This Is How a Martial Artist and Actor Became The Hero at Cirque du Soleil

this is it all or nothing [Music] so my name is mark bloody 29 originally from Philadelphia Pennsylvania I moved to Los Angeles in 2011 and been doing martial arts for like almost 11 years now and I’m an actor [Music] I had to describe my character in three words I would say cunning would be one heroic and badass maybe there’s a little bit of showing off and there may be a little bit cockiness and arrogance in a good way in a heroic way but I think in the show my character is willing to do pretty bad things to people that I necessary wasn’t be okay with doing in real life but in the context of the show you know he’s got to do what he’s got to do to get back something that was taken from him so one of the things to do to get into character and kind of like isolate myself from people because while he’s the leader of a group his journey to get this thing back is it’s kind of solo one of the biggest challenges we have on run is fight choreography in film you can hide things you can cheat angles you can cheat distance on stage your camera is fixed because it’s the audience there’s a lot more we call it positive contact or we’re actually physically connecting with the other performers and with the show that is essentially a one-er from film we start and we finish there’s no cuts and in between all the actions got to be like on point there’s a lot of communication that needs to happen and on a show where there’s a lot of stunts it’s a lot of fire falling fighting there’s a lot going on and if we’re not super open in our communication I think we’re gonna have a rough time luckily everybody is very cool with communicating so it’s been pretty nice but it’s still one of the biggest challenges I think we have especially going into rehearsal top three favorite action films so I got to mention Kill Bill tarantino style was like it’s just it was such a great homage to all that action I kind of grew up with – Enter the Dragon that’s kind of kill bills kind of the same style to it um I don’t know I’m a nerd I think Star Wars are action films so like to me it Star Wars like is the table all the time yeah but my artistic background is through martial arts original I started with gymnastics when I was 19 so I started pretty late in the game especially compared to most circle artists I think sighted martial arts through a camp in California back to Pennsylvania you know what was going to college found another martial art place and eventually it led me back to California training with Phillips ax Hagen at a south coast martial arts he’s been my main teacher for almost ten years and I’ve had other teachers here and there and then through doing martial arts I found the stunt community and within the stunt community led me to acting and once I got the acting I was like oh this is something I really want to do and with my martial art background the action and stunts is kind of everything just kind of fell in together so it’s kind of what I’ve been doing for the past ten years one of the biggest things that attracted me to this project was an acting role with a heavy emphasis on action [Music] you

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