/whois Thorin [xplayn]ed

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  1. What a wonderful interview, and how interesting to learn about your part in onGamers. I will definitely give your twitter a follow and try keep up with any future content.

  2. great interview and insight. Random note, i'd love to know how your monitor is set up in comparison to where you are. It has me literally mind fucked me past the first hour of the interview for some reason

  3. I don’t know who these guys are, how I stumbled across this video, or why I decided to watch it. But as a person who played CS competitively so long ago it wasn’t known yet as “1.6”, I really enjoyed the listen. Well done.

  4. this interview is really great, packed with intrigue and expert analysis of literally the entire history of Western eSports… needs more publicity or something because the content itself is great but doesn't correspond with the viewcount tbh

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