Women’s Self Defense training

Alright guys, so I’m here with Catherine You’ve done one self-defence class, right? Yeah Just ten minutes I’m working with her, I taught her how to palm strike and how to elbow How to hammer fist, now we’re working on some knees so A lot of people ask me to do more women self-defence videos so I’m gonna go through some basic basic striking and how you learn. This is just, you know, just a few minutes It’s not supposed to be complicated. It’s not supposed to be technical. It’s not supposed acquired like years of training It’s supposed to be simple because your brain is gonna go in, you know Adrenaline is gonna kick in you got fight-or-flight The stress you’re not going to think about what technique what moves you gotta keep your shit simple. Okay, so So Catherine, I just taught her how to palm strike so position yourself put your hands up. The first thing is right guys or girls when you put your hands When you put up your hands, a lot of people ask me where your hands go. If I put them here he’s going to see them as a threat your hands want to be here underneath this field of vision Your hands are up because you want to close the center line and open up very important. It’s about creating distance Space and angles so if I’m talking to you and I’m moving around here. You’re always here You want to make sure at no point. Do you allow me to get to the angle or behind your back Already you’re making it much harder for me to strike. So if I’m talking to you, and I’m talking to you and I’m like hey what’s your name? You look really pretty. What’s your name? Okay right now she’s covering her angles. That means if I try to come around Hands already up. If I try to grab your throat you try to close it and at any point you can double palm strike One hand or like if I talk to you the person grabs you boom right tech straight up. I just taught her this right now. Okay, so let’s Show your palm strikes and if you guys have any questions, I’m going to take them at the same time So ready? Hands up so throw your palm strike one, two, go Good beautiful again Nice good Now what I just taught her right was how to step in So a lot of people when they strike they do this You have to step in. If I’m here, I’m stepping in. Why? Because I wanna make sure I go through the target. So if I’m here and I grab you boom If you’re this far I can come in with a palm strike or an elbow If I push right you pull if I pull you push You’re always using the person’s energy against them. Okay? So you’re bringing your hands up. Another thing. I’m kind of jumping from one thing to another here your posture very much so If I was here and you had to strike you can take a step in boom or a nice double palm strike If I grab you and I was here your elbow’s here. This is what you do. If I’m here you can hammer fist. Right into the nose right to the face Your close sorted tools are if I grabbed you and I was here this is where you can elbow or Damage or neck crank or crush my throat or just bite me in the ear whatever you can okay So you and as well as who have your knees now like I was explaining to her before if I do this and she tries to knee she’s gonna Hit the ground Remember when you’re kneeing you’re also in one leg It’s dangerous now if you’re pinned against the wall here so I can show them. If I was here and he grabbed them like this My knees are really good here because the wall is making sure I don’t move back and I’m kind of using the wall as Leverage to trap and I can push off the wall and drive the knee forward and then come in with other strikes The wall gives you balance. I’m using the wall to push off a strike This is for guys too. So if a guy grabs me by the T-shirt like this, I can boom drive it in and once I drive it in boom elbow And I keep that trap So hands up Right here Do the palm strike Go, one, two nice good power Every strike counts Every strike counts Go in with the elbow now. Elbow Step in beautiful boom step in hands up hands up reset it every time now she asked me a great question when you elbow where do you hit guys Whether here here here here Doesn’t matter don’t let this specific shit. Just elbows face, his neck and just hit the target Don’t make a fist before. You don’t need to. Just release it. Another great thing guys, to learn not to be telegraphic put your hands up I put my hand here Right, so at this point you don’t move back from there launch the elbow Don’t sacrifice power don’t sacrifice being telegraphic for power If I do this and I flinch doesn’t matter if it’s telegraphic you’re not going to hit your target So if I’m here put your hands up. If you did this go back. Oh, man. I see this I’m gonna move in However, if I’m here you go boom step in. Hand is quicker than the eye. Doesn’t matter how fast I am. If you decide to step in right now, if my hands are