Why America’s Got Talent Is So Fake

Oh, the roast! Oh… Violin kebab! Geniuses are born! Not created! And what other better show demonstrates this than Newest batch of cringe material. This one show that all artists and musicians, and anyone with real talent watch, and just cringe at. Because it basically debases everything we’ve worked for. Just our opinion! – Oh, no, no, no. No opinion.
– Yeah, no opinion. So we compiled some… InTeReStInNNnnNnnggG footages that have some sort of relation to music. Let’s just see how it goes. My name is Brandon Coprich. I’m 31 years old, and I play the flute. Growing up, my grandmother had all sorts of instruments in the house. While all the other kids were outside playing, I was inside playing on any instrument I can get my hands on. Once I found the flute, music became my life. So I’m a teacher now, so I don’t get a chance to perform as much as I’d like to. Someone passionate about music… A teacher… Yep. …loves the flute, grew up with a musical household. Yeah, sacrificed hanging out with his friends to play more instruments. What could go wrong? I wonder. – Nothing can go wrong.
– Mm… Tonight I’m gonna put the flute on the map on the biggest stage of them all! Do you know that Terry too is a flautist? I heard… maybe something like that. You heard in the flautist streets that… Is it [flɔːtɪst] or [flaʊtɪst]? I actually don’t know. This is… – [flɔːtɪst].
– No idea. Maybe it’s an American thing? [flɔːtɪst]. [flaʊtɪst]. [flaʊtɪst]. “[flɔːtɪst], or [flaʊtɪst].” Oh, okay. Can be both. I know that people like playing them. Does anyone like listening to them? Oh, wow… Why did they have to make these comments about classical music instruments? – They’re just trying to make an effect for… TV.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Golden comment.
– T, t, t, television effect. Don’t judge. Great comedy. Okay. I can’t believe this, but I actually relate to Simon’s face right now. That G needs to be tuned. – I mean-
– I know you’re about representing that music life, but… I’m not gonna comment. *gasp* The flautists out there, you could probably make a comment. – I’m not a flautist, but I know like-
– We know music. Woodwind players work so hard to make their breaths not noticeable. Yes, the whole goal is to hide the breathing. Yeah. And you breathe when you can when the phrase is ended. You literally hear him go *gasp* Yeah! – It’s alright. It’s just mainstream television.
– Yeah. They don’t- They don’t need intonation. – I don’t think he tuned it as well.
– Mainstream. Yeah, he didn’t even tune his flute. It doesn’t sound in tune, just don’t. The mainstream doesn’t need to know about tuning or intonation. This is what happens when you can’t play in tune, guys. You gotta find other things to compensate. Look at Simon’s face. I kinda feel him. You know, I’m starting to get like… a feeling. This is not about talent, but more just random entertainment. – But it’s a TV, so it’s okay!
– It’s TV! – AHH IT’S OKAY!! He’s got- Yeah!
– America’s Got Cringe, providing the best cringe! Kids, make sure to practice scales. – Yeah.
– Cos if you can’t play in tune… – this is what you gotta do.
– Do you want to be the next kid on the show? If not, KEEP PRACTICING!! It’s a flute, it’s not a pole. That’s an instrument. The amount of sacrilege- I don’t know what to say. This is too much. Why are they booing? Simon is just giving his own opinion. – The director told them to boo probably, like…
– Yeah, I think so. “Time to boo!” Since these guys liked it so much… We hated it. I’m gonna say no. You can do it again for them. Good bye. Hey, wait, Simon! Dude, they’re like a whole tone- not even a semitone! They’re a tone off! Wow… – It’s like beginner recorder class again.
– Wow… That’s actually a talent. Not… I just realised like… he’s a teacher. Yeah. Would you want your kids learning from… Give it up! Ay, wait, wait, wait, wait! A. He’s playing out of tune. B. He’s stripping on stage. – Why did they have to-
– Sexual jokes on stage. – Yeah, why did they have to sexualise it for the sake of-
– Sexual jokes on stage. – Yeah, why did they have to sexualise it for the sake of-
– Art. I mean, I don’t know how much art there was, but… – Claiming to be art, and then sexualizing it. It’s like-
– Yeah, all the- Yeah, that would- Like after all these freaking fake TV stuff that we’ve seen already with the dubbing and stuff, that just looks so scripted. One of the first things she asked during the interviews, “Did you know Terry also plays the flute?” I heard… maybe something like that. You heard in the flautist streets- The director was the one that told him “You know what? Terry also plays the flute.” “Cos he’s gonna come on stage with you,” – “and you gotta strip.”
– Yeah… You know why else I think it’s scripted? The other guy did not react at all when Terry took the flute. Ay, wait, wait, wait, wait! He was like “Oh, I actually just com-” – Yeah.
– “Time to compare now.” – They obviously rehearsed this before.
– Yeah, yeah. Oh, but we never really know, do we? I hate to be roasting in such hot summer weather. But I’m feeling the temperature go up to freaking- 100 degrees. 500 in the oven. Over a tHoUsAnD!! Let’s go to the next one. My name is Patrizio Ratto, and I’m a classical pianist from Italy. Classical pianist from Italy. Maybe this might be more legit. Yeah, I’m… I… I went- I go… yeah. I’ve never seen America’s Got Talent put a clip of someone being that nervous. There’s something behind this! Hmm… – Something suspicious.
– Hmm… As a child, I was very quiet and shy. So my mother put me on piano class. – Painting him-
– You know, painting him as a quiet and shy piano guy. Are you playing an original song? No, it’s classical music. – Okay.
