What gear do I need for Karate? – Fred Mergen

What karate gear is needed for karate class? For karate class you need your karate gi,
with a karate top and karate pants and a belt. If you’re going to do some contact, line drills
or doing techniques on each other then I highly recommend having a mouth piece. And also you
might want to have a groin cup if you are a male. It’s always important to think that safety
is the most important thing. If you are going to do point fighting, which we don’t do here
at my school, you would need some hand gloves, some foot gear, some head gear or maybe even
a chest protector. What I do recommend here at my school is you
get the headgear with the face shield. You want to wear your gloves and your shin and
instep pads do you your sparring. We don’t do point fighting, we do more of
a little bit of contact fighting. And that would be the basic gear you need for karate.

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