Wing Chun (2007) Episode 1 (Eng Sub)

Yong Chun Episode 1 Hot buns Here are your buns
-Get me some buns, Bun -Enjoy
-Where are ours? -Right away
-Hurry Quit if you can’t, brother Shut up There will be trouble if dad knows He won… Pay up… Thanks How could he do it? Have another bet if you want to Go away or your head will be bashed Master Bi can do 1 00 push-ups easily I think master Bi can do several hundred push-ups He can do it with one arm Am I right, master Bi? The money… Split the money between you Thank you, master Bi… We will ask Bun to make us more food Okay Uncle Cai asked me to keep an eye on you You gambled with them What’s wrong with you? You are keeping an eye on me. It’s fine Don’t go out What now? Uncle Cai said many masters came to Foshan Dad is a guest so he was worried you would… Get into trouble? No, but… Dad can go out and have fun I must stay here and I am bored to death That’s not true Listen to me for once Don’t go out, okay? Okay… I am relieved Masters…it’s almost time for Youth Kung Fu Contest to start You have to be there. You are the host I know I will be famous in Foshan I, Fu Zhendong, will be the leader Why did you steal our bun? I didn’t It is our bun What happened? He stole our bun No, the bun was on the ground I picked it up You are a disgrace What a disgrace What is it?… He took our bun which fell to the ground What a disgrace It’s okay…Our shop, Gourmet has a rule. We help whoever in need Beggars or gentlemen Let’s go. They think we are beggars Let’s go Doctor Liang Zan will inaugurate
the contest now Excuse us… Thank you Excuse us… How do you do?… Look, sis Dad said not to let him see master Bi I know You came to have tea, master He? Of course I came to eat Please have a seat How can I sit with these people? The second floor is closed today You always know what I want You reserved the second floor for me Master He Master He, you can’t I can’t? You can’t Don’t you know me, Bun? I want what I can’t get Step aside You… You are hiding here I thought my men made a mistake What do you want?… You are having a nice meal Would you order now, master He? Order? What can I have in this dump? Fried and stewed fish is delicious Is it edible? It is dog food, right? Chun, it is going to rain It is not raining It is sunny. Why did you say it would rain? Don’t you know chickens, mice and roaches all come out when it is going to rain? Mice and roaches? Can’t you see the huge roach? What is so funny? My hand shook It doesn’t matter Dogs will have it You always pretend to be fearless but you are a chicken when your dad is around Your dad shouldn’t be Mr. Zan of Foshan He should be Mr. Rooster of Foshan because he has a chicken Long He, what did you say? Chun Let’s go You are leaving? No more fun? Be careful If your papa roaster sees you, he will whip you Bro…you can’t go out I didn’t hit him because we were in Gourmet That creature humiliated us He said your dad, who is my dad, was a rooster No one can tolerate the insult I am angry too but we must endure it Master Bi, I will be livid if this thing happens to me He is right. No one can bully us We must teach that roach a lesson Let’s vote Should we punch that roach? Do you have any question? Let’s go. Get our weapons Gentlemen, I’m Liang Zan It is a great honor to be the guest I would like to share with you something… What did Mr. Liang say? He said something with cadences Like he was playing some kung fu moves All experts talk like him I think he is a scholar There are young heroes in every generation Mr. Zan of Foshan talks like a pedant You are not that awesome Sir,… I’m Lin Bao from Tieqiao, Shanxi I have heard of your name Will you dare to fight me today? -Master Lin.
-Watch out Master Lin -Stop it.
-Are you okay, Mr. Lin? Sirs, master Lin and I are old acquaintances He is in a good mood He planned to have a joke with you Am I right, master Lin? It was a joke… Great… Everyone is so happy today Why don’t we have some tea and food in my shop? Our master will give you a dinner of welcome -Good…
-Thanks Thank you… He is playing with a piece of paper I’m from Pigua. We are passers-by We are short of funds Would you help us out? I’m Fu Zhendong. This is my pupil Gao Ming Thank you Gao Ming, collect the money Awesome… Admirable… You broke such a thick pillar Old guy, you are performing kung fu? I’m from Pigua Do you know who I am? I don’t Listen, this is master Long’s son Master Long is the richest man in Foshan This is master Long He I am honored to meet you, Mr. Long My dad is very rich He can buy the whole Chopsticks St. You wanted to perform here.
