Wendy, Dao Lu – Using physical activity and sport for mental wellbeing

Your eyes you should look at your friend
cloudy hand cloudy surprise I’ve never been a sporty sort of person
didn’t have very good experiences of the PE and things at school I used to come out
last and hide behind the hockey
equipment shed hope that the teacher
didn’t notice I didn’t really know until I was in my 20s that physical exercise
could be pleasurable applause I went into teaching at the age of 40
and I’ve been retired since 2010 and when I retired I thought ‘good – can become
a couch potato now’ and then everybody was banging on about older people
needing to keep fit and do exercise and I tried various different things and
then I just found that I was getting too exhausted so I thought I’ll try tai chi again. All the moves have names from nature so
in the standing tree meditation then things moving like water and cloudy hand
all the moves are connected with nature. Last year was quite a difficult year
because my sister nearly died she’s got learning difficulties and lives
in a care home but she was rushed to hospital and at the same time a cousin
was dying of cancer and I kind of cut out most things out of my life but I
just felt going to the class was keeping me giving myself something. It really
helped to come along and also knowing that I could tell the other people. I
mean the day that my cousin died was one of our classes and I was able to just
say I’ve come anyhow and you know people giving me a hug and that was… that
you know, that support that you get from being there from the people but also
from just the activity and being out in the open air and doing something for
yourself. It just makes me feel that I can do
something that I feel good in myself I get in touch with my own energy and my
own power which is very good and I can go home feeling in a good space

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