Hello, everybody! I’m Markus from development at TASMANIAN TIGER. With me here today is Eli from Project Gecko. Hey, Eli! Hello, Markus! We want to take a look at the TASMANIAN TIGER Belt LC today. “LC” stands for laser cut. The TT Warrior Belt LC is cut very flat. As a result it fits very snugly, and unlike the previous Warrior Belt, the “LC” is not padded. I’ll show you how it looks now. We have four vertical laser cut slots, as well as four horizontal cuts, for fastening MOLLE equipment. You can guide the belt through the vertical cuts, like I have done here. You can fasten the holster and other similar items. This is usually also possible with these loops. On the back side, we have equipped the TT Warrior Belt LC with non-slip material. You can wear it on belts etc. any time. When you wear the TT Warrior Belt LC on duty belts, you can easily remove the non-slip material and attach the duty belt directly to the Velcro. The TT Warrior Belt LC won’t slip then, and you can wear it comfortably. Now we’ll show you the TT Warrior Belt LC on a person. Here you can see how ergonomically you can wear the TT Warrior Belt LC. With the padding removed it is not bulky at all, but still stable enough to attach a holster. Eli has replaced the belt that comes with it, and is using a belt with a cobra buckle instead. That’s not a problem and you can do so at any time. Eli, if you wouldn’t mind turning around, please. Now we can also see the wide spot where you can attach five or six MOLLE strips. For example, an IFAK pouch is not a problem at all. And what we also see is that we have a great deal of freedom of movement for the legs in the front so you can move about easily in the belt. With the TT Warrior Belt Laser Cut we have done away with connecting points for carrier systems, which makes it exceptionally lightweight. Likewise, the flat and ergonomic design makes the TT Warrior Belt LC a lightweight and effective duty belt. I hope you all enjoyed the video! Visit us at You can find accessories for the TT Warrior Belt LC and more there. Until next time, this is Markus. Thanks for watching!


  1. Mich würde interessieren, was in dem IFAK Pouch S drin war. Ich persönlich habe nicht alle wichtigen Materialien in dem TT IFAK Pouch S verstauen können. Meiner Meinung nach das einzigste Tasmanian Tiger Produkt, was wenig bis kaum taugt und nh Update vertragen könnte. Alle anderen Produkte von euch sind spitze!

  2. Dieses Video hat mich von diesem Produkt überzeugt. Nun wird es interessant wie sich dann dieser Gurt im Einsatz bewährt.

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