TMA vs. MMA: The Great Debate!

Hey. Ando here from Happy Life Martial Arts. Traditional Martial Arts and Mixed Martial
Arts. The trash talking between these two camps
has been going on for decades now. Personally, I’ve been training in traditional
martial arts for most of my life, but I’ve also bought more than a few UFC pay-per-views. Yup. I’m a fan of both. Which is why I end up arguing with myself
all the time…

13 Replies to “TMA vs. MMA: The Great Debate!

  1. Actually, TKD IS a sport and was developed to be one. From Korea you have Taekkyon, Hapkido and Tang Su Do as fighting arts.

  2. I (finally) started practicing martial arts some months ago, and I'm loving it. I really appreciate the TMA elements of grace, flexibility and perfecting of technique, but I also want the opportunity do do full contact sparring at some point in time. I don't think cauliflower ears are particularly cool, and I'm not too enthusiastic about rolling on the mat with guys having a desperate urge to break my arm or choke me into oblivion, so I went for something that's somewhere in between (I think) – kickboxing. Great fun, great training and it feels just right for me. A big plus also that most of your training and technique tips apply just as well to kickboxing as they do to TMA.

    Great video! And please continue sharing the timeless wisdom of Steven Seagal.

  3. You never disappoint Sensei Ando, that video was well done, thank you. I feel that only the one with biggest ego will proceed to get into that debate/argument. Keep training for a happy life!

  4. Let's vote! Like this comment if You believe Ando Sensei made TMA look better, dislike it if You believe he made MMA look better (it could be the other way around, I just had to pick one option).

  5. agree that both of TMA and MMA aim for being a better person. But at the skills aspect, i didn't understand why if a person willing to be a better martial artist but refusing gain from other martial arts that can cover his/her own limitation…

  6. TMA: Battlefield tested? Name any war that was fought barehanded? Wars, battles, are fought with weapons, any barehanded techniques are used/designed to buy time to access a weapon.
    MMA: the first UFC's were the test grounds for more realistic fighting methods. For commercial reasons, and in order to not be banned, they developed weight classes, more rules, gloves, and time limits. You can't have a PPV event that has a single fight lasting for an hour, so you have rounds and now the fight will be over in 15 mins.

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