Do you know the rules? What do you want? Do you want to hit me? Be smart, beggar We are new to this place We know no one here Please forgive us if we made mistakes The old guy said nice things You are good I will let you perform here today Get out of the way… I am awesome No one dares bother me in Chopsticks St. No one dares I am thrilled What is this?… What is this? Help me… Stop pulling me Master He Get them now…Stop Welcome… Please go inside, sirs Dad -Really?
-Please come in Please sit down Welcome… Please sit down Cai, where is Bi? He knew guests were coming He let you have the best place Please go inside Take it. Find out the situation Report to me if anything happens No delay Catch him You cowards fooled me in Chopsticks St. I will teach you a lesson today I dare you Hit him Young people are violent They don’t know martial ethics Would Mr. Zan share his views on martial ethics with us? You are flattering me, Mr. Chen We rarely have the chance of getting together Please tell us your view Tell us what you think I agree with our forebears We must be both intelligent and courageous A kung fu learner must be benevolent Benevolence Bun How did it happen? Do something Stop them from coming here Move these stalls to the middle of the street Stop them from coming here Look at him I… Not my fault Move it here Go away… I am still alive even though the scaffold fell What can you do to me? Liang Bi, you are crazy Liang Bi, you are crazy If we respect each other, we won’t make enemy All people in the world are brothers It is the meaning of the benevolent are invincible Mr. Liang, your words enlightened me I learned a lot You live up to your reputation I admire you I am flattered We need more wine, master I will get another pot of wine Let’s toast Mr. Liang Sure… Dad Stand guard here Don’t let master go out Excuse me Please go ahead… Stop it. The shop is going to collapse Where are you going, master? What is it? Dad asked me to stop you from going downstairs What? I can’t go downstairs? No… Yes… Dad said… What happened? Sorry… I am sorry… -Dad.
-Cai What happened? How did it happen? Why did you pay them? Master… Chun, where is your brother? He… Why don’t you tell me what happened? Dr Liang Dr Liang Mr. Chen Those gentlemen came to Foshan We are their hosts We can’t slight our guests You… You What are you doing? I have to talk to Cai You go upstairs I will be with you soon Then…you must hurry You must hurry I will settle with you later Tell master Bi now, master Chun Okay Run… Hit him Hit him. Don’t let him come here I missed He missed He missed He is coming Get him Get him now Get him… Hurry Where are you going? Come back Come back… What do you want?… You made a fool of me, didn’t you? I will teach you a lesson or I won’t be Liang Bi Am I right? Don’t… You came back at last Where is the wine? Where is the wine? Stop shaking your head Where is the wine? What now? You want me to be a clown again, don’t you? You are useless You are useless Sir What is it? Our master wanted to see you The richest man in Foshan? Yes Why did you send for me? All my bodyguard are wimps I need some formidable helpers What is your name? I’m Fu Zhendong from Pigua I don’t care what your name is I saw your kung fu You can help me What should I do? Revenge me Give the man a dose of something something like medicine What did he do to you? You don’t want me to
shave his beard off, do you? He has no beard. Beat him up How much? That bastard is only worth 1 0 silver dollars Who is he? Liang Bi from Zansheng Tang Liang Bi? Is he related to Liang Zan? Zan is his father What? You are scared? I want 20 silver dollars Deal. Give him the money Yes You can have half now You will have the other half when it is done Lan When will we reach Foshan? We will be there soon in 3 conditions Which 3 conditions? First, the map is right Second, I am right Third, Cheng is right How is Cheng? He has vomited 7 times What a mess I told him not to eat junk food He didn’t listen It is almost dark. We can’t reach Foshan I don’t think he can drive Let’s help him get in the car Cheng Be careful… Be careful He is weak How can he drive us to Foshan? I learned how to drive when I was in Shanghai How long was your driving lesson? A whole hour. Get in the car What is it? Nothing. I need to familiarize myself with it Familiarizing yourself with it? Let’s go Can you do it? Of course I can It takes time to get used to this car It will be safer Miss Yun Miss Yun Mr. Chen See you someday, sirs See you someday Goodbye… Goodbye -Stay here, Tofu.
-Okay Come with me You saw him today Preserved egg on one side.
