Why did you start BJJ at L13 Perth Hills

I got into Brazilian Jujitsu for health
and fitness and just to get out of the house what got me into it was my dad he started doing jiu-jitsu first and then we just
tagged along and annoyed him I joined jiu-jitsu because it keeps me fit
strong and healthy. It’s also eliminated all my back pain. Probably a bit of a nerd thing but there’s a nutritional biochemist that I follow on social media he’s a purple belt and a and a couple of years ago his wife started
doing it as well and I was like okay I want to give that a try so it’s something now that my husband do together I got into the BJJ when my
dad got a free four weeks so he made me do it with him and now all I want to do
is just try to be better than him I started jiu-jitsu because I was being bullied at school. I started BJJ probably a couple years ago
now on and off. Didn’t like going to the gym don’t find gyms that appealing so want
to somehow to get a bit more exercise and bit more of a life skill. So I
started a bit of boxing kickboxing a few others then fell away to BJJ and yeah
have been doing it solid now for about a year and a half I started jiu-jitsu about two and half years ago. I started because I quit my job and
my dad had just started and he told me to come on down and have a go. My name’s Anthony Hahn I started jiu-jitsu basically I just want to try and
make myself healthier and live a better life it’s certainly done that for us.

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