Wing Chun Sil Lim Tao – First Half – Step by Step

Sil lim tao only involves hand movements and it should remain in the goat stand throughout your shoulders should remain still and the centre line must be given full tension when first practising this form the movements should be slow and relaxed and it should concentrate on technique and positioning rather than power and speed as with most things a good foundation is essential in order for the goal to be successful the more time and effort you put into sil lim tao the more effective and capable your wing chun will be after watching form through we will break it down into 4 sections then we will look at the applications of each movement with your left hand open and your right hand in a fist bring them together at chest height roughly a hand’s width from the body next pull your elbows back along the sides of your torso making a fist with your left hand and with your hands in line with your body at chest height keep your elbows tucked back open both hands keeping your fingers straighten together with your thumb tucked in with both arms jab down aiming at an imaginary opponent’s groin at the same time slightly bend your knees from this position rotate both arms inwards ending with back fists draw your hands back to your side with your elbows tucked in and open your goat’s stand as described earlier from here with open hands move your arms into the cross forming in front of your navel with your left arm over your right now lift and rotate both arms to form a cross in front of your solar plexus with your right arm in front of your left pull your elbows back until your fists are back in the side position still in the goat’s stand perform a straight palms with your left hand form a tan sau then rotate your hand back into a fist before returning it to your side repeat this with your right hand now deliver 5 straight rolling punches starting and ending with your left on the fifth punch return your right hand to your side form a tan sau with your left then rotate back to a fist and return it to your side as before this section is sometimes referred to as 3 prayers to Buddha from the goat stand open your left hand and slowly move into tan sau rotate your hand a full circle clockwise ending in an extended wu sau next slowly draw your hand towards your chest stopping a hand’s width from your body form a hook with your hand and forearm pointing your fingers back towards yourself your fingertips should be together in a point this is called fuk sau drop your fuk sau to the same level as your navel then slowly straighten your arm just before your arm becomes fully extended reform a tan sau repeat this process from the rotation back to the tan sau rotate your hand into an extended wu sau for a third time and again slowly pull it back to your chest only this time instead forming a fuk sau push your palm right across your body and stop your hand in line with your right shoulder this is known as pak sau return to wu sau then push your palm forward fully extending your arm your palm should be on your central line rather than in line with your shoulder form a tan sau rotate your hand back to a fist and return it to your side repeat this whole process with your right hand with your left hand push your palm down keeping your fingers pointing forward your arm should be fully extended and your hand slightly away from your hip leaving your left hand in this position mirror this movements with your right forming a hook with both hands simultaneously lift them to waist height with your fingers pointing at the ground push both hands down and behind your body with open palms your hands should only be an inch apart return your hands to the hook position by your hips and then push both palms down and in front of your body keeping your hands open lift your forearms to a parallel position left over right in front of your chest at shoulder height keeping your arms bent at 90 degrees pull your elbows back in line with your shoulders and then straighten your arms reverse this process back to the parallel position only this time with your right forearm over your left with both hands still open simultaneously chop down at neck hight without pulling your arms back open your palms away from each other and extend your arms forward and up now with your fingers pointing forward and your palms facing down pull your hands back to your chest and then extend your arms to perform a double finger jab at eye level lower both arms down keeping your palms at the same angle to the ground and stop in front of your hips now bend your arms at the elbow while forming hooks with your hands once your hands are level with your chest thrust both hands forward still in hook position by straightening your arms this should be aimed at an imaginary opponent’s head to close this section simultaneously form a tan sau with both hands rotate the fists and withdraw them to your sides keeping your elbows tucked in jump to your toes bring your feet together slowly lower your hands to your sides with your palms down and your fingers forward while sinking onto the flats of your feet this is the end of the first part of sil lim tao

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  1. Great stuff. I have fond memories of visiting your shop in London a number of years ago, I recall your hands looking like bricks. I went down the southern mantis route, but always enjoyed seeing good wing chun – the phonebox fighting style. 🙂

  2. Fantastic video tutorial on the Sil Lim Tao, Austin Goh knows his stuff, his book on wing chun was the first book I bought on Martial Arts he is a legend. You want to know wing chun? Contact Austin Goh

  3. Nearly every aspect of your form is wrong the closest thing you get right is your wu sao and even then you perform it too low on your body, your wrist should be eye level. And your not even doing a fox sao after i dont know what your doing. You add moves that are not part of this form. Who ever taught you is instructing you inproperly.

  4. thx for sharing it is facinating that all chinese martial art is simillar. Im from taiji and internal arts… But is see now there is no internal or external. The taiji principle also apply here.

  5. Hi Sifu…can you please do a new Sil Lum Tao video with the complete form..but this time can you show us how to do the breathing too ? You know when to inhale & exhale with the movements ? You showed us in class one day & it gave so much energy & the form became spiritual….thank you

  6. Sifu Austin Goh Honor and Power to you thank you for the tutorial I am studying Wing Chun, i've noticed in my studies there are many forms so I have read many comments saying it's wrong, in my opinion everyone who has studied it will always look different but it is all effective if you practice everyday it is a brotherhood. Is there anyway I can learn more from you as far as videos or books thanks for your time…

  7. Удивительное сочетание физической мощи, внешней привлекательности, интеллегентности делают вас неотразимо обаятельным. Спасибо большое за ваши видио, которые помогают многим людям преодолеть их недуги. Успехов вам.

  8. greetings Austin,i would like to learn this and practice every day.I think this will be good discipline.Thankyou for sharing.

  9. This technique form, Ip man could not stop from spreding. He forget to kill the ancestor of this form made up ( silk nob tuh )

  10. Thank you! I’m an aspired Wing chun practitioner! Before martial arts entered my life, I felt like a lost soul walking through purgatory. Now the light shines and I encourage every one to bask in its light too.

  11. Hi my great sifu I watch your videos and I agree with you
    You are genius master and person. Teacher I need to.learn with you by Internet
    Plz accept my demand.
    And thank you very much

  12. This is real Siu Lim Tau but definitely not Ip Man lineage as claimed. Here's a link to the Ip Man performing Sui Lim Tau. I'll leave the audience to decide if your form is the same as Ip Man's

  13. I see, this is not "the official" Sil Lim Tau, this is more expanded version with a salute and specifically added punches, strikes, and jabs. Very courteous of whoever wrote this version of the choreography, the author had a great idea in mind. I might try this someday with my instructor!

  14. Austin Goh fue discipulo del GM Lee Shing, que a su vez fue discipulo de GGM Yip Man……simplemente es perfecto y solo podemos aprender de el y por supuesto respetarle.

  15. impressive… for 120# 5' tall chinese of 100 years ago. just ridiculously over simplified, more than aikido, yue/southern chinese ethnicity copy of east han chinese complex taiji that take decade of practice to use effectively.

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