down. I’m heating my target This is why it’s so important to have your hands up all the time. Now. Let’s say the guy You know, I don’t know you’re you’re waiting for the bus and I walk up to you and I’m like hey how are you? What’s your name? I haven’t done anything yet. Doing that wouldn’t make sense, but you can do this This Or here You’re talking. Why? At any point boom. You can strike At the same time if I was trying to grab you your hands are up Right. So it’s a natural position you have here working strike I can be here right beside to strike strike the throat I’ll palm strike here Right? So I can go from here to here and I can also alternate Where if I’m talking to you to there and there’s something I start touching you. Now your hands come up in a passive sense So if I do this or if I grab, rule the person around you smack them you don’t waste any time So if I get key – boom, and if I’m pulling right away you strike and if I grab your hair You strike right away. Yeah, don’t let them grab you because then they get hold. That’s it. Look at me That’s how simple it is guys. It’s not supposed to be complicated I just taught her to keep her hands up, but if I’m here and I did this She was stepping right with the elbow from there again Peeking into the eyes into the throat. You can watch some knees. Your objective is not for me to wrestle you You don’t want to go to the ground or do any of this jujitsu stuff It’s gonna take too much time and you’re gonna have to up muscle me do it Your objective is to strike and get out as quickly as possible. It’s about escape that’s all. Okay, it’s the same thing for men The system doesn’t change. What changes is the method of attack. A guy is not gonna walk up to a girl and say come on you wanna fight, no He’s gonna walk up close. Maybe, you know, use verbal. Find a way to, you know, get really close to you and then maybe do his attack, so Again we’re talking about awareness as well. Okay? Let me see you just throw a palm strike, a hammer fist, an elbow, just whatever you want okay go Nice go Now driving that elbow go Nice And don’t think don’t think what do I hit what do I strike just hit She just learned this right now. Is it difficult to learn this? No it’s not. And it’s supposed to be easy, right? Just fucking hit the guy you have seconds to react The guy grabs you, you smack him, you elbow him, you hammer fist As soon as you create distance You get out Yeah now if he’s grabbing you and your elbowing and I still have a hold, as long as I have a hold, if you try to run away Try to run away, I still might grab you Yeah, so you gotta make sure there’s enough distance or there’s no contact for you to run now again does he have a knife Are you in an elevator? If you’re in an elevator, you don’t have a choice you have to fight That means you don’t fucking stop People tell me when do you stop? You don’t stop Until there’s enough space enough space or the threat is done Okay It’s all in your mind set too right if you face with the attack and you think Holy shit I’m gonna get my ass kicked guess what you will get you’re ass kicked if you think you can’t beat him and I do this when I do seminars I like 30 or 40 women in front of me I said how many women think they can fight against this big guy. Half the room said no and the other half said yes. I said guess what you can and all you can’t If you don’t believe you could do it What makes you think your body’s going to be able to do it if your mind says oh no this guy’s too strong You know? That’s so important. Yeah. So let’s see a couple more strikes. Nice yeah step in with that elbow. I’m just teaching her this. Stay straight, like you’re talking to him, hands up go throw that elbow step into it go into the eyes now boom That’s it that’s it Another great strike is a double palm strike. So I’m here okay, I’m here and I’m doing Look you’re here and I’m talking to you. Yeah, you step in Snapping the neck back one shot it’s very powerful because you’re driving in with all your hips forwards. So put your hands back up I’m here Like even me right now if you launch that forward with your attack I’m gonna go flying right my head’s gonna snap back again if you create enough distance you get out. Yeah Okay let’s see Awesome

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  1. see Women need to learn shit like this because its insane to think anybody cares more about your safety than you

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  3. These videos are amazing and very helpful. I really want to learn self defense for various reasons and your videos have taught me alot. Thank you and please continue making videos.

  4. Nick do you have a background in wing Chun I here you say lots of wing Chun concepts when you give instruction on your videos

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