Whatever Happened To Steven Seagal?

The savviest movie stars give the people what
they want. And in the late ’80s, the people wanted a
sort-of-mystical, stone-faced martial arts expert with a ponytail—in other words, Steven
Seagal. “I have something in my pocket right now,
to completely clear up that bruise on your forehead.” “What bruise?” “Ah!” “That bruise.” He ruled the box office for years with huge
hits like Hard to Kill, Above the Law, and Under Siege, but tastes change and eventually,
he faded from movie star prominence. So what ever happened to Steven Seagal? He Still Makes Lots Of Movies Seagal’s contract with Warner Bros. ended
with the release of the environmentally-themed thriller Fire Down Below in 1997. “Cracked my wood, that’s no good.” He still makes action movies, though, it’s
just that most of them have gone straight to DVD or streaming. In fact, Seagal has churned out more than
30 movies in the last two decades, with awesome titles like Urban Justice, Out for a Kill,
and Half Past Dead. Awesome. “We got a problem.” “How do I look?” “Like a big fat prom queen.” Two Cop Shows: One Real, One Fake In the late ’80s, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
Sheriff Harry Lee asked Seagal to train his force in martial arts, eventually enlisting
Seagal as a reserve deputy. In 2009, Seagal’s side gig became the basis
for a reality show on A&E called Steven Seagal: Lawman. “This is not good.” It was similar to COPS, except that Steven
Seagal was there, which had to be really weird for the criminals. “Steven Seagal! My wife loves you. I don’t like you, but my wife loves you!” Sadly, Seagal reportedly resigned from the
force after he found himself the subject of an internal affairs investigation that, according
to the Phoenix New Times, sought to uncover the truth about “allegations of — ———– and
—— ——-.” But in 2011, Seagal used the lemons life gave him to make lemonade
with the action series True Justice, which he created and starred in as Elijah Kane,
head of an elite undercover Seattle task force. It ran for 26 episodes on the network Reelz
before being canceled. Entrepreneur From 1999 to 2007, Seagal owned a 995-acre
lavender farm in northern California where he grew the raw materials for Diamond Lotus
Essentials, a line of “therapeutic oils,” and he currently owns an estate in California’s
Santa Ynez Valley, where he grows Cabernet grapes that he then sells to other wineries. “You’ve done well.” Plus, there’s Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt,
a line of canned energy drinks that was proudly marketed as the first of its kind to contain
“Tibetan Goji Berries” and “Asian Cordyceps.” “It’s good to be the king isn’t it? And guess what, this could happen to you,
if you drank Lightning Bolt.” Real Life Drama Seagal has been married four times. His third and most prominent marriage was
with another nostalgic icon, model and actress Kelly LeBrock, most famous for being the dream
woman created by teen scientists in Weird Science. Seagal and LeBrock divorced in 1996 after
he reportedly had an affair with their nanny, and she got pregnant. In 2009, he married his personal assistant,
Erdenetuya Batsukh, but a year later, another of Seagal’s former personal assistants, Kayden
Nguyen, sued Seagal for $1 million, alleging he harassed and abused her. Those allegations were corroborated by two
other female ex-employees who alleged similar treatment by the actor, but the suit was dropped
later in the year. Missed Opportunities In 2007, Seagal’s pal Jackie Chan is rumored
to have suggested that Seagal play the villain in Rush Hour 3. After that fell through, in 2010 Sylvester
Stallone offered Seagal a part in the action flick The Expendables, which was chock full
of 80’s action heroes. Seagal refused, though, due to a feud with
one of the film’s producers, and missed out on what would have been one of the biggest
hits of his career. World Citizen Bizarrely, two of Seagal’s friends are Buddhist
spiritual leader the Dalai Lama…and Russian president Vladimir Putin, with whom Seagal
is especially close. “He is one of the greatest world leaders if
not the greatest world leader alive today.” In addition, Seagal gained citizenship in
Serbia in January 2016 after offering to set up a martial arts studio there…to go along
with his blues concerts. (Steven Seagal plays the blues) He probably wouldn’t be able to live in Serbia,
however, if he followed through on his plans to someday run for governor of Arizona. “I think our biggest problem is open borders.” Sorry, Steven. Not every problem can be solved by kicking. “Ow!” Or whatever this is. (Steven Seagal plays the blues…again) Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch
more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let us know which
Steven Seagal movie is your favorite, aw ya!

99 Replies to “Whatever Happened To Steven Seagal?

  1. I like his movies.

    This comment is only intended to see how many people will replay with rage telling me how horrible I am.

  2. A talented martial artist named Steven Seagal made a name for himself by doing action films. He died, and now some lying weird fatass has assumed his name and identity. This fat imposter needs to be stopped!

  3. why is everyone hating on segal i always liked his.movies i mean im an actor and a better actor than him and i study bjj i realize tjats better for fighting in strwet than akido bit is he tjat bad of a guy or all u loaer juat talling crap cauae u thinm hes a doche i dont see one nice comment wtf 😲

  4. Segal knows his aikido, but has lied about his early training and associations.
    Aikido is limited compared to a lot of later developed defense systems, and it can be dangerous if people misuse it- you learn to throw people, sometimes by controlling their head- an aggressive asshole could kill someone using the techniques.
    That being said, and although I truly think this guy is a compulsive liar- he has succeeded in business in a lot of ways, and I’m sure he doesn’t much care what any of us think.

  5. I was a huge steven seagal fan and now he's changed so much moving to Russia I mean what America aint good enough for you anymore

  6. You guys can say all you want about Seagals martial art skills. But the way he beat the living shit out of his ex wife is a true testament to his skills…

  7. I can't look at Seagal without thinking about Gene LeBell chocking him out until he shit himself, lol! Really Happened! Look it up 🙂

  8. What happend? he took a politician position against democrats and obama and he was pull out of the industry, destroyed by mainstream media and youtubers. even if he never was a good actor. but he was treated has a liar and a ox

  9. What happened?…Oh,he just molested and abused dozens of women,paid them to keep quiet and moved to russia where it's pretty much legal to bang young girls.

  10. Seagul is a 8th Dan Of Masturbating Art Master. He has he Great Masturbation Art Dojo and he also a World heavyweight Mastubater Champions.

  11. I know what happened he got fat lazy everybody says that he's old I know what an 80 year old man that's ripped to shreds stays in shape works out has worked out most of his life and it's one of the he's got a body of a 20 year old there's no excuse for the age thing that's just typical for old bastards to say they can't stay in shape because it's just an excuse that's what happened to him he got fat and doesn't care

  12. Hard To Kill Marked For Death Out For Justice & The Glimmer Man Are My All Time Favorite Steven Seagal Movies

  13. Hes over weight old and a compulsove liar . Why wud anyone think he is a role modle. He may have bèen a good martial artist years ago but i think he should hang his coat up and just retire from the public eye completely

  14. I really couldn't care less what the fuck happened to him. He's a burned out memory. Still his work from the 80s and 90s are still great.

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