96 Replies to “What is an Omoplata? BJJ How-to Tutorial

  1. This guy is stoned as fuck look at his eyes lol……."let's get high and do some fight tips for the underdogs maan".
    Maybe I'm just high lol
    Keep it up love the vids

  2. I hope she keeps making videos. Her attention to detail in her explanations is excellent. She's good at explaining or demonstrating how to be efficient in your movements. Like when she grabs the side of the opponent to help pull her self around. Those little movements add up to a big deal.

  3. Where did you get those mats dude? Those look nice. Also great video. Very informative. She did a great job of explaining and demonstrating everything.

  4. Bro, i got some questions. i had sent you an dm in. you told that you can't find my message, check on your replied messages. Or search for my ID, it's ||_punit_||

  5. Anyone else thought that she was a he in the thumbnail? Either way thanks for sharing & teaching Madam!

  6. How do you build calluses on knuckles? I built my bones up so I can bare knuckle box, but my skin keeps getting shredded on my canvas bag, how do I fix that?

  7. Conspiracy theory tine, the glasses are because she got punched in the face after she did the video, and then they film the intro and outro.

  8. which gym does erin train/teach at?! im curios to know which gym she is affiliated with. she obviously knows her stuff based off of the videos you've done with her

  9. Omaplata is the thing that makes Joe Rogan scream from the top of his lungs and possibly kill his mind lol whenever he sees anyone attempting to somewhat do something similar to the omaplata he will die

  10. Hey! man, Why did you stop making boxing tutorial series?,Your boxing head movement tutorial was just amazing!..Why don't you make the same video on countering those punches with time?.Because i practice what you teach! & i'm waiting!.Bro!.

  11. Shane did her feet smell? Btw enjoyed the video and this is one of the most used bjj moves it’s good in many different ways if you can find them

  12. Shane bro! Which martial arts should i start first before joining an ufc gym can u plz answer my question?

  13. I've been self training my self for about 6 months now ( im not very good ) could someone plz watch my video on my channel of me just hitting the bag and give me some quality tips. I have no fight experience except street fights n i wanna learn more about the art of boxing.

  14. Good for sport only, would never ever work in a self defense situation. This is why I don't like Judo/BJJ, it takes forever to learn a zillion moves which you'll have to repeat a zillion times in order to memorize and they have zero real life application. A straight right hand doesn't even have to be perfect to land in order to KO your opponent/attacker.

  15. BJJ Blackbelt D E S T R O Y S Whitebelt!!! Must see!!!

    Also, love that you got your name written on your belt in marker (3:33). Reminds me of my high school TKD days.


  17. Triste de voir qu'on attribue au jjb cette technique alors qu'elle provient du judo… Je sais que le jjb est à la mode mais bon faut rendre à César ce qui appartient à César sacrebleu!!!!!

  18. It'd be interesting if you guys did a sparring video with Erin breaking down white belt mistakes at the end of the video.

  19. Honestly I think this is a good move for krav. A lot of bjj techniques require that ur opponent fight clean or be unarmed, but this one (from what I can tell) prevents them from using their hands or legs to strike vital areas. It also sets u up for nice strikes to the back of the head. Really looking to practice this more, maybe even a flying omoplata if I can get there.

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