Wing Chun VS Boxing

Boxer: hey Boxer: Kung Fu Man Boxer: Are you the guy that claims to know how to destroy the boxer? Master Wong: you talking to me? Master Wong: you wanna find out? Master Wong: Come on! Boxer: I was hoping you’d say that Boxer: Kung Fu Man Fight! Start! Boxer: Is that all you got? Boxer: Kung Fu Man Master Wong: Is that all you got? Master Wong: Boxer!? Boxer: So, that’s how you wanna play. Huh? To find out Who wins, Subcribe for MORE!

100 Replies to “Wing Chun VS Boxing

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  2. Il video è molto bello, ma non capisco quale sia il fine. Vuole solo intrattenere mostrando una bella sequenza di combattimento o è una vera gara boxe Vs wing chu? Perché in quest'ultimo caso ho visto il marzialista ricevere troppi colpi al fegato senza accusarli minimamente. Chiunque abbia fatto un minimo di sparring sa che un solo colpo ben assestato al fegato è sufficiente per farti piegare sulle ginocchia, pertanto non è possibile riceverne così tanti e continuare tranquillamente a combattere.
    In ogni caso, bella sequenza, mi è piaciuta.

  3. Just like a TRUE master.
    Not a single video proving your skill, teachings, or ability.
    And the only video of you fighting is fake. HAHA.

    You should fight that fat MMA guy in china who keeps beating the ass of every "master" HAHA.
    XD The real masters in the past never backed down from a challenge.

  4. Nice video.

    Of course, in reality it would be over in seconds the moment the boxer connected with the first serious punch he threw. Wing Chun is quackery; it's not a practical fighting style, which is why you have seen "UFC fighter uses Wing Chun to win fight" exactly zero times.

  5. Nice bit of entertainment but obviously not real !
    Kung fu can't be compared with boxing they are worlds apart and to talk about which is best ,
    Then it comes down to variables like the two individuals involved, their skill levels,
    Is it in an arena ,
    If it is a street fight what is the background of it , are they in the street or at a bar , how does it kick off ????
    These are ALL huge variables that would affect the end of the confrontation.
    I do respect your skill level Mr Wong you seem quite adept at what you do,
    You should put this to the test properly and I don't mean that in a derogatory manner.

  6. Now this is real sparring 😀 awesome. Wong when i will live in London soon, i want to be your padwan if i can 🙂 Thank you Sifu. (where is the continue of this fight? i want to see until the end)

  7. This is so fake, Wong would have no hope against a boxer or jujitsu fighter with only 2 years of training . Everything he does is already
    set up like in the movies.

  8. In reality wins, who fight with heart and soul, no matter what technique.

    Basically, it is not important to win, but always to become better for yourself without wanting to prove something to someone.

    There is always a better one.

    The guys in the video, sorry but they are not professionals, they still have a lot of work to do.

    ✌? homies, and thinks about:
    no matter what you do to get better,
    whether it's boxing, wing tsun or tennis or soccer … is.

    Where there is a way there is the goal but if you go this way then with heart, soul and ambition ?

    Age or gender does not matter.

    ✌? Homies and the show has to go on ? believe in you !

  9. I say with all due respect the boxer won. Because not only he performed his art better. Master Wong had to use kicks at 1:27 and 1:37 I don't remember wing Chun having kicks. And it's about "reversing the power" or something which already sounds stupid.

  10. Master wong you need fight this iron and silk guy. He’s talking too much. You know your big cause you have haters.

  11. Hello, Master wong I've been watching your videos for a year now. I wonder what is your martial art or what martial art you learned?

  12. I love master Wong…… but I recon the Boxer would of won this if this was real! He gets some good body blows and Would knock Wong Down (if it was real)

  13. It's folks like this make martial arts a joke or even spot Wing Chun.
    Master Wong will teach you something else or try to do something else in life.
    Wong you want to win over beast people.

  14. I like this a lot. Thanks for all the great content. I’m also a fan of Ramsey and am very excited for your fight. It should get u guys a lot of publicity and I hope u guys have a better impression of each other after meeting. Leave any resentment in the ring(but u guys can still shit talk each other cuz that’s funny as hell).

  15. totally not fake at all. yeah….. the acting is superb too!……. er I mean real interactions of course! of course……..

  16. Masters of Martial Arts 2020… The best and brightest from all schools are invited to compete against each other and finally leave one champion and this guy will be pitted against MMA fighter to finally settle the truth about how good is MMA…the organiser can work out the details…

  17. I would say Wing Chun in the hands of a master versus a top notch boxer wing chun would win hands down however when it comes to lower levels of experience I think a less experienced boxer would be able to handle a less experienced student of Wing Chun

  18. This really helps for when if I ever get into a real fight I could see the actual blocks in action and how to keep going with it

  19. morale of the video, neither style is better, if you have two strong dudes that know their styles, it's going to be really tight.

  20. Master Wung, you are a fool when it comes to teaching. That's why I follow and learn from you. You make training fun and simple.

  21. for me.. boxing will win in real life..
    a boxer always practice or practice more often than any wingchun guy he's built to brawl.. ? a boxer has more heart on winning the fight and harder hitting and heavier punches than wingchun. every boxer has a 1 punch opportunity. a boxer also has a stronger body to absorb hits than a wingchun man. my opinion is based on my general observation. but the outcome still depend on the practitioners experience or level as they say. i do love wingchun but for me the boxer will win.

  22. as if I've just clicked on a random video whilst in an obvious youtube hole and it's filmed in my home town and has 4 million views?! what

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