UFC 245 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 5

[SUV door opens] Usman: That’s what I hate
about these cars. You got to slam these doors. Francis Ngannou:
This fight is very huge, and, you know, a fight like this
also bring, like– brings pressure,
so I want to support him. I think Usman has everything
to win this fight, and that’s what’s gonna happen
on Saturday night. At the end of the night,
America will be great again by Usman winning the fight. Henri Hooft: We do a lot
of training today. All the work is done,
so we don’t really need to go crazy anymore,
just going through the motions, so that’s what we’re doing
right now. Greg Jones: You know, so far,
this week has been really smooth for us,
really smooth for Kamaru. He understands
all the, you know, things that come along with a fight
of this magnitude, and we just got to keep
everything in perspective. We take it in stride and
just take care of our business. Usman: ♪ 50, hey, hey ♪ [Hip-hop music playing] Jones: Kamaru’s really good
at keeping everything light. You know, we can’t sit around
and fight this fight all week long, or else you
just kind of do isometrics, and you kind of go crazy
throughout the week, so there are certain points
of time where you got to flip the switch off,
flip the fight-mode switch off, and get your work in,
and that’s kind of what we’re doing right now. [Indistinct conversation] Holloway: No, no, no,
not for days. I can go home.
I’m just gonna go home, relax. Rush: It’s trimming time. Boy: Trimming time. Holloway: This guy’s
been cutting my hair since I was 17. Heh heh. You never ever cheat
on your barbers, but I did one time because
I really needed my hair cut. It was after a fight, though,
but he forgave me. A bunch of family and friends
coming up, a lot of them, and he asked me, “Hey,
you want me to cut your hair?” I was like, “Yes, sir.
Why not, you know?” It all about looking good,
right? Look good, feel good,
fight good. [Indistinct conversation] Rush: Do you have a banana? Holloway: I wish.
I wish I had a banana. I’m hungry. Rush: Ha ha!
Then get something to eat. Man: Yeah. Box. Go. Yes. Box. Box. OK. Yeah. Faber: I love the challenge
of this sport, especially when odds are
stacked against you, supposedly. Man: There you go. Faber: I feel like
because of the way I was raised, the way I live my life,
my body’s intact, and my mind is stronger
than it’s ever been, so the odds are stacked
in my favor, in my opinion. I definitely feel
like Yan’s gonna come forward with pressure. I don’t think he has
another way of fighting. I like to stay
right in guy’s face, as well. We’re both guys that like
to keep a really high pace. I just have to have solid
defense and great footwork, which I do, and so, you know,
I know it’s gonna be a match of high intensity, high output, and it’s gonna be
who’s the better man. [Engine idling] [Parking brake
clicks] Alexander Volkanovski:
Evening, guy. Middle of the desert, this fresh air, so good. Richard Dobson: Thanks man. This
is the last time for me, so– Woman: Get a good tan, though. – Eh?
– You get a little tan now. Volkanovski: Yeah,
before the fight, beautiful. Dobson: So I’m a photographer
for the “Daily Telegraph” in Sydney and here today
to do a picture that will run
as a spread on Sunday’s paper. Volkanovski: Yep.
That’ll do it. Dobson: We’ve done the whole
“Las Vegas Strip” pictures, and I thought, “Time to do
something a bit different.” Ha ha ha! It’s working.
Ha ha! Looks good. Go. Yeah. Volkanovski: That’s all right,
not bad backdrop. We’re gonna go see another spot. We’re gonna check this spot out,
bit closer to them big mountains
over there. I reckon that’ll make
for a better shot. Dobson: 3, 2, 1, and go. Yeah. Oh, [beep].
That looks so [beep] great. Volkanvoski: Grr. [Motorcycle approaches] So I’ve been this way
couple times now but haven’t seen this. It’s unreal. Dobson: 3, 2, 1. Yeah. Great. – All good.
– All right. Faber:
Let’s say Urijah. Cali Faber: Urijah. Faber: Ha ha ha! Usman: Does she say, “Mama”? Faber: She says,
“Mama,” and, “Dad.” She won’t call me Dadda anymore.
She was calling me Dadda. – Now it’s Urijah.
