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  1. What does he mean death cult and if they do this multiple times the group gains a head? That was hard to follow. What did they do?

  2. Wonderful TopTenz but, Tom Cruise? I know he played a Samurai in a movie but there are plenty of other interesting documents featuring genuine Japanese Samurai. In fact, you do show a few very nice ones.

  3. OK check your facts. You said they worshipped two Gods yet had Buddhist spells on the head bag. Buddhists only worship Buddhists. That I know of anyway.

  4. I love that you have really dramatic, poetic and religious claims:
    We gather in high places to unite with the spirits of war so that they can unite us across all of japan!

    Then you have:
    I'm gonna go up here so my mates can actually see me

  5. Another question, "How effective was the Samurai armour on the battlefield or was it just decorative?"

  6. Since when was this a thing I'm Japanese studied the history they are not headhunters that makes them sound like savages and monsters that's disrespectful of u apologize now I'm not joking

  7. Consider your self reported I'm writing YouTube about your clear slander of the smauria culture the way u say it it makes them sound evil

  8. wtf with the "miskellaneous" at the end? I thought I was just ignorant to a variation in British pronunciation of the word. I had to disappointingly conclude (after 20 minutes of double and tripple checking) that it's just as wrong as it sounds. Never would have expected it from Simon. But I can't judge, either. I learned during my brief research that I'd been mistakenly pronouncing the T in "often," and that the correct pronunciation is "offen." There's nothing as effective as learning you've been mispronouncing a word for most of your life to make you feel like a moron.

  9. Ok yea the first one is right, but lots of different cultures have chopped off body parts to count and brag about their kills… the samurai where one of many “head cults” as you put it.

  10. In a non related issue, Read somewhere that high ranking samurais and officials had "lookalikes" in case they have to offer their heads as punishment for failing to accomplish a shogunate goal or in doubt or suspission of treason.

  11. The samurai took heads to prove they worked. Later they had head viewing parties to determine the head was taken from an enemy they had actually killed and not just one from a dead body said samurai might come across in the battlefield. The samurai wanted to get paid and they wouldn’t get paid if they couldn’t prove they worked.

    Samurai weren’t to honorable and would cheat their lords where they could and their lords would cheat them where they could.

  12. A samurai would also walk around at night killing just about anyone they came across without consequence if they gained a new sword as to test it.

  13. Cleverness was not considered unfair… as long as battle is on course, one must die unclever and the other will end victorious.

  14. Much like any Waring tribalistic system, the had to live and die with regret, having used violence to dominate. Nothing noble about it

  15. I think it was only a Muramasa that had to taste blood if drawn… Legends say that using one filled the wielder with a powerful bloodlust, that might even cause him to shed his own blood to satiate the blade.

  16. The head cannot be decapitated – a human being can (just like almost any other living creature). De-capitate, means, in Latin, to cut the head off (to separate it from the body, behead).

  17. Horrifying! Lolol honourable! Glorious! Well missed!!! Now men in our country stick their penises in other mens anuses!!!! How far we've fallen….

  18. Can you do a video on the tercios the most terrifying force in Europe at a time . Every soldier culture eventually lost power . Remember Antwerp.

  19. ….Great Video, it has been a year or so since I last watched, I just realized I was subscribed to you, but I did not have the notifications turned on, I used to watch so many of your videos. They are very informative.

  20. there's a difference between a head hunter and a cultist. I wouldn't say samurai were a cult at all. This practice really didn't have religious grounding or basis. this head hunting was to show who they killed so they got credit for it, and so they could ensure they're paycheck.

  21. You can’t have decapitated heads, only bodies. Heads can be removed or disarticulated, but to decapitate a head, one would need to cut the head off of a head.

  22. No one should be surprised at their head collecting fetish. This only confirms why the Japanese military would believe they should cut off heads of Chinese and Filipino civilians in WW2

  23. Heads up…….another cutting edge video from Simon and Friends. At least after the Samurai code declined the sword makers had the kitchen knife industry to fall back on. Seriously, a very interesting if bloody video, thanks.

  24. Entertaining, yes. But, I think this list might have been called “10 Items Lost in Translation.” I would seriously urge those interested in the art or history to dig deeper and with more accurate translations. What Mr. Cummings (I mean Ms. Minami) has translated is very off. But, to his (her) credit, translating modern Japanese into English is very difficult. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream learned this a few years ago when the top-selling ice cream worldwide did not sell at all in Japan. This top flavor (Chunky Monkey) did not indicate banana ice cream with fudge pieces. It was translated to Chunks of Monkey. That is exactly what you have here. Thank you to Simon and the team for their work! I enjoy it all.

  25. . . .And we should no fail to mention the fact that Gaul and Gael, took heads. That means that all you white people who feel so superior and more civilized than others, should check their family tree. Especially valued heads might be built into doorposts or gateposts facing outward, to keep watch-and-ward over the entrance. And worthy foes taken in battle would be preserved and kept in chests in the halls, to be proudly displayed to guests.

  26. Simon, I have been watching your videos for some time and should have told you how much I enjoy them. Sorry I waited so long. I find your historical vids most interesting and encourage you to keep up your fine work. Thanks

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