Video – Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Kung Fu Tradition – Mestre Leo Imamura 2ª Parte

after Nino talk
I’m afraid they’ll call me “Master” now the challenge we have me Norge AS does a bear appropriate in because it’s is %ah challenge with have now you HQ that’s the steel ok it says see folks in how to take care
all that I and then you call me a bastard
but I really hate army messages more on our so it’s all based I believe it’s a bank I be charged for this in Upper cost requests as city I me that already who guy then i buy big-ticket the new generation and now %uh in or Nimbus that I’ll one open his heart and I’ll 1 I’ll almost a its jus dance seeing and heat see heat nao all form and button overall among became human nature for or property sugar this sa very
challenge because you need I its Scholl when all comments you know you really must be
braved to do that on and I heat day I and a song and c-fos I have a mat me that and I have a book on 28 whole some and books and calls and my question family a very rare I see online that the update today I’m not going away as I i mean a sec well and stay in bed boss want someone it is exactly what will be in need to
re-file and those meetings I all this got my you know alcee for also master all like our last hope for and you know of my all for mortgages of this kind of
thanks very much ok because you Sholl the it you Mumbai MH
Diane Chun all the call for and be donates all in addition must all emphasized you human nature all mall dates assists knowledge they steal all days
also we have a hot steamy force what you know
was not qualified all see for themselves all day to meet a
lot of mistakes day abuse or East that other my updates this you have in the same it in the
future but I’ll try Bay you have I spike all of our are caught off guard by Geo at our
values all relationship with your it for issues are right of the top charts it is very important but checking because that’s why I E bank for Ashish
martial arts relationship I’m poor calls her know he had just or
Becky you as gnome its also used for all morning that’s all East my I mine c4 a site’s your bread mike candys he has to state but you’re writing you
home walk because some policy upgrading one because it there %uh a sauce chocolate mock all bets lobby costs of myself it’s
stupid because I he has to call i stupid things on
Moxie fall and that’s why I Rai are mark talking to the I just because
they all are Paul expected up a bit done it yet and said it thanks and up all when his bed I you achieve human I mention human
by mission help mass on hey of the hell can say I the train trip kind of relationship all Esq discussed angst using although in a foursome opec week
before senior see full bar but go on an important also check everything in same way your check your hands it’s very
important than your check today he s so like this their hands I just a big by the baby gets no and continuously be questions those stupid question no question
because you did a step it at and of but West its all check if you are
understanding its is make sense oooo combat rrrr but if you make sense in morning Rico and sometimes him to make sense some baptist important
to trust must be full n sarraj us that’s a bet of the seizure that to make one I am NOT in lol at best or well fought back of because his school-record or not
correct by because he must and stay the it on the tests what the I what 8 you must go and up us that’s the most important
thing also clap for me names set their own a ship in my opinion
suggests 0 a or yeah anchovy artsy people so easy well employees all respect n especially dire you home and he borrowed my all alright alright up yo
what up call well all UK wall or your all ext at ID is the key or more arts at humor
me be or everything be Oregon anything people are basically human me

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