take out the meal plan Saying she knew there were going to be recipes, but didn’t know it was going to be in the form of such a restrictive meal plan. And out of those who are angry, some appreciated it, some saw this as just damage control and then cut to that video that I showed you of her dancing. If you look through a lot of her recent posts she has come under fire because it looks like she’s losing weight And then some people started saying well, they liked her this thickness and that They- that goes against the whole point of what this woman says she stand for! I’ve talked about this in the past. I’m all for body positivity as long as it doesn’t lead to you just hurting yourself. But if you have this woman at a certain weight saying, ‘every body is beautiful’ You know you just have to own yourself Just be happy with yourself! And then if- if her self is a slightly more fit, more athletic person then why- why does that hurt her message? As long as she’s doing it for her and she’s not doing it because she feels pressured by society or the industry that she’s in I say good! I understand that if you feel all of a sudden like you can’t relate to her as much because all of a sudden she no longer is, maybe, your same body type I- I understand that, right, and it is a flaw, but a justified feeling. But to then slam this woman for making a change that she wants in her life that, once again, it’s such a hypocritical thing to do. Everybody is beautiful! Unless all of a sudden, hey, hey that body’s different I didn’t sign off on this. It doesn’t matter if she’s doing her, she wants to see a change in herself, she can do that. She doesn’t have to ask if the public is okay with that. If you didn’t like her before because you thought she was too big, I think you’re a douchebag. If you liked her before all of a sudden you don’t like her now, I just–I think you need to take a long look in the mirror and see if you’re a hyprocrite. And that’s- I think that’s where I’m gonna end it there. Not trying to white-knight, just trying to point out some hypocrisy. And that’s actually where I’m gonna end today’s show. And remember if you like this video, you like what I do on this channel, hit that ‘like’ button. If you’re new here, hit that subscribe button. Also remember if you missed the last Philip DeFranco show, click or tap right there. If you wanna watch today’s brand new vlog, click or tap right there And if you wanna subscribe, click or tap right there. Join the family But that said, of course, as always, my name’s Philip Defranco, You’ve just been Phil’d in, I love yo’ faces And I’ll see you tomorrow.

100 Replies to “WOW! Huge Backlash, Body Positive Hypocrisy, and The Most Idiotic Fight Gets Worse

  1. I went a little heavier on the stories yall recommended today. Also welcome to all the new beautiful bastards who have subscribed this week. We're growing and growing 🙂

  2. It was Hillary Clinton that tried to make it illegal to burn the flag in 2005 (Flag Protection Act of 2005). Weirdly enough, it's probably the only thing HRC has done in my life time I can agree with her on. If you want to burn the flag that represents the country that has given you citizenship, government, and safety – you should move. Or should you choose to display such an act of disrespect, there should be consequences. You don't piss on the hand that feeds you – like seriously. If we don't start having some type of consequence to these outrageously disrespectful and entitled displays when things aren't the way we want them – the divisiveness and ironically oppression of this country will only grow.

  3. While I think punishment is harsh for stepping on the flag, actions are not speech.
    Also, he only criticizes legit fake stories about himself. He's never denied the truth, only apologized for socially unacceptable actions/words.

  4. The disabled reporter thing…maybe it hits home with me more than the typical person because I have a mentally disabled daughter. She flaps her hands in a simlar manner because of her autism and sensory processing disorder and it gives her input she needs to her nervous system. Then throw that stupid voice in there on top of his arm flailing and I don't see how that's not meant to insinuate that he considers this man "stupid" or "ridiculous" or an extension of mentally disabled or incapable. Whether he does it as an intentional jab at disabled people, I don't know, but the point is he needs to lose the mannerism because it's something I'd expect an elementary school kid to be doing, not a 70 year old man who is about to be PRESIDENT.

  5. While I do agree that Meryl Streep has the right to say what she wanted to say, it's freedom of speech after all. However, I don't think it was very classy of her to attack Trump even though she didn't say his name. Trump's senior advisor said that she could have used that platform to say even though she didn't support him, she could just say that we could have found common ground with their new president, and at least wish him luck.

    I am not a big Trump fan myself and do not like everything he said, but the reality is that he is our president elect now and we need to accept that. Republicans and Democrats a like. Give him a chance and see what he can do. I do hope for the best with him and hope he does what is best for this country.