Half his moustache was shaved It was funny Yes, you were awesome All 3 of us were beaten to a pulp I told you to practice kung fu You don’t practice kung fu You should be beaten up Stop Chun, why are you pacing about? Do something How can you explain yourself to dad? Whatever I tell him Dad always think I am in the wrong I can’t think of any good idea You must have some idea How can I have any idea? Step aside Who is Liang Bi? Who is Liang Bi? I am Did you hurt Mr. Long? I don’t think I hurt him I rearranged his looks I was paid to settle a score with you Where is your dad, Liang Zan? You asked for my dad You said you came to see me Who do you want to see? You are too young Ask your dad to come out I am here if you want to fight The door is over there if you don’t People will laugh at me if I take advantage of a junior Gao Ming, come here. Teach him a lesson Bro, don’t fight Chun, they are guests They want tea We must serve them tea, right? Hit him Hit him… What are you waiting for? He is losing Hit him Useless Your moves were disorganized I can’t tell if you used Yong Chun Who told you I used Yong Chun? Who is your master? My master? He is standing right in front of you No more rubbish. Hit him Hit him, old guy Stop it -Mr. Liang…
-Dad Mr. Liang is back Let’s go… You are Liang Zan? I am Liang Zan Did my son offend you? Your son hurt me He made me look like this Let’s go They ran away What will you do? Mr. Liang, your son beat Mr. He up Mr. He asked me to help him demand justice You are… Fu Zhendong from Pigua Mr. Fu I didn’t teach my son well If my son offended the Longs, I will apologize to Mr. Long What happened tonight is trivial Let’s forget about it No way Your son must kowtow to me and Mr. Fu will give him a good beating The task was entrusted to me I can’t leave if I don’t accomplish it Here is a suggestion. Can you show me some Yong Chun moves? Let’s exchange some moves I would like to broaden my horizon Why do you want to do that, Mr. Fu? Cai, I know what to do Please show me your moves Please He is great Thank you for letting me win You deserve the reputation you enjoy Gao Ming, let’s go They are leaving You are leaving too? Go away… I…You… Don’t go Are you okay, master? I’m fine. Ask them to wait in the garden Lan, read the map Where should I turn? I am reading the map.
You are making me dizzy Why are we keep going in circle? You haven’t told me the right direction I can only keep driving in circle Maybe you should stop the car I can’t. I can’t stop it I will read the map. Don’t rush me Hurry I think… Which way? I think that way That way? Master He Why are you still standing here? Why do you let the wimps follow me? We want our payment What? You want money? How dare you ask me for money I did what you asked Where is the other half of the payment Did I hear you right? Are you insane? You were beaten up You would have been killed
if I hadn’t been there Revenge me? My moustache was shaved. I lost face How dare you ask me for money.
Get lost, expert You made me look bad You wanted money? You think I am an idiot What are you doing? You want to hit me? My dad is the richest man in Foshan Long Manor. Do you know it? Get lost, yokel. Get lost Master Chun, why didn’t you mind your brother? Dad, l… Chun had nothing to do with what happened It was all my fault I know about Youth Kung Fu Contest I had to stay in Gourmet Do you hate me? You want my approval You should stay out of trouble I left you for half a day You wiped out the whole Chopsticks St. You don’t want me to hate you You should study medicine You know I don’t like medicine.
I like kung fu Kung fu? You don’t know what kung fu is You learned some third-rate moves Then you cause trouble and chaos Everyone in Foshan knows I am your son You are an expert in Yong Chun but you don’t teach me It doesn’t matter I will prove to everyone that I don’t need Yong Chun. I will surpass you How can you prove it? Not your concern. I will learn kung fu You shouldn’t learn improper kung fu or cause trouble Okay, then you can teach me Don’t argue with master, master Bi He refused to teach you He must have his reason You are disrespectful Don’t be angry, master You are outrageous I will teach you a lesson today Look, Miss Yun. Zansheng Tang is over there We found it at last Watch out This… Miss 9? Brother Zan

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  1. I'm liking this series, but I see too many similarities with the old Wong Fei Hung tv show. A misunderstanding between father and son about intentions mistakenly seen as rebellion, a hot tomboy girl in love with the protagonist, the doctor father, the poor friends, the snob rich guy with the powerful evil father and his lackeys being bullies, the somewhat progressive rich aunt etc etc…too many.

  2. I found the whole series in a book drop in Vancouver when I was 8, I watched it all in Chinese without knowing what I was watching, no subtitles, and I remember loving the opening song and having a huge crush on the main actor. Wow. Wtf

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