Welcome to Top10Archive! He was a martial arts legend, starring in
over two dozen films and inspiring handfuls of posthumous video games and documentaries. Pulled from the world far too soon at the
age of 32, Bruce Lee led a life of success as a martial artist, actor, and philosopher,
earning him status as an icon well into the 21st century. We’re chronicling the life of the Little
Phoenix with these top 10 amazing facts about Bruce Lee. 10. Bruce Lee: Cha Cha Master
Considering he’s so quick on his feet during his fight scenes, it’s not surprising to
think that Lee would also be a pretty decent dancer, but to think of him as the Cha-Cha
Champion? It may not fit his typical image, but in 1958
at 18-years-old, the martial artist won Hong Kong’s Cha Cha Championship. It’s believed that, while studying arduously
alongside Kung Fu, the dancer kept a notebook stocked with 108 different Cha Cha steps. After returning to the United States from
Hong Kong, Lee started a career as a dance instructor before launching his American martial
arts career. 9. Character Inspiration
People with very specific Hollywood images are bound to provide inspiration for somebody
down the road and when it comes to the very iconic Bruce Lee, there seemed to be no shortage
of video game characters that were quite obviously drawn in his image. Small-time characters like Fatal Fury’s
Hon Fu, Jann Lee from Dead or Alive, Wang from China Warrior, and World Heroes’ Kim
Dragon all bore striking resemblances to the famous martial artist. Larger franchises such as Tekken rather obviously
recreated Lee in digital form, giving his persona and look to the fast-footed Forrest
and Marshall Law. Other characters that have Lee to thank for
their inception include League of Legends’ Lee Sin, Oolong from Yie Ar Kung-Fu (YEE ER
KUNG FOO), and even Hitmonlee from Pokemon. 8. The Era of Bruceploitation
After Bruce Lee passed away in 1973, low-brow filmmakers saw an opportunity to recreate
his image and popularity with look-alike actors, or Lee-alikes. What spawned from this concept was Bruceploitation,
an era in China and Hong Kong during the 1970s that saw a multitude of martial arts films
aiming to cash in on Lee’s fame and success. Leeching off of the late actor’s notability,
some actors – including Tadashi Yamashita, Wong Kin Lung, and Binshlee – took on stage
names that were typically just different spellings of Bruce Lee. To exploit the actor’s death, some movies
were advertised as genuine Bruce Lee films and were released to coincide with the showing
of real Lee movies. Bruceploitation films were given clever titles
including The Clones of Bruce Lee; My Name Called Bruce; Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger;
and, our personal favorite, Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave. 7. He Was Terrible Behind the Wheel
The man may have been a master of throwing punches but if rumors from his closest acquaintances
are true, the martial artist was a pretty bad driver. Attributed to his poor eyesight, the actor
who ironically played the Green Hornet’s proficient wheelman and sidekick, Kato, was
so bad behind the wheel that he often asked former student Steve Golden to give him a
ride. In an interview with Golden, the martial arts
teacher revealed that Lee didn’t own any sort of fancy foreign vehicle and had branded
his car with a sticker that read “This car protected by the Green Hornet.” 6. A Child Star is Born
Before becoming a martial arts icon in cinema, Lee actually started his career as a child
star. Allegedly, Bruce was 6-years-old and visiting
his father on the set of a film when the director took notice of the young boy and felt audiences
would love him. Since his first role in his father’s film,
the youthful Lee appeared in over 20 different films starting in the 1946 film The Birth
of Mankind. His first appearance, however, was only 1
year after his birth in Golden Gate Girl. Through much of his child acting career, Lee
was typecast as a juvenile delinquent, a role he seemed to latch onto quite well in real
life, as well. 5. The Pen is Mightier Than the Fist
When we think of Bruce Lee, we picture the muscular actor that threw punches said to
be too quick for the camera; but the fighter was far more than a small ball of aggression
with hand-to-hand prowess. In fact, he often lowered his fists to pick
up a pen and write poetry. Yes, poetry, like Robert Frost and John Keats. Even more surprising than the fact that he
wrote poetry is that it is actually considered good. Among some of Lee’s poetic works are “Night
Rain,” “The Humming Bird,” “All Streams Flowing East or West,” “Boating on Lake
Washington,” and “The Silent Flute,” which Lee translated into a screenplay that
later inspired Richard Moore’s The Circle of Iron. 4. Few Fights Under His Belt
Though he was known for his ability to fight, Bruce Lee didn’t actually leave behind much
of a professional fighting record. There are scattered reports from eyewitnesses
that claim to have been present during private bouts between Lee and other fighters, but
there are very few recorded fights involving the late martial artist, with three being
among the most notable. The first of his professional face-offs was
against Gary Elms during a Hong Kong amateur boxing tournament. Reports about the match claim that Elms survived
the entirety of the 3 one-minute-long rounds despite being knocked out on multiple occasions
by Lee. Lee’s second fight and victory took place
at a YMCA in Seattle, Washington and was against Yoichi Nakachi. The two allegedly squabbled over which fighting
style was better, Lee’s Gung Fu or Japanese Karate. The actor’s third infamous bout was against
Wong Jack Man and is famously shrouded in rumors and myths. 3. Lee vs. Wong Jack Man
That Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man squared off against one another is undeniable, but the
events of the one-on-one quarrel have turned into a jumbled mess and have been a subject
of debate between Lee and Wong Jack admirers. As legend has it, Lee caught flak from the
Chinese martial arts community for taking on students that were not of direct Chinese
heritage and, in response, was challenged to fight Wong Jack Man for his right to continue
teaching as he wished. According to Wong, this was far from accurate
and the fight started as a challenge made by Lee. Depending on who you listen to, the fight
only lasted three minutes, with Lee pummeling Wong to victory. Those on the other side of the ring timed
the fight to 25-minutes and claimed it ended with both fighters equally as exhausted. Regardless of what happened, Lee continued
teaching just as he did before the bout. 2. A Star-Studded Funeral
After his unexpected death, Bruce Lee’s funeral served as a reunion for many of the
people he trained and worked with. Along with Bruce’s brother, Robert, close
friend, Peter Chin, and American martial artists Daniel Arca Inosanto and Taky Kimura, the
late actor’s casket was carried by four pallbearers easily recognizable on the silver
screen. Assisting in carrying the martial artist’s
casket were action stars Steve McQueen, Chuck Norris, James Coburn, and former Agent 007,
George Lazenby. Each of the four actors knew Lee for his acting
and martial arts prowess, even learning a few things from him over time, but also grew
to befriend him. 1. Controversy and Curses
On July 20th, 1973, actor and martial arts expert Bruce Lee suffered a brain edema allegedly
caused by a reaction to pain medication and passed away. After his death, Lee became a cultural icon
and was well remembered through the posthumous release of Enter the Dragon, but there loomed
questions on many minds regarding the sudden passing of such a young star. Rumors started to surface that Lee had either
been murdered by the Triads, the Italian mafia or succumbed to a curse that was placed on
him and his family. Supporting claims of a curse on the Lee family
was the sudden and accidental death of Brandon Lee, who was shot on the set of The Crow. Post-mortem, it was found that he had earlier
ingested cannabis leaves, adding to the farfetched theory that the cannabis reacted with the