  6. Do you actually not know that Donald Trump has made that gesture a 100 times all on video when mocking others even on the Larry King show in 2005 mocking himself. The media knows this and they know they are lying when they picked up this as an attack on the disabled reporter. It had nothing at all to do with that reporter. I don't even like Trump but getting sick of the lies

  7. I just hate the people who are like: "these actors need to stop talking about politics, this is not the time or place." A lot of what movies and the arts try to do in general is shine light on these situations. If you're all for movies like Spotlight, then you gotta be okay with the Meryl Streep thing. That's my opinion.

  8. I think burning the American flag should be legally punished without a doubt. At that point you already know that person isn't planning on being a cooperative law-abiding citizen.

  9. I really hope Mark Hamill continues to read out Donald Trump tweets as the Joker, it's pretty much my new favorite thing on the internet XD

  10. Also Chris Brown has shown great athleticism (dancing, basketball, women-beating), whereas we don't really know much about what Soulja is physically capable of.

  11. @Philip DeFranco How do you make the jump from watching Fallon shaking Trump's hair to "THEY'RE BESTIES!!!"? Just because he confirmed Trump doesn't wear a toupee means they're tight? I don't see the correlation. Anyone who watches Fallon knows that Golden Globe monologue would be right at home on his late night show; he always makes fun of Trump for his childish and ego-maniacal behavior; it just isn't the majority of his material. Of course, it seems like you watch more Colbert than Fallon to begin with, hence your use of the former as the model of "sticking to your guns" (as if to imply that Fallon is a hypocrite for not being as political).

    I'm a little tired of this "late night war" between the fans of Colbert and Fallon…If you prefer the more politically pointed comedy of Colbert, that's fine; I also enjoy it from time to time. But I also happen to think it's nice that I can find good late night comedy entertainment that doesn't hit you with a politics 2×4 all the time.

  12. Freedom of speech in America is abused heavily. At one are you see a group of christians singing a choir and right next to them a guy with ghotic makeup screaming "hail! The almighty Satan"

  13. I have to disagree with you on how soulja boy can't win without a gun. if taught correctly he can win using chris' weight against him even. I don't care for either of them but I'm the same height and weight as soulja boy, gotta defend me. ya know

  14. Mark Hamill as the Joker reading Trump tweets? I'm in. Forever. Where's the slot on my computer where I can feed in dollar bills?

  15. speaking donald, what to you think about the sexual assult video aligation for donald, some woman said shes been sexuall assaulted by trump in November of 2016

  16. I don't know… Colbert became really annoying really fast on the Late Show. All of his political commentary just sounds like what you'd hear from CNN, like he called pizzagate fake news right away, but made jokes galor about pissgate (hard not to) but gave a flippant allegedly like yea we know this is real. I like what Bo Burnham said, so many talk shows and so many years of the Colbert Report and instead of being a caricature of a late night host he just became another late night host that likes talking about catholics.

  17. Meryl Streep once said, "If you want something spoken about ask a man, if you want it done ask a women".

    Meryl Streep is a "feminist", this shows you that her intelligence levels are equal to that of a rock. She then has the audacity to accuse someone else of making fun of a group of people, when she just insulted and generalized an entire sex. This is what happens when there are no repercussion for a women being an asshole.

    No one cares this dried up old feminist bag has to say.

  18. I love how terms for censorship keep changing, feminazi,mansplaning, trump supporter, libtard, and now brainwashed, I honestly can't figure out why people like to discredit others without any evidence warranting discredit. I would love to see people debate ideas without a shit throwing contest being incited at the slightest difference of opinion. here's a challenge, try and go through a whole debate without slinging some form of ur this label so there for u can't be trusted, unless warranted due to inconsistencies in the argument.

  19. I believe the reason Iskra is getting so much backlash is because there are many who think "Every Size is Beautiful" means that "Fat is Beautiful", and if Iskra is no longer heavier, then how can her message make any sense. They don't understand that inclusion of plus-size women means inclusion of those women with size 0 dress sizes as well. Every size means everyone.

  20. I like most of your videos but the comment you made towards the end I don't feel sat right.
    You stated that those who didn't like her because she was bigger size (plus size) were douche bags yet everyone else who now is jugging her for losing weight was just maybe a hypocrite.
    If you are believer in each person having their own opinions and being able to choose what they find attractive or whether it's the way you are just wired upon birth why would classify those who don't find plus size (big, bigger, etc) not attractive douche bags?
    Now if your condemning those who besides not finding plus size attractive are also conducting physical acts violence, or similar, towards the plus size community I agree with them being douche bags.
    Either way great show overall but since you ask for opinions I thought I'd chime in on this video.

