What is Buckethead’s Coolest Guitar? – NatterTime Ep#4

Good evening everybody, and welcome to episode 4 of Nattertime. A light hearted show designed for you to interact, debate, submit questions, videos, artwork, bodily fluids and more. So, let’s begin. Woo!!. Album Battle Todays album battle is…Bucketheadland vs Bucketheadland 2. Two very different albums, both classics and both tip the scales when it comes to weirdness. For me personally, although Bucketheadland 2 feels like a delightful theme park on steroids, I have to go with the one that started it all, Bucketheadland. (VOTE Above) But what about you guys, Bucketheadland or Bucketheadland 2? On Blast. Now it might surprise you to know that the world is full of a lot of dumb people, who say a lot of dumb things. Especially when it comes to something they know nothing about. So today’s ‘on blast’ goes to this cherry picking numb nuts who had this to say about our guitar hero, Buckethead “Everyone is sucking off his cloud. Buckethead sucks sorry. For all you urban yuppies he is the Shit. LMAO same people like Britney Spears. Go figure. Look around your town of Studio City. You are a minority and no one will hire you. Stupid asses”. Salty much? In response, here’s our good friend, Arnold… Fuck you, asshole! In the results from episode 3, 80% of you agreed with myself and AJ good that Buckethead’s best bucket, is the classic KFC with Funeral sticker. And In the Colma vs Electric Tears album battle, 63% of you wrongly said that Colma is better than Electric Tears. How very dare you. Question of the Day Todays question of the day is, Which one of Buckethead’s guitars is the coolest? And forget about the sound, for this question, just like todays music industry, it’s all about looks. So we’ve got the white Les Paul (signature or studio), the Coopwood Y2KV, the ESP Air Jordan, the Rocket Roll 550 or the KFC KV2. For me, it has to be the iconic looking KFC guitar but what about you guys? Which Buckethead guitar rules the roost? (VOTE Above) Community Spotlight So each episode I’ll be shining a light on someone who’s video, channel, social media or anything else, that I feel deserve a mention. And todays spotlight is on:- The Buckethead Experience. If you’re a guitar enthusiast who’s looking for buckethead backing tracks, then the buckethead experience is the place to go. They have almost a hundred high quality backing tracks, which all are easily downloadable at the click of a button. You can find their website and other social media in the links below. So get chicken pickin ya bunch of slobbies. So, I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed today’s episode. Remember to like, comment, share and subscribe. And I’ll see you next time, Woo!!.

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  1. Get voting ya slobbies. Woo!!
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