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  1. Why does Chuck Norris got jokes instead Bruce Lee?

    Because Bruce Lee is no joke.

  2. Recently the magazine Military History Quarterly had an article about famous personalities that were rejected for military service. It stated that Bruce Lee, despite taking part in his college's ROTC program was rejected by the draft, one of the reasons was revealed in this video was his near-sightedness along with a few other issues.

  3. Bruce Lee Cha Cha Master
    I just pictured Toph from Avatar calling him, "twinkle toes" after hearing that.
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  4. Bruce had Epilepsy…..and that's why he ate hashish ! It's well known fact that it reduces inflammation and the onset of epileptic seizures.

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  6. I'll always be a fan of Bruce Lee, but I can't help but LOL that he couldn't drive for shit!!! For me that only makes him more human……….. RIP Mr. Lee.

  7. Little Phoenix? Jesus Skeet-Shooting Christ! Who in the world doesn't know Lee's Chinese name, Li Siu-Loong (Mandarin: Li Shao Lung) means LITTLE DRAGON???? This docucrapper is discredited from the outset.

  8. He contributed so much in his short life to martial arts. His teachings are still some of the best around even long after his death. Reading his books alone definitely revolutionized my martial arts journey — and even the way I look at people, life, perception, and the universe. I learned so much from Bruce. I wish I could thank him.

  9. Just the fact that he became Hong Kong's cha cha champion speaks volumes about his drive and dedication to any endeavor he undertook. While many would get comfortable at winning such an event, he strived for more challenges and for perfection of himself.

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