Warm Up Drills for Israeli Martial Arts : Fighting Elbow Drill for Israeli Martial Arts

In this clip we will show our fighting elbow
drill for our Israeli Martial Arts warm up. Now this drill is an advancing drill. Okay.
So we are in our guarding stance, our hands are up. I am going to stripe with my elbow.
It is kind of a swimming motion, my elbow comes from up high. As I strike with my elbow
I take a step forward, elbow comes up high and my hand ends up under my arm pit. I am
keeping this hand up. If I am close enough to elbow someone, they are close enough to
elbow me. So I have to be very aware of defense during that strike. So from here, one, two,
three, four, five. I am advancing each time. I am taking a slight step, first with my front
leg, then my back follows along. So with this warm up, I am feeling a stretch all along
my shoulder. My back is being activated, my chest. I am warming up my arms. And I am moving
forward the entire time so my legs are activated as well. I take that slight step, stepping
with my front leg, dragging my back leg. Repeat that five times on each side. That is our
elbow drill.

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