– Wow. Yes. “What do you play?” “Classical music.” “Pffrrrhrrhrrr…” Either Simon is actually just that much of a douchebag, Even if you hate a genre of music, you don’t go – “Pfrrrrhrrrhr…”
– Yeah, I know. Or, maybe the director asked him to do that. – Yeah, just… “Simon, play your character.”
– Just maybe. – Don’t- Yeah, let’s just keep going.
– Nah, just- *yawn* WHAT!!? ♪ All around me are familiar- ♪ And they had to put the audio in that as well. *yawn* Did they like, mic him specifically as well? Or like- Why would you portray classical music like that? Look, even if you thought classical music was boring, – or if you’re just tired.
– Yeah, you don’t- It doesn’t happen within 10 seconds of starting. – And the cameraman doesn’t have a fully zoomed-in…
– I know. placed shot that’s not moving, and just catch 1 out of the 2000 people in the audience that just happened to yawn. What are the chances? Ah, keep it together! Why kick the piano stool!? – Aw, poor pianists watching this.
– Sacrilege! Sorry, the pianists- piianists that are watching this. What is going on?! You know what’s going on, Terry. – Stop faking it.
– Yeah. Why do they all have to like… strip? There’s something about stripping that people just love. Yeah, that’s right! Just kidding. Hahaha, just kidding! DON’T standing ova… – Did they literally just give him a standing ovation for it?
– I know. His dance is pretty cool. I don’t know how to do that, and I can see he put time in it, but- – You could’ve just danced.
– You just do the dancing, it’s fine. Why do you have to portray classical music like *yawn* – And then now robot dance… Standing ovation!
– And then… and the robot- “Wow!” Yeah, there’s nothing against the guy. Like his- the dance is fine. I actually like it. If he just did that, it will be cool. What we’re not happy with this is just how the show always needs to dish dirt on classical music. – The flute.
– Okay. “Oh, Grieg is not good enough.” – But if you strip and play freaking…
– Yeah. I don’t know. – Hiphop, then he’s good. Yeah.
– then people will start liking it, guys. Whoa! – What happened to this guy being like shy and nervous?
– All shy… I think it’s- I- Yeah, that was- definitely was planned. – Remember that we said there was a reason?
– Yeah. Dude, look at him! He’s not shy at all! He’s a confident dude! And now they cheer after the dance, it’s like I’m so triggered. Brett, I’m so triggered! I know it’s just a video, but… Nah, calm down! AMaZInG! I’m starting to see a formula for America’s Got Talent. Start with classical music… Make fun of it. It’s boring, it’s depressing. And then switch it up with something with like backing track. And something sexual. Body movements, dancing, and some form of taking clothes off. Hey guys. I… I, I’m a musician. What? I just wanna make one point before we go into our last 2 videos. It’s not to say that they aren’t talented people on the show. And we’re not bagging out the contestants. It’s clear they don’t really care – about talent, actual talent,
– Mhm. but more just about views and entertainment. I mean, okay, yeah, we want views as well. But like, the whole point is America’s got talent, you want to portray talent to people. Why are you trying to shame this type of music? And it’s also sad cos it kind of subcommunicates the message that as an artist, your art is not enough unless you strip or… And again, there are like good performances – on America’s Got Talent, so don’t get us wrong, but…
– Yeah. Now we have just 2 short snippets of other cringe material that aren’t music related. – Yeah.
– But we think will further illustrate our point that America’s Got Talent has strayed so far from what its name claims to be. Yeah. – …always so sexualised, man…
– Here we go. Here we go. Simon would’ve hit stop by now if he was the same as the flute guy. Yeah, but obviously- There’s some reason and some weird stuff going on! – Director said don’t hit the stop bottom this time!
– I know. Why are you guys cheering that? My understanding of human psychology and our… all the tours that we’ve been on is… If we were to start stripping, I don’t think our hall would immediately stand up – I know.
– and give us like a standing ovation. – type of-
– Stripping. WHOA!! I mean, I get it like… the narrative they’re trying to say is like in the power of confidence in your own body image. – Yeah, maybe…
– Maybe the thing they’re going for- I don’t know what they’re trying to go for actually. So fake… – Fake as a 24-karat diamond violin.
– So sacrilegious. That moment Simon was like… “Was this 1-million-dollar contract worth selling my soul for?” “AMaZinG!” Golden buzzer!? So planned! “We need some more entertainments!” “Not enough! Talent’s not enough!” “We need something else.” “Hey, how do we get views?” “Maybe if one contestant” – “accidentally gives himself the golden buzzer!”
– Whoa! – Genius!
– Wow, that’s- Did you see Simon’s reaction? I know… He doesn’t do that. Or maybe he’s not even that mean in real life. He’s a nice… just a chill dude. – Yeah.
– It’s all an act. Hmm… Whatever. Point proven. I mean, do whatever you want. I don’t know anymore. I can’t give my opinion. I’m just a classical musician. Leave me alone. – I need to practice.
– What do we know? I need to practice. I need to practice. We’re just two humble musicians. Maybe that’s why we haven’t made it as musicians! We need to go on America’s Got Talent. And… And then strip… – And maybe…
– Oh… No, this is bad. – We need to stop before we commit sacrilege.
– I know. Alright guys, thank you so much for watching. What do you guys think? Comment below. Please subscribe. And remember, geniuses are born… …not created. JUST KIDDING! Practice!

