The Truth About Hannibal Lecter’s Backstory Revealed

42 Replies to “The Truth About Hannibal Lecter’s Backstory Revealed

  1. I remember having nightmares about the ending in Silence of The Lambs, just the thought of this elegant maniac still out in the world was unnerving.

  2. All the fucktards saying this didn't need to be made lol. Well, you didn't need to watch it and you sure as fuck did not need to reply to the video

  3. I really wished that they never cancelled the TV show. Hannibal and Will Graham were two fascinating characters played so well by Mads and Hugh. What makes me really sad was that Hannibal never got any mainstream recognition, what a shame…

  4. With the success of Joker hopefully more people will watch the Hannibal series…same tone mood visual feast…and immaculate performances by Mikkelsen Dancy and Fishburne …ugh movie Hannibal rising shown here is not good…

  5. there is a book and a movie about his backstory, I wish I had more hands, so I can give this video 5 thumbs down and 4 1/2 middle fingers

  6. I wonder who would be cast to play Hannibal in any next production… I love the character. Both Hopkins and Mikkelsen did an awesome job..

  7. Vladis grutas did NOT kill Hannibal parents .
    They died when a german plane crashed into a russian tank right in front of them…..
    Yes I kow………..

  8. On the other hand ….The books are all good ….especially Hannibal rising
    the last one about his youth….A true fragrance of My France after the second world war
    Thomas Harris did good ….quite invented the modern police novel

  9. Hannibal had three ideas for an ending. 1st in the book agent starling fall's for lecter and is spotted by barney at the opera. 2nd film version of lecter escaping again and 3rd Anthony Hopkins wanted starling to shot him dead to end his rain of terror but that was dismissed.

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