What’s In the Trending EP.2 – pseudo kung fu

Hi guys, just just practicing a bit of kungfu. For those of you that don’t remember
this series – oh that’s my e-begging alarm right like and turn on
bloody notifications for the majority of you who haven’t seen the
last episode of this series I kind of opened up the trending tab and watched the
most abysmal videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube on a quick side note when you
search for trending on Google it’s actually the first thing that comes up
on the on the entirety of Google yeah it’s even worse than the last time it’s
worse than the last time if you can believe that
aspects of escape let’s see what this is my bag collection sold
out and a photoshoot at LA what else have we got
yes okay we have found we found the most interesting video in the entire trending
it is Stephen Fry announcement you maniac Bastardly turd I would rather
drink stale urine from Norman Fowler’s arse spit than remain one moment more in your
defiling company yes beautiful thank you thank you thank you Stephen Fry for
for blessing the trending tab whoa look creator create creator on The rise
creator on on the entirety of YouTube that’s about it I guess I’m just going to
leave it at that um yeah turn on bloo…

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