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  1. Ok so I started flute when I was 9, and the first piece that was played, that was literally the first thing I played. Also, I'm 11 now, and play orchestra level shtuff. And they're so out of tune, not in sync, and BIG gasps, and like its horrible and utterly terrible.

  2. There is a YouTuber who was asked to be on these talent shows and he explained what happened behind the scenes of these shows. I’m not trying to promote this YouTube, but check out his video, it’s RonnieOfficial, just search America got talent.

  3. Bruh that "flutist" made me fucking gag. What the fuck. He needs to get a life. Im TRIGGERED bruh stick to teaching you waste of talent.

  4. What if their class kids watched this on the show and then their class said did you strip on stage? and he said no and then the class tells the principle and he gets fired

  5. When you're a flutist yourself.
    1) His angle is horrid.
    2) His tuning is non-existent.
    3)His technique and playing is jsjskdkkdkdkd.

  6. I'm a flautist and I can assure you the guy that stripped was way out of tune. I got second hand embarrassment just from watching that

  7. ok the men are stripping BUT WHY CANT WE SEE GURLS STRIPPING!?!?!

    P.S. this is a joke. Don’t take it srsly pls like another comment I made XD

  8. lol I didn't expect it to be this bad, to make it worse my mom is standing right behind me chopping some veggie, I hope she doesn't turn around XD

  9. I don’t play the piano, but the second guy kept leaning really, really, really far forward when he was playing normally… uh, I’d imagine that’s bad for your back?? Are you supposed to do that?

