Types and Benefits of Breath Control in the Martial Arts

I’m going to go through some of the
breathing techniques that we discussed in our blog and then we’ll go through
some additional breathing with Master Borich. Okay,
first is Nagari one breathing it comes up in breathing in through the nose and out
through the mouth okay Nagari two is up out and down as you breathe in you hold your breath
in the second phase, and then you turn your palms down and breathe out so it
looks like this… {breathing} that’s Nagari Two. Ibuki breathing is a
hard forceful exhale. It it moves the knees inwards, the stance inwards and the fists
are gonna come down in front. It looks like this… One more time. Breathing in. {exhales sharply) Now I’m going to talk about how you do Qigong breath and there are many
many different types of Qigong. Qigong is actually Chinese. What it is, it’s a
type of meditative breath work that can help energize you. It can also help with
relaxation. We use it in our traditional karate class as a means of preparing our
minds for class. We do this the beginning of class and it helps to eliminate all
thoughts from the day. Because we have night classes, it helps to eliminate those
thoughts, clear your mind and prepare for your class time. So that you
have clear focus and can begin. So this is how we begin. Close your fingers, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Breathe in and out breathe in and out breathe in and out breathe in and out and then that’s the end of our session
for this particular type of QiGong
which we used to create “Mushin” no-minded-ness before class.

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