Women’s Self Defense Against Frontal Attacks : Self Defense Chokes

To do a choke you need to be behind the assailant
here and to apply it you want to come, I think of it as a V, so I make a V between my bicep
and my forearm here and I place the tip of that V along with his chin. So you can see
that makes the V there. The bicep comes up on one side of the throat and the forearm
comes up on the other side and it is the squeezing motion here, boom. I think of a boa constrictor
when I do it, here. Keeping your hands together you can come here, up and in or you can do
a formal rear naked choke which is all the way up here. So again the principles, you
are cutting off the blood supply. It is not an air choke, it’s a head choke. You cut off
that supply there which makes them pass out unconscious, here, here or here.

29 Replies to “Women’s Self Defense Against Frontal Attacks : Self Defense Chokes

  1. oi ! you are one of the only few who do that right you also affect the large nerve bundles under the ears so you all be careful with that .You can tell he really did feel that

  2. Try this version. You'll see that the choke is much tighter and leaves room to defend if the "victim" goes for your eyes.

  3. normalmente la defensa personal debe ser muy entrenada….porque para las chicas defenderse de un tipo fuerte..o al menos de un tipo bien entrenado..o con conocimientos…vaya que seria una situaciòn complicada para ellas.

  4. to bad girls dont try to learn these moves, if they did, maybe there would not be so much rapes, and if girls didnt dress sluty maybe they would not get raped

  5. yup if im about to attack a woman i would def lower myself in front of her giving her position then wait till she chokes me, yup thats my plan!!

  6. A groin shot is not a guaranteed defence, as the attacker might be wearing a protective cup, in which case you would just piss him off and you would die.

  7. I thought it was a air choke but even though it is a blood choke you can still kill someone if you have it locked in to long

  8. @MultiBlackout2010 TOO LONG? In 15 seconds your dead in 4 seconds you pass out she makes it seem like a game "now, if you wanna do a front choke" you have to be very careful and you do this to save your life if you get the oportunity and as soon as he passes out leave him and run for your life..

  9. Chokes not locked in they can fight back way ro much. Get legs around or bicep hold i dont lile farm house style chocking

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