– Urijah. Oh! Ha ha ha! Faber: She’s all grown up, man. Sonnen: Been talking
about you all week. Been talking about you
behind your back. Holloway: I love your show.
I love your show. Man: The rematch
goes back to 2013. How different
are the two of you? How do you even explain that
to somebody in the 6 years
between then and now? De Randamie: I’m very
grateful to Amanda. You know, she gave me
the best lesson ever, and but now she gets
the best version of me, and I know she doesn’t want
anything else than the best version of me, and now I’m a mixed
martial artist. She’s the greatest
at this moment, you know, and we’re gonna have
a great fight. Nunes: Oh, I think it’s gonna
be difficult, for sure. This makes this sport
interesting, you know? People grow, you know,
and I’m ready. You can see if she want
to, like, rush you, if she want to take her time. If she shows some danger, then capitalize
and finish the fight. Holloway: No advantage at all,
no advantage at all. 3 rounds, 5 rounds, 10 rounds– whatever rounds you want to go,
I’ll fight you. He keeps a good pace,
his strength and all, and we’ll find out. He’s prepared. He know
what this moment is, and… White: Awesome, you two. Holloway: we’ll get to see
if he lives up to the moment. Volkanovski: I took out
the number-one contenders. I took out all them contenders,
earned my way to this title. This opportunity was earned,
not given. I do believe the Blessed Era
ends Saturday night, and that’s no disrespect to him. It’s just, it’s my time. Man: I think a lot
of people believe that you’re in Usman’s head. You feel like you’ve won
the game of mental warfare, that maybe, you know,
it’s gonna affect his performance on Saturday? Covington: Sweet bedsheets. Dude, what happened
to your hair, man? It’s funny you say that because
that big, old, [beep] head with that 30% hairline
still left, I own all the real estate
in that head. You’re a fake. You’re a fraud. It’s not too late
to pull out, buddy. He’s shaking in his boots
right now. He knows when he loses to me
on Saturday night, he’s literally gonna
become irrelevant. Let’s talk about the only time
he’s ever been relevant is when he attaches his name
to my coattails. The only time people have cared
about him in the media or talked about him is when
he puts up a video or tweet about me,
so this Saturday, I’m gonna detach him
from my coattails, and no one’s gonna ever care
about him anymore. You’re getting exposed
Saturday night. Mark my words. Woman: Do you think he acts
like that because he’s scared? Usman: Absolutely. Abso-[beep]-lutely,
and it’s so surreal to me that I’m in the mall in Dubai,
and random people run up to me. “Oh, my God, I can’t wait
for you to kill this guy.” I’m in the Dominican Republic.
People are running up. “I can’t wait for you
to smash this guy.” They can’t even speak English,
but they know, “I can’t wait for you
to kill this guy,” you know, so it’s been so much support, but it’s because they know
that I’m the man to do the job. [dramatic theme music] ♪♪

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  1. Even Colby is tired of Colby's 'character' by this point.
    Would be surprised if that particular survives this fight. Especially with a win. It's just so disconnected and transparent by now.

  2. I can just imagine Everytime a fighter coming to the PI Francis comes out greets them carries bags in checks the mail box

  3. Covington has made this fight political. Usman will finish it with a blow to his president. The world is supporting Usman.

  4. hey yall! i just put out a chill song before my hit single "No Tears" comes out this week. Would be awesome if at least one person here checks it out! ??

  5. "Sweet bed sheets"…. bruh', not even a Colby fan but I hate that fake name/nationality tribute bs even worse. Real talk.

  6. Alexander sounds like a guy doing an impression of an Australian accent. Somehow whenever he talks I always get surprised ?

  7. Like Colby said " they just rooting for you because they hate me " ? Shaq today called him " Guzman " while rapping with Dana White ?

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