Why Pema Khandro Rinpoche Loves Bruce Lee Movies

I see your talents have gone beyond the
mere physical level. Your skills are now at the point of spiritual
insight. I watch Bruce Lee films over and over again,
it’s part of my life practice. When I feel a little bit like my enlightened intent and my heroism is weary or tired, sometimes that’s something I do. What are your thoughts when
facing an opponent? There is no opponent. And why is that? Because the word “I” does not exist. His story has all the important elements of someone who’s an outsider who
is willing to go on their journey and express their gifts in the world, even at great cost
to himself. It just immediately gives me this sense again of endurance and strength. Our culture has all this knowledge and wisdom,
and we can engage in it. You know, to me, I see those images and they’re images
of power and energy, and that’s what Buddhist Tantra is all about.

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