Whatta Town! – Self Defense w/ Mickael Serfati

The Big Apple is pretty safe today,. But it’s still New York City. To teach us some self defense, I contacted my friend, Mickael Serfati, who’s a ten-time French karate champion. And he’s also visiting the city. Let’s talk to him. AAAYYYYEEEE!!! Come on, Tom. I’m just kidding Funny guy. Ha. Mickael took me to Goshen Ryu Karate studio in Brooklyn to teach me how to kick some serious ass. But I was also excited to teach him about New York You know there was only 278 murders in New York last year, which is way less than– Oh no, please Tom. No facts. OK. So how do we get started? First you got to get dressed. Okay, get ready. KIYAAAHHH!!! Whoa! Wait, where are my clothes? Okay, you look good now get ready we’re gonna start okay, I hope you’re ready. Okay, great. Uh, but seriously Where where where are my clothes? Despite is indifference to New York history, I impressed Mickael with an early workout to get him to open up about karate and himself. So New Yorkers can be kind of mouthy, what happens if someone in the street starts yelling at you or provoking you? First thing I don’t want to fight because because if we are in a fight, we can have legal issue if we hit or punch or kick it can be considered a lethal weapon. So we don’t want to fight, OK? Hey you dumb mother*&%^ Piece of **&%. Dumb *&^% stupid *&%^ I’m from France, I’m from Paris Eat my *&^% You s*&^% Ugh, Gerard Depardieu *&^%$ If my mother&^$% *&^$^ Piece of *&^%$ Eat my *&$^##% You old Pret a Manger Canteloupa! *&^%$ Eat my *&*^ Go Yanks!!! Oh man, look I don’t want any trouble, ok? Bye bye. Go Knicks too! So you’re also a stuntman? Yep, I’ve been a stuntman in two movies. Two French movies. Two big French movies. Mission Impossible? No, French movies! It’s uh, you wouldn’t know the name, I wouldn’t say- Terminator 2? No, not yet. I think I’ll be in Terminator 20 maybe. But not yet. I hope to be in Terminator 20 myself! You’ll be the main actor and I’d be your stunt man. Yeah there you go! After the initial introduction it was time to learn how to fight Mickael taught me a lot of techniques but more importantly, how to apply them in the real world. So you want me to hit the dummy? Yes Est-il sérieux? So let’s say someone attacks you with a weapon, okay? And New York City is an international city. I mean 36% of New York City is actually foreign born– Oh no, Tom! No! Please, no facts. I told you. Okay. Well it is so… let’s say the person who attacks you is a Parisian. Okay. So is there something karate teaches to help you defend against that? Yeah, I know what I would do. Hey, give me all your euros. Okay, so first I’m gonna try to avoid the fight. No. Okay. One blocking here first then a little step behind to be safe. My here is free. So I’m gonna use it! Sacre bleu! So that was amazing, thank you so much for having us here – yeah No, thanks to you for receiving me on your Youtube channel. Well have a safe trip back to Paris. Thank you very much, Merci! Yeah, merci, merci! Well, you know Paris was actually home to the largest building in the world until– Tom!! I said no facts, come on! AYYYYEEE!!!! No facts. Got it. Hey, so what happened to my clothes? Oh forget about it.

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