Women’s Self Defense Against Frontal Attacks : Self Defense Against Hook Punches 2

We are going to look at the hook punch now.
It can be a hook punch, it can be a slap, anything that is coming in from the side so
as the assailant come in here I don’t want to let it get to my face, I want to stop him.
It is going to be a double hand strike, boom, using this part of my hand, the nice little
fleshy part there, straight in. Where I am striking is in the middle of the forearm and
right in the middle of the bicep. If you have ever been hit in the bicep, you know that’s
an effective point. If you strike straight in here it really hurts so that’s going to
stop the punch here and make them think twice. Be sure that you don’t let it get all the
way here because he’s still going to hit you. You need to extend your arms out and stop
it before it gets there, boom, here. Other side, here. Here and here.

2 Replies to “Women’s Self Defense Against Frontal Attacks : Self Defense Against Hook Punches 2

  1. This relies on subjective factors, and for me just doesn't measure up.
    The bottom line is plenty of people can take a blow to the bicep. Plenty of people will also be bowed over buy jamming up a haymaker like this.
    On the other hand, no one can keep fighting if you slam your arm through the side of their neck and drop their blood pressure. Everyone reacts to having fingers shoved into their eyes towards their brain.
    This is tantamount to gambling with your life as far as I'm concerned.

  2. Bit late to reply to the previous two comments. I saw her video on the front choke, which is stupid, but this one works.

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