Weapons for Martial Arts Training : Escrema & Martial Arts Weapons

Hi! I’m Calab Labarda of Tae Kwon Do Unlimited
on behalf of expertvillage.com. Visit our website at tkdarizona.com. Alright, today
we’re talking about the escrima, also known as a Filipino fighting stick. This stick right
here I have with me is about little over 24 inches and 1 inch in diameter. It’s a very
strong stick. It will not break. These you can carry anywhere, like the commas, nun-chucks
or carrying a sword around. This is more of a modern day weapon that you can use. It’s
great for both offensive and defensive. You can do a lot of blocks, roll rounds, back
right into a strike. Then for offensive, it’s good for attacking forward hits…going around.
You can do a lot of similar moves that you do with a sword or a bow staff, but it’s
little shorter and little quicker and it won’t really cut somebody in half, it will just
disable them really good. You can do a lot of good self defense moves. You can come around
and get somebody in the neck and twist. You can do a lot of good stabs and pokes. It’s
great for leg hits. That’s pretty much your escrima, also known as your Filipino fighting
stick. They’re good practice, and you can do a lot of cool spins with them for good
throws, go around, and that is about it.

8 Replies to “Weapons for Martial Arts Training : Escrema & Martial Arts Weapons

  1. oOoh they can break believe me, my instructor and I went through 2 pair in one weekend seminar. They kinda exploded though

  2. Escrima/Eskrima is the name of the style, not the stick. And the rattan stick can break very easily (it's only a cured vine), but it is popular because it is very light, stiff and plentiful and relatively inexpensive compared to the exotic woods from the Philippines (like Kamagong)

  3. @hush181 "i doubt that this no sleeve gi guy is capable of instructing in escrima." I don't think that's his aim. I think he's doing this kata arstistique stuff that comes from the western world.

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