How-to wing chun lessons for both
beginners to wing chun, as well as those serious about taking their wing chun to
the next level. When you have clowns and fake masters dominating Youtube with
made-up wing chun and their none-of-your-business lineage, we’re
bringing you legit wing chun. You know, the kind that stands up to even the
hardest and strongest pressure. The kind that appreciates tradition but isn’t
bound by it and the kind that gives you direct insight to give you a leg up on
anyone who wants to test you. This is Wing Chun lessons and I’m Sifu Adam
Williss. If you promise to listen intently, take notes and work hard, I promise to
bring you the highest quality online Wing Chun lessons in the world. So make
sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on all the actionable wing chun tips
i’m about to share with you.

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  2. i have a question is there some way to learn by ur self (alone) to handle the incoming pressure? with some kind of technique or tool?

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