Three Parking Lot Safety Tips For Women Learn Active Self Defense

hey everyone welcome to warrior tip
where I share a personal protection our a active self-defense idea for you so
that you can better protect yourself today I’m going to share the three
parking-lot safety tips that every woman should know
to feel better protected my name is Meredith Rines
I’m an independent damsel pro with damsel in defense we are a company built
for women our goal is to equip women with self-defense tools educate women on
how to use those tools and empower women so they feel more confident like I said
today I’m going to share the three parking-lot safety tips so let’s jump
right in the first tip is I want you to pay attention to where you park your car
I want you to start parking by lights it seems very simple it seems very basic
but so many of us just look at what’s the closest spot and we don’t
necessarily pay attention to where it’s located if it’s by a light if it’s by a
security camera or anything like that by parking by a light you can guarantee
that your car is going to be seen which means you’re going to be seen would-be
attacker their goal is to not cause a commotion to not draw attention to
themselves because they don’t want to get caught so by parking in a dark spot
in your parking lot our parking really far away from any light you’re making
yourself a little bit more of a target because you’re not going to be a seen
are as visible as well so make sure your parking by a light that way when you go
into the store at four o’clock and you get out and it’s already dark you still
have some protection because you’re under a light the second tip I want you
to do is I want you to keep your cell phone out of your hands
a lot of us will use our cell phone or that walk between the car and the door
or the door in our car to scroll on Facebook to send that text message to
check our email and you’re not really paying attention to your surroundings
you’re not making eye contact with people that walk past you you’re not
looking at the cars that you’re next to to pay attention to them you’re too busy
engrossed in your phone and I want you to put your phone in either your back
pocket or a jacket pocket and not necessarily your purse and here’s why if
you have your purse and you’re walking through
your parking lot and someone comes up to grab your purse I’m gonna let them have
it because there is nothing in that bag that is worth me potentially getting
hurt shot stabbed whatever there’s nothing in that bag worth me getting
hurt over so I’m gonna let them have it but because my cell phone is in my back
pocket I can now pull it out I can call the
police to report the incident I can also call my bank and my credit card and any
other cards that I have to cancel all of them because I had their phone numbers
programmed into my phone I can cancel all of them so now this robber is
probably gonna get $20 worth of cash if that I hardly ever carry cash anymore a
bag full of old receipts some crackers and a sippy cup because I’m a mom so
fine let them have that bag that bag is replaceable of my wallet is replaceable
and I can cancel all of those cards I can call the police because my cell
phone is in my pocket third tip goes along with this and I want you to have
your pepper spray in your hand last week I talked about a keychain system where
you put your pepper spray on a breakaway keychain to have it at a moment’s notice
when you get out of your vehicle I want you to go ahead and have that key with
your pepper spray or that keychain with the pepper spray in your hand basically
ready to go so now let’s go back to the incident where I had my purse my phone
in my back pocket and I’ve got pepper spray in this hand and someone comes up
and takes my purse well I’ve got pepper spray I can pop it open I can spray them
as best I can all while trying to let them go the opposite direction is where
I’m going so now I’m not only can I report the incident to the police but I
could also tell them I’ve hit them with my pepper spray it’s got a UV indicator
in there they will probably glow under a blacklight for a few days here’s what
they look like here’s what they were wearing so those are the three tips I
want every woman to know so make sure that you are better protected so that
you can teach this to your children you can help your in-laws your mother your
grandmother you can help every woman you know feel better protected walking
through a parking lot because in today’s world the Walmart parking lot is
becoming a scary place mall parking lot is even scarier so just knowing three
ideas to keep you protected is the best way to get you have questions about any
of these tips or you want to check out some pepper sprays or break breakaway
keychains leave a comment below this video and I will reach out to you and we
can get something set up to fit you

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