Tips For Dealing With An Opponent in the Opposite Stance

How are you, this is Sifu James from New
York Martial Arts Academy and today we’re going to discuss dealing with a
fighter who’s in the opposite league. So I stand with my right foot forward in
this stance. Kevin is standing with his left foot
forward. A couple of things to watch out for. He’s going to watch out for my
back hand and of course I have to watch out for his back hand. Typically you know
it’s taught to circle this way when you’re when you’re fighting to stay away from
that right hand, which we’re going to get into. It is absolutely correct but you still
have to move to a left right, so when we’re moving to the left let’s go
through some tips and tricks. What I don’t do, I don’t move too tight here
because I’m going to eat that kick and I’m going to eat up that right hand and
I’m going to eat the kick itself. So when I circle here I want to circle this way
away from that right hand slightly out of the way to that I kick and again it
keeps me safe. So now let’s switch to offense for a second. Let’s talk
about tools that work really well when you’re in the opposite lead. Like I mentioned before, if I could shoot my left hand and start zoning this way, it gets me away
from his power hand and his power kick. So that’s called the rear straight, as I am firing and getting away from that right hand and that right leg like I
said before. In Jeet Kune Do we call this corkscrew, which is essentially a jab
married with a curve step. The curve step is this motion, the jab is a simple
jab like that. So corkscrew right there Now these are the ones that get really
cool. So of course that lead leg is going to block it, slam it, slam it. What’s really cool is that liver kick. As I fire my right boom I put my shin right into the liver on the right
side. Lets put some of these in a combination. First one I’m here, I’m going to faint,
low kick, liver kick. So again I faint the right hand, low kick
liver kick. Thats a pretty cool one. Another one I start with that low kick
again, bang, rear straight cork. So again I’m here, I find that low
kick rear straight corkscrew and again I’m staying away from that side. So
imagine I came straight in I’m going to go the other way. I’m going to zone, fire.
So I’m here, I shoot, I sidestep, fire again. Because again if I go, then he fires
that right, I’m sidestepping and I’m catching him right off of that angle.
So that’s a couple of tips and tricks for dealing with somebody in the
opposite lead. Lets quickly review. I typically want to stay away from this
right hand and that right leg. When I move to the left, I have to make sure I
don’t move too close because again I’m going to eat it. When I move to the right I
want to take the angle and be hitting at the same time if possible. That lead leg
is there for the taking, as is that liver kick. So again just
to quickly review, you want to put those tools together. You want to put
that corkscrew, you definitely want to throw the cross in there, you want to
attack the lead leg, attack the liver. By no means is that the total number of
strikes you can throw but those are good ones. The better you could put those
together, the more dangerous you’ll be and I want you guys to come in, subscribe
to the channel so you can get more video content just like this. Have a good one.

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