Vital Point Attacks in Women’s Self Defense : Women’s Self Defense: Eye Attack

In women’s self defense and personal protection,
at times you may be forced to do something that is very harsh in order to protect your
life. And I say that not, once again, to be melodramatic, but to make you understand that
the techniques that we’re showing now aren’t what I consider first line of defense type
techniques. Your ultimate goal is to never be in that situation to begin with. However,
if you’re being physically assaulted, and you feel that your life is in jeopardy, and
you have no other option, then do these techniques. It is more important for you to go home safely,
as safely as you can, and survive, as opposed to worrying about how gruesome something is.
The next technique we’re going to to deals with the eyes. In the event that somebody
is assaulting you, the eyes are a very strong target. For this technique, we’ll do, for
example, a two hand choke. What I want to do is grab Theresa by the head here; grab
the assailant by the head, and thrust my thumbs into the eyes. I want to start right here
on the inside of the eyes and drive back into the skull, as much as I can. Horribly gruesome?
No doubt about it. Terrible? Absolutely. But once again, this is about your survival. Somebody
is trying to kill you, cause you a great deal of physical harm. I am more concerned about
you than I am about them. So I control the head as much as I can, and I thrust my thumbs
deep into the eyes. Even if the eyes are closed, you thumb strength is sufficient to go all
the way through. More than likely, they’re going to jump back screaming long before you
cause a great deal of destruction, which is ultimately what you want. My goal isn’t to
simply ruin their eyes. My goal is to get them off of me. It’s to stop them. So the
eye vital technique is very effective and very important to understand in women’s self

20 Replies to “Vital Point Attacks in Women’s Self Defense : Women’s Self Defense: Eye Attack

  1. Lets have no illusions about ideas of "fair fighting" here. In the event of a surprise attack by someone who is determined, possibly armed and likely to be physically stronger than yourself the fight is already skewed massively against you. I see no reason why eyes (or other sensitive organs) should be considered unacceptable targets.

  2. nah mate a fight is a fight i always go for the kill no matter what because he is gonna kill me y shouldnt i killl him first

  3. THAT'S WHAT WE NEED TO SEE MORE; Woman being able to protect herself quickly and easily against her brutal assailant. I'm 55 and have been attacked whilst walking my dog on the beach at night by a creep and didn't thin twice. Using the gouge technique I dropped him then rang the cops, it saved my life…

  4. I study martial arts too. I give self defense classes in sweden. You have other options then poking somebody's eyes out… Dangerous and unnecessary!!!!

  5. I find it amazing that even when someone teaches good self defence that people put it down.
    This is Good self defence, most people will let go before damage is done to their eyes.
    Self defence is simply to keep someone from hurting you.

  6. This is designed to be simple to digest information ONLY to be used in a life or death situation. This instructor actually does Aikido and he certainly knows a thing or two about self defence- but that takes time to learn. If you know this and you ever are in a situation where you're being attacked in a manor which threatens your life this could save it. Yes its grusome, but it is still considered self defence.

  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    dont attack me scheisse

  8. i really dont like the idea of this vid being made. if i were gouged in the eyes after just trying to hit or choke someone, it would only mke me want to attack them more. more effective techniques would be to use the oppenents size and strength against them(because in most cases the assailant is bigger than the victim) by manipulating their momentum. Judo is based on such techniques which do not require you to be strong.

  9. great….lets show women where the vital points of men are…since only men do acts of violence and woman are always victims…

  10. Anyone who says that this will just piss them off is full of it. If someone thrusts their thumbs into your eyes you are going to be blind and not be able to continue. If a girl is being attacked by a man he deserves to never see again anyway. In response to what if you're too short to reach, that is easy. You put both arms between theirs like you are praying, and pull their head into your chest then gouge. Unless you are 3 feet tall and they are 6 feet, it will work everytime.

  11. wtf? are there actually people who are saying to NOT gouge or poke a rapist in the eye because it's cruel? he's a motherflippin' rapist! I think it's perfectly ok to blind a RAPIST! hhis sole intent is to RAPE YOU! wtf, people?!

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