Traditional Shaolin Blocking Technique – Las Vegas Kung Fu Acdemy

Alright class umm.. We’re going to work on
Pan Sau today, and umm..when you guys work on your blocking, there’s two things I want
to see, when you do this double slap block we have been working on, to generate power
you have to go through the arm, with speed, so if you have speed but you just touched
it, that’s not going to give you power. If you have follow through but you went really
slow, that’s not going to have power. So the two things, and of course you have to have
structural alignment, which is the third thing, but the two main things is that you follow
through the arm. So don’t just hit the surface, go through the arm. Ok? Try to use both hand
to do that, when you take this both hands going through the arm. I aim my body toward
the strike, so that I brace myself. OK. We’re going to follow up with the chop to the neck
or to this artery here. And whenever I teach chops in Shaolin, I don’t want… Leave your
hand here. I don’t want to hit with my hand, you see like this. If you feel your hand go
like this. It’s very soft. But if you feel your forearm, there’s a bone there. And that’s
a very hard thing to strike with. So. One more time leave the arm here. We’re going
to start with a double slap block and we’re going to chop to the neck, but look at where
my hand is at, way behind his head. And of course you can follow up with the knee. Ok.
So it looks like a really self defense type of move, but it’s very traditional in that
if you look at my stance work when I do this block here. I’m in a very traditional Shaolin
stance here. OK, so now he’s going to throw, I’m going to Pan Sau and I’m right in to the
knee strike. Go slowly here. 1. 2. 3. You can aim for the chest you can aim for the
face, for the knee strike. You guys got it? OK. When the person who is throwing, umm.
Attacks you, make sure you step in towards the person. So move back. Start from a far
distance. Step in all the way and retract the hand right away. So this is what I should
look like right. And retract the hand don’t forget to retract the hand.

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