This Karate Experience Could Change Your Life Forever — Jesse Enkamp

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  1. Hi there jesse love the channel and all you do, I was wondering if you have any plans to come do a seminar in Switzerland. It would be awesome to learn from you.
    Oss from Luzern.

  2. if the numbers are limited to KNX how does one get to attend? Surely there must be hundreds who wish to attend. I am resolved that one day I will attend a KNX

  3. This is an amazing experience. I would like to go to Okinawa too, but Iam a beguinner (Yellow belt ), is it a good idea ?thank you Sensei. Oss

  4. knx have to be excellent experience. Man I need to go with you one day… thanks jessie for everything what you doing for karate community 💪👍👍

  5. Wow so cool, first I've heard of this. I have to admit, I was hoping the secret Sensei would be either Steven seagal or Jean-Claude Van Damme. LMAO!

  6. Sensei Jesse, I know i've more than likely missed the KNX19 but I'd just like to find out how to sign up and hopefully have the blessing of joining you at KNX20.. I love your art and way of life!.. So very much the same as my own!.. I see Karate as not just a sport, but a way of life, a spiritual journey and a forever journey!.. I'll never stop learning and I'll never stop training now that I'm back to who I am personally and spiritually, If you could give me any information that would be fantastic!!.. I know I may not be able to attend due to where it may be held (im on social benefits due to my partnet being disabled) but if you ever find yourself holding another KNX in the UK, PLEASE!!!.. let me know?.. I'll for sure sign up and hopefully be accepted to attend!… Thank you, Sensei! .. Love and blessings!!

  7. I have nothing but respect for this keep up the good work hopefully one it would be nice to attend one it's always good to study history and culture behind the arts as well as getting sharper by facing other skilled fighters peace and only the best

  8. When are you coming to India? Karate has a big influence in India. India needs to see the martial arts in a new perspective.

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