  10. I play the piano and I can say I never wanted to kick a chair
    P.s can u guys do tutorial for violins I'm trying to learn it

  11. AGT is not fake you dodo birds. The contestants are trying to win a vegas show. You are NOT going to see a classical music show have a run in vegas. They have to create a show around not musical performance ig they want to win. Its all about making a entertaining show to win not necessarily talent. Also the show is not "scripted" you do have to perform in front of a team to even get on the show ( thats why the production team know what you are doing) and they pick the performances to air but the judges really are seeing the performances for the first time.

  12. I'm a flautist. He needs to TUNE HIS FLUTE!!!! And he could definitely keep some clothes on. And his flute is twice or three times the size of a normal flute.

  13. I've noticed they do this with Irish dance as well. As someone who goes to every Irish dance event I can afford to attend, it's ridiculous and sad how much disrespect is shown to such beautiful forms of physical and musical art.

  14. The flute becomes "pole" dancing, piano stool is kicked, uh those instruments are suffers > <
    I'm not someone who can play the piano as smoothly as him (i was okay tho) but at least appreciate the musical instruments, they are tools to make an art, not just for "entertainment" even though this is just entertainment, still can't bear to see musical instruments treated like that :"D

  15. Simon Cowell is the biggest asshole to have ever lived and he doesn’t deserve all this fame and money. Simon, get the fuck out of here

  16. I dont want to be mean or throw shade, but I played Morning Mood on flute better than that guy did when I was in 9th grade ? My teacher kept telling me to think long to not do EXACTLY what he did (he breathes too much, which causes a separation in the sound and he also did it a little to loud ?). He also did the Appoggiatura (I believe thats the word I'm looking for, like a grace note) slow. In the original, it's like a gliss and they arent ment to be played slow. I would hate to be his student.

  17. (guest)
    I could hardly believe the " Fur Elise " act !!!
    It was so banale !!!!
    How dare he abuse that Beautiful music in that way ?!?

  18. Dear Brett and Eddy,
    You never need to go on that banale show !!!
    You are already virtuosos in the music world !
    Please continue with what you are doing ,
    Educating and entertaining : you are SO good !!!

  19. 9 mins, what a travesty ! Using beautiful classical music as a prelude to stripping, and look at the moronic audience !
    Standing up and applauding !
    What ignorant creatures !

  20. The music market hates Classical Music 'cause if people listen to disposable, perishable music, they'll get to sell more and have a higher outcome. Classical Music lasts forever: whenever you buy a record, unless you harm it, you'll not need another one; also Art Music actually takes effort to produce.

  21. Ya know all it takes 1 week for me to play für elise, pretty easy stuff and not much talent, if you want to show talent, fuse torrent, moonlight 3rd movement and a maybe Rachmanioff’s Piano concerto and blast all that talent to the judges
    Random pianist

    (1 like for 1 respect for that poor stool)

  22. That 'flautist' was breathy as fuck and I-

    How does he not even understand phrasing??? If you're going to play a slow piece, work on your breathing, goddamn. And y'all covered the tone omg

  23. I play the flute, and that flute sounds weird. I'm not an expert, but it does not sound correct I can'ttell whats wrong, but it does not sound good. And what the heck is he doing?! Are you a flautist or a stripper. If you put all that "Oh I'm amazing at the flute!" Out there actually play the darn flute! Jesus christ.

  24. "I've been a pianist my hole life and I love The piano and I'm gonna play the piano!!!"

    proceded to dance extremely well


  25. I was about leaving a message about" Stop slapping yourselves!"
    While the TEACHER taking his clothes off….
    I'm slapping myself right now…

  26. Plot twist: maybe the pianist could play more impressive pieces, but toned it down to Fur Elise, knowing the reaction he would get from the judges and the audience… but yeah, he shouldn't call himself "a classical pianist" and then pull out beginner pieces :/

  27. Years ago they decided to put a burlesque dancer on the show in the UK and actually went out to hunt for one. And found one. Every year the production team send their interns out to hunt for acts they think wld fit on their show. They don't keep lists of people who have repeatedly turned them down. So performers with 20 or more years experience and real careers get again and again harassed by that show.
    And that stripping thing is so mainstream now. I have been told to get my kit off before I even opened my mouth. This explains why.

  28. 9:29 to 9:35 Eddy sound like a teacher when giving their own opinion or targets(targets are when teachers give someone what they need to improve)

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