Tutorial: 360 split kick / Van Damme´s kick [English Sub / Español]

Hello and welcome to the first video of an upcoming tutorial series. In this one we are going to learn how to do the famous split kick performed by Jean-Claude Van Damme in many of his movies. As you have seen in the intro clip, basically it´s an outside spinning kick with a jump where you land into the starting position. The main requirement for this kick is flexibility: you don´t need to have the full splits but it would help a lot. You also must be able to do an outside crescent or a hook kick. The first exercise in order to get used to the motion is to jump without kicking. In my case, I kick with my left leg and spin counter-clock wise, so i´ll start in a frontside stance, as if I were facing an opponent, with our kicking leg behind. Feet should be shoulder-width apart, and arms in guard position. From here, we bend down while still staying centered over our hips. Jump, look over your shoulder and spot your target. Keep your body straight and your abs tight during the whole execution. Land back down in the stance. Here is an example for you. In the next exercise, we are going to add the kick. There are several setups: we can start from standing, as we did before. We also can take a step forward (moving slightly diagonally); or from a running setup, which is the one that will give you more momentum. Ok. From the stance, bend down and jump. In order to prevent travelling sideways, it´s important not to spin before your feet are off the floor. Kick with your back leg. The front leg is in tension to helps us stay in the axis and not bend over. Spot the target, and kick across it, ALL THE WAY THROUGH until the landing. Now we are going to do the Van Damme´s split version. – It´s the hardest variation and you should have mastered the previous one before attempt this. It´s pretty much the same with a few different details: for example you always have to keep your arms closer. Throw the kick and put the other leg in tension while trying to open by pushing in the opposite direction. Timing is the key. In the first half of the kick you do the split, and in second half you close your legs quickly to complete the spin. Exaggeratedly, it would look like this. There´s an important detail: if you see the move from a lateral view, the kick must be in this plane. Because if you do a frontal split, with both hips and legs at the same level, then you’re doing it wrong. So that´s all the progression. Just one more advice: For aesthetic reasons, always point your toes when you are kicking. Now it´s on you to spend time training to achieve it. If you have any doubts or problems, post them on the comments section and we´ll reply as soon as we can. Subscribe to our channel to stay tuned for new videos. Thanks, see you!

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