Vital Point Attacks in Women’s Self Defense : Women’s Self Defense: Ear Tear

In this portion of women’s self defense, we’re
going to start talking about vital points for areas that are commonly called “man stoppers,”
or “attacker stoppers.” We don’t want to get tied up in the idea that our attacker is simply
going to be a man. It could be a female as well. The first one we want to talk about
is dealing with the ear. The ear is a great target for a lot of reasons. Primarily because
it comes off pretty easily. Now, it’s important that you understand that these are vital,
life saving techniques. And they are not for the faint of heart. I encourage you to think
about what you are willing to do in order to protect yourself. Are you willing to go
up and tear somebody’s ear off. This is not done just to sound melodramatic or to be gross,
things like this. It’s the reality of the situation. If somebody’s on top of you, choking
the life out of you, I encourage you to reach up and tear their ear off. As I come in, I’m
going to try to hook my hand as far behind the ear as I can. I want to get as much tissue
as possible. And then I’m going to use my entire body. What I’m going to do is tear
the ear off. I don’t want to pull it off, because there’s too much connective tissue.
It can cause a great deal of pain and trauma. However, the tearing is what’s going to bring
it on. It’s true, I could grab the earring and pull it out. And that’s exceptionally
painful. However, this technique is going to allow me to pull it completely down and
off. Gruesome? No doubt about it. However, if your life is in jeopardy, I encourage you
to reach up, hook that, and tear it down to the ground. So the ear tear is a very strong,
very effective, vital technique for women’s self defense.

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