What type of Cobra would you rather be? | Cobra Kai

(rock music) (high tempo music) – What the hell happened here? – Looks like sensei
threw a party. – Must have been pretty
sick if fire got involved. (chattering) (shouts) – The dojo is closed
to new students today. – We just wanted to sign up
after we saw the tournament. – Do you want me to
say it again? Get out. – Yes sir…sensei. C’mon, let’s go. – Let’s go, move it.
Come back tomorrow. And bring your check books. – Everyone, fall in. – Must have been a rager Sensei. – Yeah, were you
celebrating all weekend? – Celebrating what? My students are a
bunch of pussies? Diaz, Hawk! Up front. (suspense music) – Hawk, did you attack
your opponent when his back was turned? – Yes Sensei – Diaz, did you purposely
attack your opponent’s injury? – Yes Sensei. Do you think that
makes you badass? What’s the matter?
Too tough a question? Maybe you need some help, Miss Robertson! – [Miss Robertson] Yes Sensei! – Two cobras in the jungle,
one kills the strongest lion, the other kills
a cripple monkey, which cobra do you want to be? – The one that kills
the lion Sensei. – And why is that? – Because it killed
the stronger animal. – Correct. Cobra Kai is about being badass. And the baddest badass is the
one that beats his opponent when his at his strongest. Not when his back is turned. Not when his injured. Is that understood? (in unison) Yes Sensei. – That means no more cheating. No more fighting dirty. From here on out,
those are pussy moves and you don’t want to
be pussies, do you? (in unison) No Sensei. – Good, that’s why I had
you wear your white belts. You’re starting over. Diaz, Hawk. 50 Push
ups on your knuckles. Miss Robertson, warm them up. – [Miss Robertson] Yes Sensei. Fighting position,
jab punch, ready? Eya (in unison) Eya (upbeat rock music)

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  1. Reminds me of how I play Dark Souls. I see dark souls as a game you grow into. Starters to dark souls may farm.. sewer rats for humanities, sewer slime for weapon reinforcement rocks, kite creatures for stamina leaves. As you get better you can learn to fight leaches in Blight Town with a pole arm weapon!! Oh for a real challenge don't attack Chaos Eaters IF you don't have to! I finally defeated the Wandering Demon without using humanities. Hint need help learning to fight. Get the stone knight armor to practice sparing with the Capera demon!! Armor is located in the forest at a building with a smiling cat in it. Descend some stairs in this building and a chest with armor is off to the right someplace. This armor is NOT effective against a lot of other fighters. I don't think dark souls gives out easy breaks that would allow you to breeze through the game. Dark Knights pole arm may have made quick work of the bell tower gargoyles but it sure was NO hot knife through butter with the Wandering Demon.

  2. Why was this in my recommended?


    youtube, please don't remove this comment just because of that

  3. Now this the the cobra kai Johnny should be teaching. Being badass, but still fighting fair and with respect. (Good thing it was Robby that got injured, cause if it had been someone else, who knows if Johnny would've let what they did slide.)

    Hoping he'll do better this time and knock some more sense into them cause Johnny at least has good intentions with using the cobra kai methods. Kreese will only repeat what he did before. Also hoping these kids don't turn their backs on Johnny. Though, from the official trailer, it seems like Hawk could be headed that way.

    Can't wait for S2!

  4. Johnny is one of those characters you can never pinpoint. One minute he is acting like his old self, the next minute he is trying to be someone better and teaching that to his students. He's improving himself only to allow himself and others to break him back down. It's almost as if Daniel brings out the worst in him and only when Daniel is out of the picture, Johnny starts to progress. This truly is an excellent character study and what really makes this version of The Karate Kid, this sequel, so to speak, stand out. It's stellar writing, stellar acting, and just an excellent setup that really does make you question what side are you on?

  5. A real predator preys on his enemies' weakness. Johnny's son shouldn't have turned his back to the enemy, shouldn't have shown his weakness. Shouldn't have fought if he couldn't. Life isn't fair.
    Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy.

  6. This is like comedy… It's like the whole cast of glee woke up this morning and decided ' let's be hardcore today!'

  7. I hate to admit it, but this whole show is a giant cringefest. Sorry to have to point out that the emperor is naked, but someone needed to do it.

  8. wrong move Johnny, undermining your own student's accomplishment in winning the tournament. Now i see why some of his students aligned with Kreese.

  9. I like Johnny’s direction he’s going with in the Cobra ? Kai. Fight your opponent at his strongest.. way to go Johnny.. fair fight

  10. I just love when they drag a couple of senior citizens out of the closet and try to pass them off as entertainment. God doesn't the movie industry have anybody left with some fresh ideas? All the seem to do is eat old ideas and spit out new garbage.

  11. With the mall fight that was in the trailer, Im thinking
    Kreese will get half the students to join him with Hawk and that girl as his main students, Johnny will have Miguel by his side with the other half ( I cant imagine miguel of all people leaving johnny) Daniel with his students to make a 3 way war pretty much. Most likely the kreese cobras will attack daniels students and daniel will automatically think it was johnny's cobras

  12. I saw the Looks of Miguel and Hawk in this a little bit different : Miguel looks guilty, sad, angry and a little bit disappointed of himself meanwhile Hawk looks more and more full of Hatred at Johnny and that could be from the Looks of the latest Trailer be the Turning Point why Kreese will get so easily in his Head : Miguel will probably be avoiding Johnny for a few Time when he founds out that his Son is the One who steals his Girlfriend : (atleast in his Mind) but I'm pretty sure Johnny & Miguel will reunite at the End of the Season and perhaps leave Cobra Kai together at the End and starting a new "Father & Son" Relationship outside of Cobra Kai

  13. 2:31 it's not fighting position if they're being thought not to observe weaknesses, this is not fight training, any fight worth fighting for should be done with the intent of victory, not winning with honor so you can feel good about yourself.

  14. Am i right in thinkin the sensai is the dude who laruso fights at the end of the original? The one he crane kicks?

  15. I predict that they'll eventually talk it out in the end without needing to get into a massive karate fight.

  16. ..please don't go with the Karate Kid narrative, Cobra Kai is about Johnny, and let's keep it about him. Slowly making him the bad guy and the other guy good, will just spoil this show!!!

  17. I have tried many times to watch this stuff and it boggles my mind why this is so popular…it’s on par with Pool Boy!

  18. Kinda sad how LaRusso is not seeing his progress of balance. He knew that it wasn't Johnny's fault how he was taught back then.

  19. Listen I know Jane Torvill left you, but you need to take your blood pressure meds and go for a walk before your nap. your acting career has stagnated for 30 years plus, and you've already been exposed in the mid 80's as a bully boy.

  20. I love when johnny lawrence says quiet It's the best thing ever and by the way I absolutely love hawk's hair It's so freakin' badass❤️?️♥️??

  21. Johnny: 2 cobras at home one cobra is cheap so he didn’t buy YouTube red (premium)
    The other bought YouTube red (premium) and watched all cobra kai seasons
    Which cobra u wanna be?

    Pay to play
    Lay the pay

  22. I wanna be a spitting cobra because they get better range with their venom and can spit venom into the eye of the opponent and blind him.

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