We Play Many Kinds of Sports | Beebs Hartzell

– I didn’t really participate in sports very much before I came to St. John’s. But at the beginning of
the year my freshmen year I just kind of decided
to go for it and go out, because that’s one thing
this school is so good at. I was actually worried before I came here about the extracurriculars because it is such a small school. But it turns out that because of the size, there aren’t fewer
opportunities, there’s more. Where as at a larger college or university you might feel more embarrassed or self-conscious about trying something you’ve never tried before, at St. John’s it’s just really welcoming and easy to get involved
because you already know probably at least five people in the club before you even go out the first time. And that’s what it was like starting sports at the college. There’s a women’s league and a co-ed intramural league,
and my freshman year I was able to make friends
with all kinds of people. It’s I think really
necessary at St. John’s to have a kind of physical outlet. When you’re sitting in
these chairs just reading for hours every day, it’s so important to be able to get up and
move, and it’s probably one of the biggest finds
that I’ve had at this school, that I actually enjoy sports.

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