100 Replies to “UF2 242 Countdown: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Dustin Poirier

  1. conor is a poor bastard, i saw he has some major prolems. he neverer ever willl come back ,there are more better gyes like him , he is just loud mouth

  2. poirier said something like he climbbing a mountain well if you gon fight khabib the mountain will be as steep as wall………………… climb that

  3. So the come head, Irish cunt who has never defended one belt, who has not fought fo3 years, gets air time??? Error hello, thought this was two other fighfing??? Wankers

  4. Conor ain't squat. He's all hot air and bad gab. all bs conor business. his claims are empty bs. boastful, but he cannot back up soundly. cow pie conor comes out of the end of the alimentary canal.

  5. “This is not how we want to represent ourselves” is about as much BS as when Connor finally realized he was gonna lose and said “it’s just business”….. UFC represent ever thing related to fighting! A big part of fighting is the emotional toll on the fighters as they are expected to absolutely destroy their opponents but do so with a shirt and tie on and a big smile? We want raw emotional outbursts, that’s part of the draw for us UFC fans. If we wanted to see muzzled puppets being told to behave themselves we would watching boxing. UFC is about as close to real fighting as you can get, on the main stage I mean. If anything I bet Khabibs outburst diving into the stands triples the fan base of the UFC.. on the outside Dana was like “oh no, this is terrible..” but on the inside he was jerking off thinking about how f-ing awesome that was for "business".

  6. Conor was INJURED. He would have NEVER been hit by that punch if he was not injured. This is why Khabib is AFRAID to fight him again, and is doing everything he can to avoid a rematch when Conor is not injured.

  7. Both fighters bring relentless pressure, one striking, one wrestling, this’ll be an amazing fight. Now anyone know where I can stream this illegally?

  8. Embarrassing.
    I can not believe an organization of this level would give way to internet fantasy and use it in subtitle as if it were legitimate.
    Respect out the window.

    Conor said "Fighting Business" because he held the gloves for so long, Khabib complained to the ref.
    Conor said deal with it.
    You people are insane.

  9. He even mashed his head into khabib as he said "Fighting business".
    Glad the best man won, but I can not accept false information being pushed just to promote your champion.

  10. How many of you knew who was Lafayette before i asked ? answer: less than 1 %, muscles without brain are useless, poirier is already dead

  11. Dustin's not losing vs khabib if he fought this way vs max WHAT do you think hes going to fight like khabib hes going to either kill or be killed

  12. Somehow I believe this might will be like a draw there's too much pressure on khabib and Dustin Dustin wants to win to help his community khabib wants to win to make his dad feel proud

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb-tKyGZxfs
    Ellem – When the fighting's done

    For the ones searching for the song @ 8:42

  14. I didn't see any grappling in this fight… Big mistake against Khabib.. Striking won't be enough.. Khabib will maul him.

  15. 9:14 "That would be one of the rare occasions where they do an interim title fight "

    Seems like every weight division has an "interim" champion and a regular champion

  16. Potier story is nice… But this dude is dust against Khabib. He's gonna get mauled. Fighting Kahbib is like fighting a bear. 99.9% chance of survival. Period.

  17. Damn, as Korean Zombie fan, I can't believe how much Dustin Poirier has improved. I don't even know how Korean Zombie would do against him now. If Dustin wins, I wish to see Korean Zombie vs Dustin diamond Poirier rematch.
    My prediction, Khabib is favorite. Poirier's chance of beating Khabib is stand up. If fight goes to ground, then hands down Khabib will take it. As much as I hate it, Khabib leg lock is so damn effective, diamond needs to avoid it if he can. I'm going for Diamond. But regardless of results, respect to both fighters.

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  19. I was favoring Kabib… But now I don't care who wins.. Both these guys are doing so much good things outside the octegon… I like em both

  20. It’s amazing how these two fighters remain calm and respectful despite the upcoming fight. This has been an amazing video. It gets better en better as the fight approaches. Well done. Fly khabib fly

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