UK’s Scariest Debt Collector (Part 1/2)

100 Replies to “UK’s Scariest Debt Collector (Part 1/2)

  1. Man, I dont owe anyone anything but if these guys even knock my neighboring door, am gonna drop a black cheque and run as far my legs can take me.

  2. If I owed any of these fucking guys money and knowing they would try to rape anyone I would literally shoot every fucking one of them when they came to my door and keep shooting until they shoot and kill me before I would ever let any of that bullshit happen… Or maybe the smart thing is don’t all them fucking money unless you know for a fact you can pay it

  3. Youl stop when I sleep u ya old grey head fool loser. Go wank in ya cell… Come 2 The Bronx ya wouldn't last a day ya wannabe muppet

  4. 02:42
    This debt collector guy hits the mitt with his head.. like really? That‘s the weirdest shit I‘ve ever seen inside a Gym.

  5. you chose that life you prick,you are simply thugs who think you are tough…why not step in the real octagon or proper boxing ring and fight a full 12 rounds.

  6. I’d still tell him to fuck off if he came knocking on my door. Can’t stand people like this who think others should be intimidated by him, just because he comes to your door with a bunch of heavys, and goes to a boxing gym. Fuck him!

  7. Damn some mean and serious dudes I can see why you pay!they look like they would. Turn you upside down and. Shake you till the money falls out and I don’t think they would give you any choice either!

  8. Everybody's tryna clown this dude but would you say it to his face? And another food for thought: He is a UK debt collector in UK it is difficult to get a handgun or any gun for that matter as appose to the US where you could go to a gun show and get one with an ID so think about it nobody is bulletproof yes but if he was in America he could be a skilled fighter, Have a handgun , and buy a vest if anything the Youtube gangsters wouldn't stand a chance sooooo yea.

  9. i laugh at this documentry and these mens I am from Honduras these mens will get raped killed then dismembered over here we have not time for hard acting men it's survival…

  10. You are a Man, you always have been a Man. The one who did that to you isn’t a man, he’s a p,o.s evil devil! Don’t ever let nobody make you feel like anything but a Man and I hope you got that cut taken care of! You need stitches Man! I hope you dealt with that monster!!!

  11. In the United States these men are just as bad as the guys who fucking kill for nothing. The whole point is you don’t take shit into your own hands. In my town, if men showed up to my job looking to threaten me, I’m coming out with a gun and blowing your heads off and it will be in defense

  12. England (UK) is not a third world country. People do not live in favelas or “have to fight for their daily 2000 calories”. Only max 0,01% of the population dedicate their lives to the stupid comical shi-t you see here!

  13. Why the fuck did he take off the bandages, and show us his rib?! And y the fuck doe no one else seem to care about this! Comment section just full of bake off jokes FFS.

  14. these are no good men …. just look the way they talk… these are bottom thugs that world would be much better without…. everyday chasing money and hurting people … every fakin day …. nope.. no violant person is a good man . period

  15. Imagine this guy tryna be a debt collector in South London, he would get shot or stabbed before he can even get to his destination

  16. How can one not respect a man who is willing to put his life on the line for what is rite , no matter the situation. To go up against drug dealers and run a clean house well there is a stand up man. Most people cant even think about walking down the same street as him. A real modern day hero in a time like this is hard to find.

  17. Makes the impression as if it were a documentary about an associative penitentiary. In what a shitty world we live, when criminals are now officially allowed to work as debt collectors. I am sorry for the little girl who has to grow up with such an environment of rabble.

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