  21. Stephen Colbert Doesn't stick to his guns at all. He might no cater to republicans but he is pretty much just a democrat propaganda spewer

  22. I love your opinion Phil, but I think you may have neglected the thought of people changing. Although Jimmy Fallon was "friends" with Trump I think you forget to think that maybe Jimmy changed his mind. We (sadly) saw a lot of character show through when he was debating and answering interview questions. Maybe Jimmy then took into consideration more of the character that Trump was showing. I don't know, maybe at that point controversial questions had been answered, but I would just consider change.

  23. One time Meryl Streep said Disney was an anti-Semite based on no evidence whatsoever so….this isn't the first time.

  24. Fuck Meryl Streep. They are called Martial ARTS. For a reason. She is ugly and her acting roles went down hill ever since after the Deer Hunter (her 2nd full length movie)and she is even more ugly now. Still…. Trump is a Fuck Wipe.

  25. are Americans really so fat they think 1500 calories a day is starvation?? I eat around 1200 a day and I'm not starving

  26. Every story in this video makes me want to just drive my car off of a cliff. Nothing on Phil, he's great, just the world around him.

  27. Ugh God… You can totally tell that Phil is a closet Lib.

    "Jimmy doesn't have the backbone to say it to Trumps face"

    "I love stephen colbert"

  28. If I burned any thing other than a flag in public, I am pretty sure the police would site me being a nuisance. Were I live you can't even burn any thing in your back yard without a permit.

  29. Frankly people tune in to hear their personal experiences in their careers in relation to receiving a lifetime award not personal opinions and propaganda on bloody politics. She can be pretty radical and I don't believe or agree with much of what she thinks these days (disappointing) and I felt quite offended at the audacity of it all but I also got a slight sense that she might have been pressurised into using that platform to give that 'speech', whether by the Hollywood machine or some radical faction she is involved with.

  30. I sincerely think people who still want to get rid of trump are dumb. do you want mike pence to be president?
    trying to kick out a president, is like killing a pilot because he isn't great at flying.

  31. Iskra Lawrence is beautiful. How someone can describe her size 14 body as being a 'fat cow' (as one article mentioned) is beyond me. Men who want a woman with a clean shaven prepubescent body is not a sexually healthy man. Having said that, I do believe that weight issues with obesity comes from the food corporations selling edible non-food products and this is partially the problem and why people gain weight and have a hard time losing that weight. They put in ingredients, chemicals that will cause people to be hooked/addicted on these unhealthy foods. We do have to take responsibility for our own lives and bodies by buying clean food, alive food…such as veggies, fruits, beans, nuts…healthy proteins and fats… it's not usually the calories in, but rather the chemicals we ingest that's making us sick, fat and often times too lethargic to exercise. We all need to send a message to those food sources that we want good food for our children and for our own health by making better choices. Losing money is the only thing they'll hear… so vote with your feet, walk away from the food deserts such as fast food and processed food. Buy organic, support locally grown food and sustainable farming when you can. The more people do this, the more affordable these foods will become, like cheaper free range eggs, grass fed cows and so on. I know it's not easy because I live in the South…I mean, come on, fried green beans!?!! Most good things and much needed change will usually entail some hard work, but in the end it's worth it.

  32. Note that Trump making that gesture about Cruz was the only other time he's ever made it, and it was after the reporter incident. Damage control to make it look like a normal thing he does.

  33. Donald Trump is bringing needed change to America. Trump has high standards to protect America and put Americans first pay is very tough on Isis. Don't Trump is very confident so he won't back down or let others push him around. Trump is extremely rich and knows how to build an Empire. He also has his priorities straight and knows how to get things done. Did you know he even wrote a book on making deals. Donald Trump speaks the truth he will keep Americans safe. He is also going to investigate Hillary I believe. Donald Trump will save us a billions on un climate change programs.

  34. A note on jimmy Fallon, in September when Trump was on his show he hadn't actually won the election yet so that could be a factor in his change of attitude, my opinion

  35. I have no problem with Meryl taking about Trump. But the only bad thing about social media these days and celebrities expressing their opinions, is that they have such an influence that their fans most likely won't make their decisions and what one certain celebrity says is the one and true way.

  36. 5:06 i totally understand jimmy fallon imean u don't have to hate donald trump since ever lol i liked his tv shows and as a personality but i don't like him as a president

  37. Well Jimmy Fallon has never pretended to be alright with Trump, he regularly makes jokes on his show about him, he even mocked him to his face on the episode when he came. Jimmy does make jokes pandering to those who dislike Trump, however he's never blatantly said he himself doesn't like Trump. He's just a celebrity who doesn't care to be at the center of politics and tabloids.

