100 Replies to “Top 20 of The best Martial Arts Actors ( Part 1 )

  1. you don't know about Vidyut Jamwal…
    I'm giving a link, go to that link you can understand that… who is Vidyut… the Indian martial artist…

  2. lateef crowder shuld be in the list he's not a great actor, but one of the best martial artist these days. check out his collaboration with the AAA grade martial artis/actors in movies

  3. Liam Neeson? Oh, I forgot. He has a "very special set of skills", including fighting in 1-2 seconds camera shot segments. Skillful indeed.

  4. Steven Seagull and number 11. are you high bruh?. even iko, tonny, wu jing is below him. you retarted as fuck

  5. I wonder why Steven sigal is interesting the list.. His name should be last or not at all in the list

  6. I'm guessing it's a foregone conclusion that #1 will be Bruce Lee or these 2 videos lose all credibility! Thought Wesley Snipes, Chow Yun-fat, Ernie Reyes Jr, and Jason Scott Lee should have been numbered and that Steven Seagal might make the top 10! I hope to see Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Tony Jaa, Donnie Yen, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme,Michael Jai White, Scott Adkins and Jason Statham as possibilities for the top candidates for the top of the list!

  7. Steven seagal En la lista y en el primer. Puesto. Mmm. Noo muy mala lista. Ay varios que si merecen estar aquí. Pero. Otros. La verdad. Ni peleaban. Como este. Señor.

  8. จาพนม ยีรัมย์
    โทนี่ จา

  9. Some of the people on this list not martial artists they are actors and actresses who trained in the martial arts for months for movies and tv

  10. if you are a Martial artist you can see the Real Master.
    Jet Li is better than all of them because he is a real Martial artist.

  11. Finally some respect for Sammo Hung, Mark Dacascos, Wesley Snipes, and Iko Uwais, but they deserve way more Respect. Seagal Really?

  12. Need a couple of Females as well like jeja yanin, Cynthia rothrock, michelle yeoh, ziyi zheng, and Zoe Bell.

  13. Woooow mark dagascus was my best actor with his best film of the Drive,,i wonder where he is now..but al in al he has finally earnerd his respect.

  14. wesley sniper too was my best actor with his great role in Blade 1 n 11,,kinda think thats where many vampire movies borrowed the idea from ..dont u think

  15. Martial arts are for defense and exercise other like the American they it to show off n make money n think they are so good copy cater if im good in martial art I will not teach the American

  16. We all like to watch martial arts movies. Many of us do martial arts. However, all of the martial arts actors, although talented, would have the shit kicked out of them in UFC.

  17. Who ever made this list is wack. Put Steven Seagal first our of all the other martial artist for best fighting scene.

  18. Sammo Hung at the 12th place, you'r not serious… One of the Seven Little Fortunes with Yuen Biao and Jackie Chan…

  19. I think Steven Seagal is not that good to compare with even Scott Adkins. Steven can't even move his stomach…

  20. I am from back in the day, when cable was ten channels. Kung-fu theatre ? inspired me , and as a master. I walk the road. None of that mail order black shit.??

  21. How is Keanu Reeves on the list yes he trains hard yes he makes good movies but most of it is movie martial arts 90% of it and that's from his own mouth I seen Liam neeson's face before the list I don't know what the hell that was about

  22. I'd rate everyone listed, including the "Honorable Mentions," higher than Steven Seagal, who only has "notoriety" going for him. (Side note: Seagal has habitually lied about his military/intelligence "career" and was once rendered unconscious by Judo Gene LeBell, when Seagal bragged that no one could choke him out.) Seagal is certainly no match with any of the others listed, when it comes to fight choreography or even acting. I'd actually prefer Seagal to be left of this list entirely and replaced with Jeeja Yanin.

  23. Keanu Reeves?!? Seriously?!? His fight scenes were mostly using stunt doubles with Keanu’s face superimposed with CGI.

  24. Mark Dacascos a la 16 ième ben non pas possible il fait parties des 3 plus grands derrière Bruce Lee et avec Donnie Yen , la je suis surpris grave .

  25. Segal never fought nobody in or out a ring or cage or traditional compatitions he is no legit false martial arts

  26. Any good martial artist no matter what race they are good fighters unless they are false martial arist

  27. Cynthia Rothrock is one of best female matrial artist and you place her to honorable mentions? And Bolo Yeung too? Seriously?

  28. Рейтинг ни о чем! К профи-спортсменам приплели актеров, не исеющих достижений в спорте, но снимавшихся в постановочных боях.

  29. I'm not sure if that was the best footage of Steven Seagal, but he looked like he was just slapping and shoving people aside as compared to Louis Fan where the man had actual technique and you can vivdly see the moves and blows, it looks a lot more real, great fighting, and butt whooping. Some of the guys at 20, 19, 18 were or at least look better fighters than some at mid and lower teens. Iko and Louis Fan, Keanu Reeves look the best, and the two ladies.

  30. 1. Bruce Lee

    2. Jacky Chan
    3. J.C.Van Damme
    4. Donny Yen
    5. Jet Li
    6. Scott Adkins
    7. Marc Dacascus
    8. Garry Daniels
    9. Michel J. White
    10. Chuck Norris

  31. Zhang Ziyi has never studied Martial Arts in her life. She has been a dancer since she was a kid. & replicates her dance techniques for fight scenes!!

  32. they are all good..you people have to stop with the ego-centric comments and just appreciate all of the actors for their talent and skills..derogatory comments only divides the people and causes chaos..learn how to appreciate..thank you.

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