Which Technique Is Best?

Hey Brian Johns of Bamboo Spirit Martial
Arts! Tonight we’re gonna discuss the appropriate technique that you could
pull off. I was recently asked the question of
how do you know when to execute the palis palis or the high palis
palis or the abanico corto? How do you know? My answer is it depends on
the angle of attack. So let’s illustrate this. So Alex is
going to give me angle one. So when this comes, I can do two different
techniques here. I can do abanico corto from here or I could do high
palis palis to here. It’s very difficult for me to pull off the
standard palis palis because for for one thing, I have to reach all the
way over here in order to pull this off. I wouldn’t do a standard palis palis
from angle one especially if this is aimed right at your head.
I think it’s much more efficient to do high palis palis which is
straight up from here to here behind the stick. And you finish. Or you can do
abanico corto. Here to here. Okay, now what happens when the attack comes at
angle three. About right here, okay. This is a game of inches.
Where Alex is right now, I would do palis palis. Here. I wouldn’t do
high palis palis because one of the risk of doing this is it’s gonna come
into your face right here. I wouldn’t do that. Can I do abanico corto? Well, it
depends on the angle of attack. If he’s down here, I’m not gonna do abanico
corto. But if he’s up by about 2 or 3 inches, yeah maybe I’ll do abanico
corto if I bend my knees and lower my center of gravity to here. It depends on
the angle of attack. That’s what we talk about in Filipino
Martial Arts all the time. What you do depends on the angle
of attack. Now, if he gives me a nine obviously, I can’t do abanico corto or
high palis palis right here. There’s only one choice, among the three that
we’re talking about and there are other options. And that would be palis
palis. Let’s do that again. You have this here. Boom! Abanico Corto and
high palis palis is not going to work. So it takes time to
recognize the angle of attack especially when it’s determined just by mere inches,
especially right here at the middle right here. If it’s down here like about elbow
level, yeah – palis palis. If it’s higher, you can possibly pull off abanico
corto. You can do palis palis from here. But down here now so
much. Abanico Corto is to…. it’s too much work to get under. Okay? So we go
slow and when he comes up high – yeah abanico corto or high palis
palis. Or if he comes to the middle, this could be palis palis. If he
comes up a little higher, you can do abanico corto. If he comes
and tries to strike you at nine, you can do palis palis. So what you
do is determined by the angle of attack. I hope that clears it up for you.
If you have any questions, please put them in the comment below. If you haven’t
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