Who are your Fantasy G3 Guitarists? – NattetTime Ep#5

Good evening everybody, and welcome to episode 5 of Nattertime. A lighthearted show designed for you to interact, debate, submit questions, videos, artwork, animal carcasses and more.
So, let’s begin. Woo!!. Riff off. We begin we a guitar battle riff off.
Which one of these gloriously heavy Buckethead riffs gets you more juiced? Vote above. Click the (i) On Blast So every now and then, you just wanna pull out that rusty sledge and bury it in the back of someones cranium. Here’s todays on blast Buckethead hater. “he should lose the bleeping bucket for sure. Enough with the bucket! Its not cool at all, creeps me out. I won’t listen to anyone playing music with a mask and bucket on their head. Give up the bucket BS already, for F sake” blah, blah, blah. In response to this loser, here’s our good friend, Detective John Kimble Fuck you, asshole. Question of the day. Todays question of the day is, Who are your fantasy G3 guitarists? For those who don’t know G3 is the name given to a concert tour that’s been around since 1995. Regularly featuring some of the most well-known guitarists from satriani to vai to yngwie and many more. So, who is your fantasy G3? If any three guitarists, alive or dead, could tour the world right now, who would it be and why? For me, I have to go with Buckethead, Shawn Lane and Jimmy Page. GOATS. But what about you guys? Let us know your fantasy G3 in the comments below. Horror showdown. Todays horror showdown is…Halloween Vs Texas Chainsaw. Both are 1970’s classics, both are gloriously nasty, and both have inspired guitar hero Buckethead in one way or another. For me, even though john carpenter is one of my favourite directors of all time, Texas chainsaw is just that little bit nastier, and gets my vote. (Vote above. Click the (i).
But what about you guys, Halloween or Texas Chainsaw? Poll results. In the results from episode 4, almost 50% of you said that Buckethead’s White Les Paul is his coolest ever guitar, just beating out the KFC KV2. And In the Bucketheadland vs Bucketheadland 2 album battle, 70% of you agreed that Bucketheadland 1 is that little bit better. Community spotlight. Todays community spotlight is on:- Douglas at Drowned Boy Cosplay. If you’re fan of masks, unboxings, Buckethead or elbow drops, then Drowned boy is the place for you. With over 200 videos the channel is packed full of content, including an excellent vlog about seeing buckethead live and a Buckethead unboxing with a cameo by yours truly. A great channel run by a cool down to earth guy. You can find the link to his channel in the description below. So get over there ya bunch of slobbies. So, I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed today’s episode. Remember to like, comment, share and subscribe. Kiss your grandma. And I’ll see you next time, woo!!

52 Replies to “Who are your Fantasy G3 Guitarists? – NattetTime Ep#5

  1. What's up slobbies! Woo!!
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  2. • “Magua’s Scalp” ??
    • My G3 Fantasy Lineup:
    Eddie Van Halen
    John 5
    Buckethead ??
    • Movie: Halloween ??
    * I heard John 5 say in an interview he would love to do a G3 with Buckethead and Guthrie Govan.

  3. My fantasy G3 Buckethead, George Lynch , Ace Frehley . All 3 are incredibly influential & dynamic in their own right. Giant Robot, Mr Scary & the Spaceman …. enough said wooo

  4. I am exactly like you with the G3 right now. I like the bucket and mask like an Art. But would make no difference. Its the riffage I dig. Woo!

  5. Just sayin..Why doesn't Michael Angelo Batio ever make it into these list ? P.S. I'll skip the Grandma part ☢️ but Woo anyway ?

  6. Definitely Whirlibird, and Halloween for me.
    My g3 lineup would be Buckethead, Shawn Lane and Allan Holdsworth no question! And that elbow drop at the end was the cherry on top of this video brother, woo!

  7. Stevie Ray Vaughn/BB King/Buckethead//Jimi Hendrix/Jimmy Page/Angus Young/Billy Gibbons/Ted Nugent/Carlos Santana/Maybe you have a guitar Face off to get down to my best three! CJ

  8. Dream G3 would have to be Buckethead, Shawn Lane, and Dimebag. If only Dime and Shawn were still alive to make it happen ?

  9. My G3: Bucket, Paul and Yngwie. Would be absolutely insane imho, they all get together very well from what I know and they all know to play both soulfully and shred your fucking face off!

  10. A lot of people are choosing fellow shredders but I'd let Buckethead handle those duties and put him with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Adam Jones. That would be an interesting combo. If I want to melt my face off with insane shredding I guess make it Ron Jarzombek and Christopher Arp, maybe Mick Barr. Full experimental would be Agata from Melt-Banana and Nick Reinhart, or Igor Ogogo if he was still alive. Nels Cline is also majorly underrated but he can do it all.

  11. Whirlibiiirrrdddd, and that's a super tough question ? 2 of my favs, but I went with Texas Chainsaw Massacre but it's a tie for me irl. G3 would be Buckethead, Josh Slunk, and John 5 ??? I hope that happens someday soon!! ???

  12. Riff: Magula's Scalp (I thought my phone went off when the "pieeeeceeeees" clip played, cause that's my notification tone"

    G3: Buckethead, Jarred Dines, Stevie T (that would be both amazing and HILARIOUS)

    Horror: Halloween cause chainsaws scare me far too much. XD

    This is a cool idea, please keep Nattertime coming! WOO!

  13. I agree with John Kimball, and Natter on the guitarists, with one minor struggle between Page and Gilmour for #3 great vid as usual, Woo !

  14. My G3 are Buckethead, Alex Lifeson, and Slash. In my opinion, Lifeson is one of those underrated guitarists that not too many mention. Well done, my friend!

  15. Actually, it seems the music industry as a whole is not conducive to true artist/ musicians. That being said, There is so much undiscovered talent out there, it would be great to see established artist letting some undiscovered player tag along. Buckethead is awesome letting Oscar on stage a few times. There is a young man in Australia named Robert Spurling who not only is a great (modest) player but a great song writer. I think his music is very compatible with Buckethead's. Saw Dweezil Zappa bring Jacob Deraps on stage as well. Like to see Buckethead play with Satriani

  16. if joe does another g3 i would love for it to be joe satriani steve vai and buckethead the show would be insane. the jam with all three of them at the end would be legendary

  17. omg what a question …. mmh.. I would love to see Buckethead and John 5. together, but i choose , Buckethead + Andrew Bordoni and Mr. Fastfinger

  18. Guthrie Govan, Paul Gilbert, and obviously Buckethead for my fantasy G3.

    And come on… Magua’s Scalp. Not even close!

  19. Halloween themed G3. Joe Satriani, Buckethead, & John5. For the infamous encore they can play White Zombie, Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper covers. it a hit n work since be short 2 or 3 month tour in n around Halloween.

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