  38. I actually spit my water out the moment I heard Iskra Lawrence is referred to as a plus-size model. Like, that's… no… I don't even know what to say. The standards of Hollywood are messed up.

  39. When someone does truly atrocious deeds, there is neither need to exaggerate nor to make up more things.
    Yet, that childish behaviour is what I learned manipulative bullies consist of. They're just as much on the Left as on the Right, if not just more prominent right now.
    The passive-aggressive 'not naming the target' however, is something I have experienced exclusively from Leftwing-people I worked with over the decades.
    Hollywood nowadays sucks, to be honest. It is always the same uncreative bullshit rehashed over again, but at a loss of quality and content. Noone truly needs you (Hollywood), and your hamfisted PC-ideology that acts just like "The Wave", a novel that should be read again.
    Maybe Hollywood suffers from what videogames suffered the last decades, when graphics got better and better, and content and gameplay took a deteriorating backseat.

  40. Oh, but if she works out to make herself better and healthier, that makes all the fat lazy fucks look bad (which actually just shows their ugly personalities, actual reason to not want to share a relationship/life with them).
    On the matter of free speech, I doubt it would look better with Clinton. Rather worse I would assume, as she argued for the Speech Impediment Culture, the scissors in your head and better not looking at facts lying around that threaten your view of herself for her. While with Trump you may have actual breathing room and a chance of convincing him to turn the table around again. Start by getting rid of obscenity bleeps in the media, the most ridiculous and annoying censorship ever.

  41. 1:52 Mcdonalds was proboby not the best choice for that analogy. It'd probably work better if you said "Fuck (Insert overated film/tv show here)"

  42. Taught that cunt streep was moving to Canada when Trump won… She needs to hurry up… And Trump does that with everyone… ?

  43. some woman have metabolic rate about 1200 that means they have to cut 500 calories to loose weight while maintaining their weight is 1200 cal. that means that meal plan of 1500 will make them actually gain weight.

  44. First of all burning the american flag is really really inconsiderate and way over the top and it should not be happening. and if someone stops it. I guarantee most cops will not help out someone burning the flag of the county they protect. And I hope to God a veteran dosent see it. Burning a flag what ISIS and other terrorist organizations do or people who are being actually horribly oppressed. It has no place here in America. act American. Petition, test through court cases (i think its called test cases), get people behind you. Causing panic does nothing. Dont give a reason for marshal law to be called thats when it would get actually bad. Take a page from MLK he never supported violence or riots. he supported calm and legal distinguished ways of resolving his oppressions. Black people in the 1900's were oppressed not you. Sure people hate trump. Republicans have thier doubts about him too. He was just a better option for alot of people. He was definately not the best candidate. I will be surprised if he gets reelected. BUT he is our president. and believe it or not you have rights that will be upheld no matter who the president is. So dont act like you are an oppressed syrian. Your not. you can say horrid things about our elected president and no one bats an eye some even encourage you. Act like an american and stop burning the flag of the country that made everything you have done possible just beacuse one election didnt go your way. if Trump does something illegal he will be prosecuted you can have absolute faith in that. Trust in our system. It may be flawed in a few ways but this is the best county in the world and we will not have a president that takes rights away from citizens. Power to the people.

  45. It's truly annoying how much people are IGNORING the actual bad shit Trump has and is still doing TO FAVOR FAKE SHIT ABOUT HIM. The man is a sexist sack of shit with an ego larger than the steaks here in Texas. WHY TALK ABOUT THE UNTRUE STORIES WHEN THERE ARE JUST AS BAD STORIES THAT ARE TRUE? These are the mentalities I JUST DON'T GET.

  46. Question, now that we are 90+ days into this as well as two attempts at a Muslim ban has your opinion changed at all?

  47. I don't really like Iskra because she "promotes" body positivity and self love but there is clear proof that she photoshops her Instagram pictures to make her waist smaller ( like wtf seriously? She's already got a huge hip/waist ratio) when she is adamantly vocal about being "anti photoshopping"

  48. I feel like every month since 2015 has been Donald Trump vs somebody else not agreeing with him. Its just funny to see him whine about everything even true things and then lie more about a lie you were caught in.

  49. There's nothing wrong with getting healthy and working out so long as you do it for you. But no matter what, thicc or thin, you need to love yourself.

  50. I'm kinda mad about the celeb boxing match for a lot of reasons but the main one is probably the fact that Chris Brown has had training before this already back in 2009, he doesn't need any more.

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